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How To Create A CPAGRIP Account (& Get APPROVED!) – CPA Marketing Tutorial For Beginners

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How To Create A CPAGRIP Account (& Get APPROVED!) – CPA Marketing Tutorial For Beginners

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Hello guys welcome back in this video I am going to share with you how you can easily create a CPA grip account so if you want to learn how you can be able to sign up and create a CPR account and equally approve it watch this video till the end because

I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of doing this so that you can easily get a approval from this uh robust platform meanwhile if you are new on this channel and you’re here to subscribe kindly smash on subscribe button also give this video a thumbs up like this video and comment down below

Okay guys let’s dive right into it oh this is CPA Group platform so right here you see register login go ahead to smash on the register icon to sign up okay so while you are here on this interface for sign up you can see various requirements so hold on and

Follow me step by step so that you’ll be able to learn how to do this properly because it will give you an advantage and help you to be approved faster the first thing you have to do is you have to enter your enter first name then last name

Oh this is not a mandatory remember all these ones that has a red Aesthetics beside it that’s the fields or boxes are the compulsory fields that you must fill up so uh the ones that doesn’t have it uh optional so you go ahead to leave this open then website too it’s good you

Add your website to increase your chances of getting an approval so if you have a website you can also put it maybe a blog or any kind of website you can put it here if you have a YouTube channel you can equally put it there so I’ll go over to my YouTube channel

And pick up this link so if you have a website to a Blog uh hold on because I’ll show you how you can go about it I’ll fill in that field as we proceed so I’ll come back here and compute the link here then enter this other detail

Address country City region postal code if you don’t know the postal code of your where you reside you can go ahead to open up and for example if you live in a city or maybe Johannesburg you can go ahead to you know search for it here Johannesburg postal code

So after you must have you know entered the city you are in and the postal code Goku is going to show you list or postal code uh you know for that part of course if you are living in maybe Kumasi Ghana or Accra or maybe or even Abuja Nigeria or any other

Country even if it’s a New York City us of you know London UK Toronto Canada any City at all just go ahead to type it here if it’s Ontario just type Ontario Canada you’re going to see various postal codes of different regions you know and places within that

City so go ahead to uh pick the one that matches the city where you are so you see these are different codes for each of these so uh you can go ahead to copy this to impute it wherever you are remember this country drop down so you select

Your country your country is Canada you select it if it is a uh USU select United States here if you are in uh any part of Africa Nigeria Ghana South Africa or Asia or even Pakistan India Singapore Sweden Switzerland Norway whichever country you are in you see it

Among this list so once you type it here it’s going to pop up on the option so I’ll select this then go ahead to enter your phone number then uh if you don’t have a Skype account it’s very important you create one it’s very easy

To create a Skype so go ahead to type Skype and sign up on Skype so uh one important aspect of having a Skype account is that it will grant your assets to you know communicate with the account manager you know on this platform in an easier way so it’s good you have a

Personal Skype account okay so the next thing is we go over to publisher type so right here we’re going to select email so you see that the address options here um GPT actually stands for get paid to email websites you know these are possible for richer types you can select

So but uh I always suggest you go with email because it will give you a better chance of getting approval on this platform so select email then come here and type your email here okay then uh come here and select a password make sure your password is a strong one

Then the next option is for you to select the time zone so there are different time zones in the world uh you should be able to know your own time so if you don’t you can go ahead to search for it on Google Google is your friend

So when you go to Google type the name of your city maybe if you are in a kigami application time zone because once you type it on Google you’re going to see that you are in you know Central African Chinese the particular time zone for this particular

Location I selected if I maybe text us in U.S you type it here too you are going to see our CDT see this is the time zone if you’re in any part of West Africa you only get to see the option to select West Africa

Okay so I’ll go ahead to uh select my own time zone here you see different time zone with their numbers minus plus and all that so I mean plus one uh West African time so I’m gonna go up and uh select that right away

