How To Create A CPAGrip Account and Make over 250$ Daily in 2023

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How To Create A CPAGrip Account and Make over 250$ Daily in 2023

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Yeah so welcome back again and today I’m taking you through CPA grip so CP group as you know it’s a marketing um affiliate marketing website so to create an account come on your browser type CPA Group tap on the first link the link will take you on another platform

Which will show you one of the uh would you show you the main the main which will show you the main website or the main link of CPA Group uh right now I’m going to drop into the main website that will give you the CPA grip account and I watch your single

Screen it’s the CPA main website please always check here to verify that’s so come down here and click on register then they are on register it will first take you into a robot check process where CPA will first confirm if you’re a human being or just a mere automated

Logo that’s going through the internet check if everything is ready so when you uh bypass this checklist all you have to do is fill out the form and then continue into the next process so let’s put our our details here publisher type what they have I have a

Website company let’s put it yourself yes and website put your website so my website is called the informant by the way I’m saying this website the website is currently monetized with Google ad sales and you can bar your WhatsApp me on plus two five six seven eight nine six nine

Three three two so long I’m Ugandan so that’s why I use that country code of Uganda so continue internet details in the all your details here enter your password is confirm your password and prediction time zone it’s with the uh Ugandan time zone or the African time zone South Africa yeah

About that number g256 told about us put here you from YouTube and puts a large level ug256 so they will know that I’m the one that gave you the number Street origin where you own uh it’s called campora zip code just put five zeros under one then Plus five six seven eight

And six nine three three two zero type name does you have to put your Skype name you have to check all these and click register now when you click on this and now it will directly take you to the admin dashboard guys this is the most most part that I

Love about this website do you see how this website really looks like because it’s a website that really shows you that you you want to do the thing so this is the first message hero desire welcome to charge it to CPU group the support staff and I am praised

To welcome you to one of the top performing affiliate marketing platforms on the way up with the competitive players team Ministry offers flow and dedicated support staff ready to meet your needs please have a look at the frequent questions section to get an overview of how things work and please

Don’t stay to contact him here on Skype see people John or over if you have any additional questions so guys that’s it so Thomas John see the public judge so when someone earnings this is the way up before participating publisher so you cannot participate in public charts

Before you you have really done the stuff so you see an account says your email address exactly has not been fed the text documents are not confirmed please go to account settings and update so you play to go into my email and then I update this I have I verified the CPU

Group CPA uh link I want to verified and you’ll see how what it will show after I verified your email address has been verified so come back here click home you can see now everything is sorted so the email has been has been worked upon ever just activate

In my account now let’s go and add the tax details so you can add tax details for international payments here that’s the document if I vary that’s it let’s see that’s everything that’s that’s a that’s what you can put the ZIP code yeah that’s it that’s it

So if you’re satisfied that before yes save it beneficial owner desire your kicks capacity which actually itself yes save for every part that you do have to see your face it’s bad that’s how you can be better month anyway they are yeah let’s see in country of citizenship that’s brand of course

Then come and click save button come back down here this one connected with everyone else is required that everyone is predictions signature come back up and click on Save as you can see the certificate of phone what has been verified come back on on your home page

As you can see there is a thing that now that the tax information is done it has been updated now let’s go and update the payment method tool now let’s go and add the payment method payment status affiliate all-time earning total paid pending balance minimum payment you

Can get the payment when you reach it instead of five fifty dollars so Facebook PayPal account so this is my PayPal account save payment performance so that’s it I will save the payment reference go back home page you can see everything set up the home page is clear

Everything’s done all you have to do now is start making the money right now all you have to do it’s just get your what you need do locate uh unlock your content then spray it and get traffic then start making money because I’m going to see stream like this enter your

Mobile number to get started so like when you see this gives you uh 0.5 dollars for every person that clicks on this link this offer is on allowed on Apple AIS in Trinidad and Tobago so how to get listening shooting it then go and share this thing in Trinidad Target those

People that use smart people so when people clicks on that link with a sword you are the king of the money here so guys it also has CP group also has a far problem a third problem Works in a way that Works in a way that when you share

Uh this link and somebody will just as using urine or earnings that your friends generate for Life you’ll get five percent formation all the earnings they they earn if somebody earns ten dollars you have five percent if somebody has a thousand dollars you have the five percent so guys this is one of

The best ways you can make money so you can use this below start on marketing and money flow hello uh we follow so you have monetization tools you have content local as you can create a content and lock it then somebody unlocks that content you earn they have a URL file

Locker you are you look URLs have your locals you can look a video if you like maybe you you have been offering courses you want love videos or followers you can do that so you can everything is here so guys the offers the offers that you you want you’re looking at so if

You’re in Uganda when you click on my offers it it best says on your country where you’re from so guys that’s it you see uh take new Finance survey this will give you 0.28 so guys you say this is the link so you have to share this link

In your country Uganda so when somebody enters their email and zip then they submit trusting me you are being paid yes so this space 0.208 0.10 so if you want more that uh these tools that pay a lot of money of money come here on

Come here uh on over tools then my offer then click uh countries that offer like let’s see one but those that offer the email and receive stuff then here choose the account choose like USA yes in refresh you can see that these countries give a lot of money so

When somebody in the user enters their their staff email they will get two dollars for every league so like for example you see this says get your 109 gift card if somebody clicks on this offer you’ll get two dollars yes is the amount of dollars you get you get two dollars

Somebody in the US uses this link so guys that’s how you can create verify you you your CPU group account you can see this Revenue it’s zero so guys that’s it make money and really enjoy so thanks for watching this is 256 and this is one of our best

Channels where I’ve been helping people below make money uh no go or get rich schemes so guys is all get focused on making money uh if you want a website I’m a website developer if you want a website if you want a website you want

If you want a website you want an app developed for you if you want me to review your channel send me a message on WhatsApp Plus two five six seven eight nine six nine three three two zero if you want to like this investment platforms I’m your man I can do that if

You want me to teach you how you can create admob accounts how you can create apps and earn money from them you want to start like animals I’m your guy so guys thanks for watching and I really love everyone here on this channel please guys subscribe share

And let’s meet in the next video

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