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How I LOOPED $813+ $2.22 FROM CPAGRIP Self Clicking 2023 (How to Make Money Online 2023)

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How I LOOPED $813+ $2.22 FROM CPAGRIP Self Clicking 2023 (How to Make Money Online 2023)

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I will show you guys in this video how I looked over 421 United States dollars of course you don’t have to be surprised this is a little amount of money compared to what a lot of people are making every single day with CPA network if you come up here

We are going to see how much people are generating every single seconds you can see this guy has made 159 United States dollars this one made 94.52 and if you come down you’re going to say this guy has generated 13 000 of course many of you guys when you

See how much I have made you’ll go you’re going to be feeling like as if this is Magic but so many people are making money on daily basis with CPA Network every single seconds yeah it may sound like magic to you because you actually do not know the strategy behind

The scene what you can do to actually make this kind of money but if from the moment you begin to make this kind of money you will no longer be shocked and you will no longer be surprised everything is real and very simple to implement so guys let me quickly go

Ahead and refresh a page I will click on this button right now click on refresh button I’m going to wait for you to refresh so guys you can see that everything finished refreshing but I’m I’m sure many of you guys will still do not believe on what I just clicked on right

Now so I’m going to show you another thing I’m going to come down to the end of this page over here we are going to see uh recently added operates and top performing offers okay I want to prove to you guys that this is original okay there’s nothing like screenshot there’s

Nothing like fake here whatever you guys want to believe it doesn’t really matter but what matters is that within me I am showing you guys my real life dashboard on my CPA grip accounts okay so on the recent added offers if you come down here you’re going to say top performing

Offers now I’ll go ahead and click on any of this I am going to see how it’s going to pull out the page for me you can see the page was able to pull out for me so this is not a edited page this is not a screenshot if this is an edited

Page definitely you will not get to this page like this okay guys so I’ll go ahead and close it I’m going to see the money Still Remains 421 US dollars so guys I don’t want to waste much of your time in this video that is the honest truth so what I’m

Going to do now is to come here and pick any random offers take note that if you want to perform offers with CPA Network and one conversion you have to come down here top performing offers of recently added offers but I focus on top performance offers as you can see most

Of the payouts from Top performing offers pays very high you can say um we have 27 US dollar we have eight dollar we have four dollar you can see so all you need to do is to grab any offer right here I think this offer was

The offer I performed in my last video which converted twice you guys saw it on the screen this upper converted twice on this same account okay so I’ll come right over here and pick any random offer for example pick this one and you’re going to see that this offer

Requires Apple iOS and this is what I’m going to be paying 8.21 and this offer was added to this platform April 18 2023 which is very very important and this is also paying Summit remember in my previous video that should be the last video I made is performed task on page

From it and I I detailed exactly how you can perform pin submit offer and get profession very quickly it doesn’t really take more than five seconds to do that okay now this upper is taking you to Spain and all you need to do is go ahead and copy the URL of this

Particular offer already I’ve already copied the link and the link is already placed on a notepad as you can see this is an online notepad and one thing I would say is that if you want to perform tasks don’t click on your direct link directly like this because this will

Danger you okay if you make your account get terminated in less than few seconds because you are actually sending non-traffics off to the CPA Network and that is very very bad all you need to do is to place your link on a landing page either you can use Google site or you

Can either use any other landing page reader out there you can go ahead and start building your landing page by implementing your links right there you can copy multiple links as many different offers that you want place it on a landing page and then copy the landing page URL that you have generated

Right here and then you are going to move now to the next page where I’m going to show you how to click this particular offer without VPN without buying any IP without doing anything investment or paying money online anywhere all you need to do to come to this website this website is called

Browserstack okay now once you are on this particular website let me quickly go back I’m going to take you back I’m already using this website you can see I’ve used one two three out of the option you can see this one I’ve used it this one I’ve used it I’ve used

This one I’ve used more people of them right over here so this is the one I’ve not used I’m going to go ahead and test it for you guys so once you open the web page for the first time this is what you’re going to see and at this time we