Okay so this is it I’ll hit on this then the next option is to fill where did you hear about us so you have to enter the particular medium troop which you’ve got to know about or this particular platform CPA grip so go ahead to type something like this in a CPA marketing

Because so when you are done typing uh this particular source of you getting about uh getting information about them then click on this I agree I agree then I agree then before that make sure you read this because they are tracking your activity on your IP on this platform so

That they will know that you truly read your attempts and conditions before signing up so go over to this uh terms of page and uh just take a glance at it you shouldn’t bother yourself wasting much time here but just make sure that you click on it and the scroll now the

Essence of this is for them to you know consider you as someone who is really serious and uh who is willing to abide by their terms and policies because most people are always in his not to read things and services not just on this platform but on various other platforms

So you shouldn’t just uh joke with this uh particular platform right here so uh when you are done filling out all this information go ahead to smash on the register now now all right guys so on the other hand you might be disapproved reason being that

For instance if you don’t have a good dog a good link that you entered here or your convincing link for example uh if you don’t have a YouTube channel or you don’t have a website or a Blog you can go over to YouTube so when you get to YouTube go to YouTube

If your name is Andrew type Andrew so while you are here find channels that has that name or similar names so I’ll just click on filters click on channel here you’re going to see a handful of them so copy the link and then use the link

While signing up so try a couple of them it’s definitely going to work out then if individuality data you are not able to get approved after doing this now there are a couple of other things you can try out you can go to and search for virtual assistants

So just come to Fiverr type of virtual assistants now the work of this virtual assistance is basically to help you create account from countries that and locations that are you know has high rate of trust from this platform yeah especially if you are from third world country you’re advised to if you have

Tried it and it doesn’t work for you the advice to utilize this particular strategy so when you come here and uh search for virtual assistants so you can see I searched for virtual assistant so now there are several results that are displayed here for you uh your interest is to find someone who

Is living in a country such as United States or United Kingdom or Australia or or such like you know those kind of countries that has high trust score now what you do is first of all when you see this search results you can go ahead to click on seller details so when you’ve

Clicked on seller details you can see the option to select different options here to uh go over to this place and select United States we want to find those or filter those that live in U.S because they are the ones that can help us to you know carry out this task and

Those that can equally do it actually create so we select United States here and click on apply so with just five dollars you can be able to get this done for you by a virtual assistant on Fiverr so uh okay we’ve done that so if you are you you want to specify

The budget that you have for it you can just come here and say five five dollars five to ten let’s make it five to ten dollars then apply so you can see the future results for those who fall under this category so there you see uh those that can offer

The service at five dollars to reside in U.S five dollars five dollars then if you scroll up this five dollars is ten dollars you know so you have to provide it with your details your email address the name you would like to use for these uh accounts

Question on this platform and uh that’s how you go about it now is there’s a second option for you to be able to achieve this which is your messaging the account manager on Skype so all this is actually the email you can note down this Skype ID and email

Distance from Skype ID CPA Group dot John the wide email is our John so you can go ahead to message them tell them that um you’ve been trying to sign up on their platform and then convince them that you have a reliable platform that can help you to promote their

Offers because one of the the major reasons why so many required is I put on this platform is if you are not convinced enough about your ability to be able to promote the offers on this platform because this is a platform that has so much users from different parts of the world

So they wouldn’t want to you know admit people who doesn’t uh understand what the platform is all about and those who who are not uh you know really interested in doing proper marketing for the various offers and their promotions all right guys so that is it uh

Meanwhile you can also reach out to maybe any of your friends or relatives or someone whom you know has a YouTube channel or a website or a Blog that’s if you don’t have one and um you know you can ask for their permission to use their blog or their website while

Signing up it will equally increase your trust score and increase your chances of getting approval on this particular platform so guys that is it on this video uh I would like you to drop your thoughts on there drop your comments in the comment section below this video

Thank you so much for watching uh if you got value from this video kindly give this a like give it a thumbs up turn on your post notifications and then subscribe to this channel if you guys to subscribe

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