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Hello good morning good afternoon good evening whenever you come across this content and welcome to Gap sources family and if you’re returning subscriber you are welcome and if you are new on this channel we talk about how to create how to make money online via affiliate marketing Amazon KDP and

Any other ladies side hustle and today we are going to discuss how to create an account on CPA Group and get approved so if you are new hit the notification button subscribe to this Channel and give this video a thumbs up so whenever we upload a new content you’ll get notified who knows

Maybe the next contents we are going to upload may be a life-changing opportunity for you and if you are an accounting subscriber just give this video a thumbs up so today we are going to create a CP agree account and how to do it right so let’s dive in now we are

In CPA all you need to do is type so the page will come like this all you need to do is to hit the registration button once you hit the registration button allow it to up so now you are going to feed this phone

And take note all this one have the red dotted um so on it is very very important you don’t need to escape any of this so now we are going to show you how to fill this form so enter your details enter your name entire

Um your company if you do not have any company you enter your name if you don’t have any website you use your YouTube um website and your YouTube channel or any other of your social media you enter your name your address your country and your country code ZIP code if you do not

Have if you do not know your country’s zip code use Google to check your location and your country’s zip code and also enter your your um Skype account if you do not have a Skype account please create one okay great one because then require you to

Have a stripe account it’s just easy use your um play store or your iOS and create an account so here they said publisher type so you click on it you can select email and website and send GPT or others I will use email so enter your um

Primary email because you will get a email from them for them your their approved um links on your email for your account to be approved so enter your email again your password again and you enter your time zone depending on your country if you are from Nigeria you

Enter the West African if you do not know your time zone then you have to use uh Google and check your time zone so here they ask where did you hear about us so you like now I selected um email I’m going to say it in the CPA email marketing house so

Anything you select so make sure you you tell them this is where you heard about them all right okay so this is where I heard about them so make sure you take the terms and condition you agree on it and please always open this on the another browser

To show them that you read it because they will track it so now you have to after filling the details and you check your details is correct then you hit time on the register registration button then once you hit on the registration button go they will send you a notification or

Verification uh email to go and verify your email so what you need to do is to go to your email and check the verification understand they send for you look at it my own verification LinkedIn all you need to do is to click here and approve the verified your email

So in um if you have if you have not given this video a pencil or you have not subscribed to this channel what are you waiting for just go down so that whenever we upload a valuable content you will get notified so next next thing I want to show you is

We are running a promo so I don’t want you to miss out on this promo we are doing a giveaway so all you need to do is to go to my Tick Tock um account I will also drop the link on the description button so that you’ll be able to check the description

On and below this uh video or the necessary link if you want to join follow us connect with us on other other various um social media handle like Instagram Twitter and other so please do not forget to check the description button and if you want to know our

Um Amazon KDP or any other our affiliate marketing the link will be on the description button okay and also we are giving our training for Amazon KDP is kicking up very soon so if you are interested you want to participate in Amazon KDP and know how you can stand

Out based on the keywords research and any other things concerning Amazon KDP just reach out to us via the things linked on the description so if you want to also register on this Grill and make money the link will also be on the description so do check it out all right

So this is our Tick Tock account I will also drop the link below so all you need to do when you come to this picture this is money check then you click on this link below so once you click on this link it will direct you today so it will

Direct you to where you will enter your details and you’ll see other things the the instruction is there or if you are Nigeria you will see the one for only for Nigeria if you’re Ghana or whichever country you are you’ll see the um the country there but if your country

Is not found there please drop your comments and um I’ll drop your country a name on the comment section and if you want us to make any other video related to this one also drop the comment on the comment section thank you and do not forget to

Like and share and do not forget to subscribe thank you for passing by and have a wonderful weekend


  • Henry Czar 25th October 2023 , 5:12 pm

    good morning just watched your video how do I take care of the monetization part? Especially the tax id side

  • Umeh Gift 25th October 2023 , 5:12 pm

    My account has not been verified ,what could be the problem?

  • olaraj properties & partners 25th October 2023 , 5:12 pm

    I am having issues on account setup


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