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HOW I PERFORM 250+ TASKs ON CPAGRIP SELF CLICK IN 5 Minutes (How to Make Money Online 2023)

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HOW I PERFORM 250+ TASKs ON CPAGRIP SELF CLICK IN 5 Minutes (How to Make Money Online 2023)

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Okay so this is my CPA grip account now let me show you how much A lot of people are making right over here you can see that this guy has generated 599 dollars by getting 700 by getting 579 leads okay now I’m going to walk you through how you can actually perform

Tasks with CPA marketing you guys have requested for this kind of video and if you check my playlist I’ve made series of videos performing tasks of different kinds trying to walk you through the exact process how you can get started and start making money very quickly with

Also implement this approach this method with any other CPA Network out there okay now let me quickly show you my dashboard you can see right now you can see that I’ve not made a dime I’ve not made a single amount of money right over here so this is going to be practical

Tutorial okay it’s going to be live practical tutorial where you need to actually follow me step by step and do not miss anything in case if you are confused make sure you drop a comment in the comment section this is micro hustle TV in this channel we talk about everything make money how

To make money online very easy methods tips and tricks that can help you to scale up and grow your business online if you want to join my one-on-one mentorship training course on CPA marketing where I will log into your own computer system and diagnose break every single

Barrier that is stopping you from making money with CPA Network then go ahead and send me WhatsApp message okay at the end of this video If you really enjoyed this video make sure you smash on the Subscribe button like this and also turn on the Bell icon this way you get

Notification each time I publish wonderful video like this one so many of you are asking me give us your contacts give us your email address everything is real life here on my dashboard you don’t need to request for my contact on the comment section because I don’t do that because of a lot

Of scammers out there that will use my contact to get to you and probably scam you for one or two reasons and I don’t want things like that I want a special whereby if you want to get in touch with me you are going to be getting in touch

With me directly and you can only do that by getting my contacts directly on this video or you can get my contact directly in the description of this particular video so without wasting much of your time let’s quickly get started there is no time for for us to waste okay

Okay so before I get started let me go ahead and refresh this page again so I’m refreshing the page right now and then you can see over here you can see still the same zero dollar so we’re going to perform tasks we’re going to go ahead

And take things step by step I’m not going to rush even though this video is going to take a little bit longer uh done other videos you guys have watched I really want you to be patient with me and follow along till the end because

I’m going to take it step by step at this point I don’t want any complaint at the end of this video okay now the first thing you’re going to do the fact thing you must do is to come down here and then you are going to look at for offer

Tools this is the first approach you are going to use when you look out for these offer tools you are going to Simply click on my offer and then by doing this you can actually see that you can go ahead and pick any offer of your choice

Of different kinds of device we have desktop we have Apple iOS we have Android now over here you can see which country you want to perform the task on you can see Nigeria offer if you come down here you’re going to see all kinds of available offers for Nigeria which is

Not encouraging but for those of you are not in Nigeria you want to perform tasks on any other country like United States if you’re in United States you can actually perform this task without IP without any kind of VPN without any kind of all these languages that we are

Speaking that is confusing most of you in on YouTube okay but if you are not in the United States you need to be connected to the United States there are so many ways you can actually do that for those of you who are in the United

States all you need to do is to clone your computer system okay once you clone your computer system you don’t need IP you don’t need any form of uh VPN to connect anything you can actually perform task anonymously and make money very easily for those of you in the

United States it’s easier for you but for those who are outside the United States this is exactly what you need to do follow this video till the end okay now I will come here and I will select United States okay now selecting the United States you are

Going to also take note of the categories of the offer that you need to perform now very important you have to make sure you focus on images Summit I’ve mentioned this several times in all my videos so make sure you focus on email zip Summit the reason of focusing

On immersive submit is simply because you can provide email at every single point but if you go for credit card then it’s going to be a tedious task you need to get a valid credit card if you go for pin Summit you also need a phone number from that particular country that is

Available or reachable okay you need a phone number either a virtual phone number or a live phone number that is reachable that you can receive SMS and send back SMS as well that is for peace on it but in the case of images submit all that you need to do is just to

Create email that is valid okay and I’ve made a video that will show you step by step how to get valid email address if you don’t know how to go about it also leave a comment in the comment section and I’m going to walk you through that

Step by step in case if this video is too long I’m going to split it and I will make another video to complete this particular session because I want to make sure that this video alone should be able to give you a general overview of how self-clicking works and how you

Can actually make so much money with it without any struggle okay now we have gotten one point the first point is you need to focus on image zip submit right now click on the images submit and then you are going to come down over here and

You’re going to see all the images from it offers you can see this one two dollar 31 Cent this one two dollars 31 Cent one dollar forty five cents we have this one 1.37 very very important then for some of us I’m going to go ahead because this

One the payout is higher you’re going to grab it but that is not the purpose if you are doing self-clicking you must not be greedy you must ignore any form of anxiety ambitiousness and then you need to actually take this as a business a business you must be patient you can run

A business you have to be patient and you need to actually do everything considering the fact that you continue to do this over and over again so some of you are talking about making one thousand dollars in five hours making two thousand dollars in three hours that is not the purpose the