Are going to go ahead and paste the landing page URL where you have copied and click on get started which is okay I’m going to paste the link again enter a valid link right this is okay the link is not correct I’m going to put H right here

Https that is correctly I’m going I’m going to go ahead and click on test now once you do that you’re going to wait a little bit and then this particular site will take you to where you need to select the type of a device the location everything you need is already here for

You guys all you need to do remember the offer we are actually performing is IOS offer right the device that we need if you come here you can say we have IOS when you click on the iOS you have iPhone iPad and then you can also go

Ahead and um make any option of different kind of device you want in my case I can since I’ve not used this one I’ll click on it and then I will decide to choose other Safari browser or Chrome browser now remember that majority of the people are performing tasks right

Now are using Chrome browser in various locations so I can go ahead and use Safari just to make things look different okay if you want to perform Alpha for Android device you can use this one Android phones or Windows for those of you guys are asking me to make

A video on how to perform tasks on Android all you need is simple okay I don’t know why you guys try to watch videos but you don’t actually learn from it video is an educational content that you need to learn from it and after learning from it you need to do things

On your own way in order to get results okay sometimes you just rely on everything you see on YouTube you don’t want to build yourself you don’t want to develop yourself that is not education coming to YouTube is actually to learn okay and when you are on YouTube you are

Learning and you just see something on YouTube and you don’t want to exponentiate on it then you are not a good student so guys I will advise you to implement and learn and also Advance Yourself by developing yourself even more than what you see on YouTube now if

You come here because I’ve not started you can see that my time is still one minute uh trial I have not started my one minute now what I’m going to do now is to quickly um just copy the and paste it on your Chrome browser on your

Mobile phone and then simple then you cannot copy your offer and put it right there of course I’m going to make a separate video about it let’s quickly continue with this particular one okay guys but don’t worry I will make a video about it and I’ll publish it so that you

Guys can actually see by yourself that you are not actually developing yourself and you know I promise I’m going to make that video very soon so outside this I know any of this device you can just go ahead and pick all of this now I’ll go

Ahead and click on Chrome browser in my own case just for educational purpose now I’ll wait for this to pull out and then my off is going to display you can see one minute I’ve started um now I’m going I what I need is just to go ahead and perform the task before

One minute I’m done performing the task the first uh the last video I published I spend nothing less than um one minute performing the tasks really now conversion has already been dropped you can close down this page when you are done and then go back to the same page where we’re coming from

And then continue the process again and again and I’m assure you that you are going to be getting conversion each time you perform this start and make your money it’s very simple you don’t need stress this is very simple of course this landing page did not open right yeah this landing page

Did not open but if I go back and uh actually copy the direct okay let me just copy the directly this is already expired I’m going to go back so guys if you got values from this particular video go ahead and give it a super

Thumbs up like give it a like and also share it with your friends on various social media platform if for example you are watching this video and you have not subscribed okay you keep watching you coming back to watch the video and you have not subscribed you’re actually

Doing yourself very big wrong thing okay all you need is click on subscribe button and then turn on the Bell icon this way you get notified anytime I publish awesome video like this one every time I publish video you are going to be the first person that will be

Notified if you want to join my one-on-one mentorship training course or CPA marketing then go ahead and send me a WhatsApp message or send me email directly of course I’m going to be connecting with you in less than a few seconds doesn’t really take me time to

Connect with you okay guys this is macro hustle TV I talk about make money online athlete marketing CPA marketing all the dubious activities that you need to implement in order for you to make money faster because of course many of you guys know that for over 18 decades like

Many years ago you have not even made a dime online so I give you all the breakdown and all the tremendous tricks that you need to actually break the Yoke and start making money online I will see you guys in my next video peace


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    Pls can you make auto click method

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    can you please do a video on the best offers that are easy to complete?

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    Nice share !

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    Hi sir i follow your tutorial but i cannot get leads can you help me please❤ and can you make auto click method video for phone


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