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How I LOOPED $613+ $2.06 FROM CPAGRIP Self Clicking 2023 (How to Make Money Online 2023)

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How I LOOPED $613+ $2.06 FROM CPAGRIP Self Clicking 2023 (How to Make Money Online 2023)

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So guys today is a little bit bad and I was able to make total of 613 dollars but that is not so bad okay of course I’m still working but at the end of today I’m targeting a thousand dollars on this particular account now what I’m

Going to do guys is to walk you through a simple strategy you can also use to generate this money that you are seeing on the screen right over here there are a lot of battle going on within uh we marketers as well as CPA Network and even publisher on every CPA

Network as I’m talking to you right now there are so many glitches that is happening on any CPA Network that you know out there okay now what I’m going to do right here is to walk you through simple step-by-step and take note that in case if you are confused in this step

Make sure you leave a comment in the comment section so before I will show you what I want to show you guys in this video I want to prove to you guys that millions of people are making money drastically now check out this one this guy generated 748 dollars

And of course if you check my account you’re going to see I made 600 not even close to that but so many people are making way more than that this is six thousand this is 61 900 now if you check this is 82 dollars this one made 140 dollars below here

You’re saying 416 dollars Seventeen dollars sixteen dollars and you can also see 386 dollars so guys enough of this let me quickly jump in right now and begin the entire process okay so what you need to do the first thing you must do is to come here and

You are going to click on monetization too in this monetization tool you have two main options to choose the first one is content Locker then the second one is file locker now I will always recommend you go with file locker because in the file locker you have the option to

Actually use Link from other YouTube from any platform or even a link from a blog site as a Content Locker now the next option is to actually be covered from a specific location based on the country you want to perform the task for example if you want to perform tasks for United

States of course you are going to come here offer tools they’re going to select United States and then you’re going to pick offer from that particular country so what you need to do is to click on my offered tools once you do that you are

Going to go ahead and pick offer I won’t go through that to make this video very short because most of you guys like shorter videos so I’m going to go ahead and minimize this but in case if you have interest in a longer video I will

Also want you to leave a comment below this video so that I will know that majority of you guys want me to make a longer video where I will expantiate in more details how you can actually set click and make money for yourself okay so I’ll go ahead and minimize this and

What you need is actually come down down here once you come down here you are going to go ahead and pick any offer for your choice for example we have different country here you can see uh Macedonia you can see uh this one Belgium we have another one here United

Kingdom okay now in this section you can actually get offer that will pay you mightily okay you can see an offer that will pay you away more than let’s say times 10 of what offer tools or United States offer will pay you so for example I’ll go ahead and click

On this one if I click on it boom you’re going to go ahead this is credit card summits although this is not too bad if you have a valid credit card that you can actually submit you can go ahead and go along with this then another option is that you have

A desktop offer okay so this is a desktop profile that you must complete this offer with the PC it is either a laptop or a desktop computer then if you succeed in completing the entire process correctly you are going to be making 27 dollars 38 cents most of you guys always

Complain I completed the process what you did everything you showed on the video and I did not it did not work for me yes it won’t work because you are not actually doing the right thing okay everything I did in the video you will go ahead and complete the task without

Without using credit card a valid credit card most of you I know that you are actually scrapping credit card online those credit cards are not valid and you go ahead and put it and then you you now come back and say the video does not work that is complete lives okay go

Ahead and do your homework very well and make sure you do the right thing okay I assure you if you do the right thing you are going to make massive money on this network okay CPA network is paying massively so go ahead and do your homework and do the work legitimately

Even though this is self-clicking right once you’re done go ahead and completely copy the link of this particular offer once you copy the link you’re going to go ahead and move along with me to the next stage where I’m going to now perform the task and show you exactly

What I did and you can also do it make sure you do your homework diligently and implement the same process you are going to make massive money I assure you another mistake most of us are making is that most times I perform task Live on YouTube and I don’t use landing page

But you guys will go out there and perform task without a landing page this is wrong I am trying to use this video to correct an impression that most of you guys have you are doing the wrong thing and in case if you are using mobile phone to follow along this

Process this is also very simple there is nothing difficult in this process all you need is to actually you can create a landing page using Google sites with your mobile phone and it’s even easier to create a landing page with your mobile phone on Google sites so

Once you’re on Google site you are going to click on blank and simply follow along the process just enter your just enter a test like this and copy the link for example I’ll get I’ll say offer one and just highlight this space you have you have already typed click on

Exactly paste the link of the offer click on apply and automatically this is now hyperlink okay I’ll do the process again paste the link click on apply and this link is now inserted this is exactly what you need to do in order to show proof of your traffic Source when

You are self-clicking if you do this without landing page I assure you you are putting your account into danger and your account can get terminated any moment no matter any connection no matter the configuration if you don’t show proof of your traffic Source you are directly telling the network that you are doing

The entire process yourself so take you have to be very wise guys now click on a publish copy the link at the end of the day and move down to a a new tab okay on a new tab you need to open this particular VPN some of you guys will ask

Me what is the name of this VPN you can see the name of the VPN right over here VPN okay if you click on it you are going to Simply come here and then select the country that you want to perform offer in okay depending on the

Country you are if it’s bench on you can type Belgium right here if it is swell then you can see there is sweating here we have nataline where France we have Singapore we have Russia we have UK we have unit United States so for example I’ll go ahead and choose any country

Right here once you are done doing that you are going to Simply come here and paste the landing page of your Google site okay it is your landing page of your Google site you are going to update so I will go ahead and um click on this

One so I’ll go back to your home page and then I already have a landing page okay now I’ll come here I’ll copy this one I’ll open this one so I’ll copy the link of this particular landing page then come here and click on this link right here and I can see

Public site so I’m going to go ahead and copy this link like this so this is the link you need to copy come here after you have connected your VPN and then go ahead and paste everything and then go ahead and Enter key once you enter key guys the landing page will open

And then the offer will be available for you you are going to go ahead and start clicking on this offer one by one you can see this one the the offer here you can see one offer here how many offer do we have one two three four offers are

Here on this same landing page they can now go ahead and start completing each of them one by one and you are going to continue to make money every single seconds guys so guys this is macro hustle TV in this channel we make video only on different ways you can actually make money

Legitimately also dubious ways you can actually make money online and also promote athletes offers CPA offers in a way that can actually direct money consistently for yourself if you want to join my one-on-one mentorship training course go ahead and send me WhatsApp message or send me email

Directly and I’m going to be connecting with you in less than few seconds if you enjoyed this video go ahead and give it a super thumbs up and give it a like share it with your friends on various social media platforms also smash the Subscribe button and turn on

The Bell icon once you do this you will always be notified once I publish video immediately okay guys


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