Purpose is that you are actually consistent in whatever you are doing you are consistent in making money every single seconds okay now if you click on this particular offer you are going to see this offer is a desktop device offer which needs it will be completed on a

Desktop device and also you have to complete this task in United States so you must be located in the United States in order for you to perform this task in order for you to make money from this okay now you can see this offer date added this offer was added June 29 2023

Which is not too far okay it’s still a current offer that is actually working very well so what you need to do now is to quickly grab the URL of this offer the first thing you’re going to do now is to copy the link of this particular

Offer and put it down on a notepad okay so here now I have a notepad that is already open so I’m going to come here and I’ll paste that particular offer that I want to perform okay this particular offer I want to perform this task right now now I will also go ahead

If I want and pick multiple offer so I will close this one and then I will scroll down and look for another offer I’ve already taken this one so I’ll come here and take this one also okay now come down also this one need to be performed on iOS okay not a desktop

Device so since it’s an iOS I want to make sure that we we flow along together I don’t want to complicate issues so let us ignore this one that required iOS but if you have a device that is IOS either a system iOS or you have a Apple phone

IOS you can go ahead and continue with this particular process so I will close this one and then I will look for this one is uh 1.45 which is desktop device very good then you can come here and copy the link of this particular one if you want okay so

I will come here copy the link right over here and then I will also go back and paste that right on the notepad Okay so I’ll paste it so this is going to be offer two right this is the second offer now if you want you can go ahead and

Make it up to 10 offers or even 20 offers as the case may be then we are done with this sets I am sure that you don’t have any confusion at this level now the second level is creating a landing page it is very important that

You need to create a landing page okay now to create a landing page is pretty simple all you need to do is to quickly come down to Google sites and this will enable you to create a landing page very fast Okay click on the black blank link

Okay and then once you click on that blank space then all you need to do now is to just put a little retouch on your landing page okay then but you need to add text boss into your landing page so I will just quickly call this one over

One and then I will also drop another test and I’ll call it offer two now if we have of a one and offer two we come back to the notepad and copy the first offer which is offer one grab it like this come back to notepad uh sorry

Your Google site and then highlight this test and click on insert link okay just paste the new link you copy it and click on apply then the next thing you are going to do is to come right over here select this option two and then copy the

Link also grab it like this and then come back here to Google sites and click insert link and then just go ahead and paste that and once you do that you can simply come here and click on apply pretty simple guys in case if you are

Confused see go ahead and drop a comment and I’m going to answer your question make sure that you ask your question politely and let your question be reasonable and let your question also have something to do with this particular Topic in that case I will go

Ahead and reply you politely as well now if you come here you can highlight this and make it but if you want these are just a little retouch trying to make it more a little bit Bolder okay and I also do the same thing on this one as well

Make it Bolder click on this one and just add some retouch okay and then doing that you can now see we have a landing page ready then simply come here and click on publish once you click on publish what you need to do is to give

It a unique name okay give the unique name to the URL so simply type okay um offer okay new 23 of a new 23 and this is available this link is available so this is going to be the link we’re going to be using to perform task exports now

What’s doing once that is done you’re going to click on publish and once you publish this landing page you are going to Simply come here view the landing page once you click on view landing page you now have the URL copy the URL to this landing page and come back to

Online notepads we know we don’t need these links anymore then come here and paste that very quickly so at this point we are currently at 13 minutes of this video and I’m sure that you gotten value from this particular tutorial or because I want to perform this task and make

Sure that this particular video uh do not take much long and also I try my best to deliver every single thing I promise to deliver in this part club video so let’s see continue I think we should get to 15 minutes or so and then we’ll

Stop this video if not we’ll jump into part two all right now once we are done uh copying the link of the landing page I’m placing it on a notepad like this okay guys so the next thing is to visit this particular website you can see the

URL on this particular uh page right okay now once you are here you are going to come back to your notepad and copy the landing page like so and then come here and paste that landing page that you copied and then right over here you’re going to choose a specific country Okay

Now click your needs and then you’re going to screw down okay you’re going to see United States you have Singapore we have United Kingdom we have Australia we have Canada we have Germany and we have not a land okay now what we are interested in United States we need to

Be connected to the United States Okay click on it and then boom you have selected the IP for United States okay now the next thing I’m going to do is to click on the button here click on it go okay once you click on it you can see that everything is loading

Up so let’s wait a little bit and why this is waiting you cannot say the page is finished loading now we can go ahead and start executing our task okay we can now go ahead and start performing tasks very quickly by ourselves okay now once you are finished performing the

Task you cannot go ahead and check your dashboard and see that your money is right there waiting for you okay guys as you can see now we we just hit 15 minutes okay and I don’t want this video to be longer than 15 minutes I’m going to complete this video in part

Two okay just make sure that you turn on the Bell icon just like this if you come here click on it Bell icon so that once I publish part 2 you will be notified okay as soon as possible so that you can follow along with the completion of this

Particular video where we are actually performing the Stars live so that you can see how much your money is going to be you can see right here nothing is there okay I’ll go ahead and refresh again I are going to see nothing is there still zero dollars okay so by the

Time I publish part two guys you are going to see how much we have made on this particular account okay by performing simple tasks with CPA grip okay now I’ll see you guys in part two of this video


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