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How I Perform CPA self click 2023 (how to make money online 2023)

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How I Perform CPA self click 2023 (how to make money online 2023)

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I know it is not easy to make money online and today in this video I’m going to be walking you through a simple strategy if you want to make money with CPA marketing using the method of self-clicking a brand new method for self-clicking that I just discovered

Recently and I’m going to share the entire Secret in this video step by step one thing that I love so much about this video is that you can actually Implement every step of this video even with your mobile phone PC or any kind of device

That you want to use now as you can see right here I use this particular method I want to share with you guys in this video to generate 426 US dollar 20 cent uh don’t worry I’m going to show you exactly what I did I

Know so many of you guys are asking me in the comment section teach us the exact self-clicking techniques to make money very quickly I’m going to do that right in this video thank you okay guys so to get started the very first thing you need to do is to scroll

Down down here and you’re going to see recently added offers and top performing offers okay this is the method number one how you can actually pick converting offer okay then the second option is to actually come right over here you’re going to see offer tools you can either

Go ahead and click on monetization tools and when you do this you can actually select any offer that you want to promote but in this video I don’t want to make this video long so I want to go ahead and use any of the offer right

Here to show very real quick example so right over here we can go ahead and pick this particular offer that is going for 27.38 so go ahead and click on it now that you have clicked on that particular option this is where the major work comes in it is very important

That you understand exactly what you need to do it is not just by picking the URL and then self clicking it most of times you guys complain oftentimes that you get clicks but you are not getting leads okay I know the reason behind it of course if you pick offer that the uh

Offer is older okay than what is expected or probably the offer is already updated and you continue to save click on that particular offer I assure you you are not going to be getting conversion okay even when you get millions of clicks you will not see get

Conversion so take note of that always make sure that the offer you want to pick is a recent offer and it’s actually converting and over here you can see that you also need another parameters considered as desktop devices must be the only device that will be used to

Perform tasks on this particular URL and then you get conversion okay then another thing again is that you are going to be providing credit card Summit credit card information okay that way you can actually make money with this particular techniques so if you consider these three major important thing that I

Just mentioned that you can actually be rest assured that in the next five seconds you are going to be making money so let’s quickly copy the link of this particular offer and go straight to online notepad right over here I’ll type online notepad so once I enter that

Online notepad I’ll simply come here and paste this link right over here once you paste the link the next thing you’re going to do just simply come to and then you’re going to search for VPN on detectable okay make sure you type this exact keywords VPN on

The check table and once you type this you’re going to see so many the so many perfect VPN that I can actually use to perform self-clicking and then you’re going to be much hundred percent Anonymous okay and you will not get detected over you can say have to bypass

The VPN detection based on the settable VPN can can VPN be blocked by so many things like this you can actually skip all of this and then right here are going to see ipvanish okay this particular Chrome extension is what you need to actually install now if you come

Right over here on my results okay I also have another perfect VPN that you can also use and be able to appear Anonymous 100 and perform task right over here you can see VPN mentors okay now you’re going to go ahead and click on it and once you click on it you are

Going to see the VPN that you’re actually going to install your own extension and then perform tasks and then you are not going to be caught you can see we have cyberghost VPN private internet access VPN we have ipvanish VPN private VPN and expressvpn these are most powerful VPN

That I’ve tested and you can also try it out and your result is going to be super okay so let me put quickly share this particular secret now over here you can say five best truly Anonymous okay no login VPN in 2023 but now listen to this

If you come right over here they’re going to see best VPN you can actually select any kind of VPN that you want based on different country if you want a VPN that will provide all the locations in the United States you can actually come here and select this particular one

Ux VPN or you can go for China you can go for United Arab Emirates Australia United Kingdom and so on okay and if you want any VPN that will suit your device like your mobile phone your tablets you can actually come here I’m going to say for Windows PC routers Mac iPads and

Then iPhone and Androids okay then you can actually pick any of the option here and then you’re going to get the suitable to um VPN that will serve for this particular purpose this will give you access to United States connection you can see right over here get set up and

Connected in no time at all connect up to 10 devices network of over 30 000 servers okay now this is amazing you can actually grab any of this and then go ahead and do your connection but in my own case in this video what I have right

Here is just simply browse sake okay now if you come on browsec you’re going to go ahead and start your VPN okay before you start your VPN just quickly go ahead and select the location you want to connect but if I click on start my VPN

You can see that I can actually choose a location by clicking on change and then click United States once you click on United States based on the offer that you want to convert because I know that the offer will be selected in this video is for Ben John okay but what you need

To do is to come right over here and search for Belgium and then when you get to benjon you can actually go ahead and connect to it but I wouldn’t want to waste much of your time searching for Benjamin here you already know how to do that by yourself if you have any

Question then make sure that you feel free to leave a comment in the comment section and I’m going to answer all your questions very quickly I know so many people who drop comments in the comment section always expect me to answer them but I’ve always said that

If you have not subscribed to my channel do not expect me to answer your question before I can answer your question make sure that you have subscribed and you have also dropped a like on this video that way if you leave any comment in the comment section I’m going to be

I’m going to have no option than to go ahead and answer your question and if you want to get in touch with me directly you can also send a WhatsApp message and also take note before you do that you must subscribe to this Channel and then you can now go ahead and send

Me WhatsApp message or send me email most of you that will send me WhatsApp message expect me to reply but I will make sure that I check your profile to confirm that you have subscribed before I will go ahead and answer you all right this is Paris password if I do for you

You do for me make sure you subscribe to this Channel and then if you have any question I’m going to be there 24 hours to answer all your questions this is macro hustle TV if you want to join my one-on-one mentorship training course on CPA marketing affiliate marketing making

Money online different techniques that you need to learn then go ahead and send me WhatsApp message or send email directly I’m going to be connecting with you in less than few so seconds I’ll see you guys in my next video peace


  • Ime 22nd October 2023 , 2:39 pm

    I have tried many of your steps but it does not even open on my pc.

  • Roast React 22nd October 2023 , 2:39 pm

    Is this real money

  • Hamlet suero 22nd October 2023 , 2:39 pm

    Macro does the page of pin submit update every day or every month

  • Habib Rahaman 22nd October 2023 , 2:39 pm

    Can you please make a another video step by step. To connect VPN . Because when I want to add Belgium it shows premium version need payment first

  • ROBERT DAVis2271 22nd October 2023 , 2:39 pm

    How do i get my 10 min free video chat with you ?

  • Muhammad Jamiu 22nd October 2023 , 2:39 pm

    Pls does self click works on mobile phone?

  • HOVER 22nd October 2023 , 2:39 pm

    Bro didn t work why?

  • Michael Mfeketo 22nd October 2023 , 2:39 pm

    My husban and have been writting notes and practising this yhooo it doesn't want to convert we dont have money to buy traffic we really need something that works please help us


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