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In this video guys trust me before you finish watching this video you’re going to learn exactly how you can be able to make money with CPS self-clicking techniques what made to the end of this video and make sure you do not skip any part of this video because any parts you

Skip I assure you that you are going to actually regret it now I’m going to take you step by step show you exactly how you can be able to set click CPA grip offers and start making money just like the way you can see on the screen right over here

245 United States dollars has already been generated and I’m going to show you the trick that I implemented and how I’m able to be able to make this money legitimately without any single trade trust me this method is 100 working and you cannot even afford to miss this

Great opportunity so guys CPA marketing is one of the easiest way if you want to make money online because a lot of of people know how to make money online either by blogging running freelancing and doing a lot of dubious tasks online but at the end of the day this process

Is actually long okay you actually need a simple with means that you can actually make money online which is one of these CPA marketing that can actually go ahead even with your mobile phone your PC any kind of device that you are using you can actually start getting

Paid today if you get started with CPA marketing if you actually know the secret over here you can see millions of people are making money every single day you can see this guy generated eight dollars can see this one generated eleven dollars for today then if you come down here for

The same today this guy has generated 164 000 on this particular account guys okay now if you come here you can see this guy made ten dollars all these are human being all figures are not equal everybody is making money the way they can actually make based on the method

That is working for them okay so to begin you come right over here you’re going to say offer tools and you’re going to click on it once you click on it like this you’re going to see my offers so this is Step number one now once you click on my offers you are

Going to be taking to this particular page on this page this page is called my offers and on this section what I’m going to do is to click on the country right over here and I’m going to Simply type United States I want to type United States you’re going to come down here

You’re going to see all kinds of available offers that are United States offers okay now take note you need to pay attention at this point because it’s very very important for you to grab this idea now if you come to this category section you’re going to Simply come here

And choose image zip submit once you do that wait a little bit this or entire offers is going to shuffle itself and present to you only images Summit offers now why are we doing this we are doing this because we want to get uh all the available offers for amazing Summit so

We don’t want to pick random offers that we don’t have the valid information that we can actually provide remember in subclicking you need to appear Anonymous and you want to make sure that everything you are doing is legit okay promote CPA offer is simple all you need

To do is to understand that you need a traffic Source you need to provide information required because this is just to sign up and when you sign up you make money okay that is exactly how it works so now if you come here you’re going to see 1.37

1.45 all these are available offers for United States and now it is very important for you to pay attention here also if you come here you’re going to see this particular offer is only for desktop device and you’re going to get paid 1.45 now in case if you think that one

Dollar 45 Cent is small you are just mistaken because accumulating this amount of money multiple times will earn you so much money on this particular platform so when you hear people making a thousand dollars making two thousand dollars making five hundred dollars you think that um it’s a joke combining this money you

Are seeing here one dollar 45 cent in multiple foods will automatically accumulate and make you so much money and it is easy to do that and that is why you need to focus on this video very well if you click right over here you’re going to be taken to this page where you

Need to analyze everything that you need to do this offer require a desktop and it’s amazing submit United States offer and this year offer was uploaded on this platform April 21st this means that this offer is still working okay now what you’re going to do is to Simply copy the

Link of this particular offer okay so I’m going to come here and copy the link so after copying the link I will come straight here and just type online notepad and once I type that I’m going to wait for Network to pull out this particular platform and I’m going to

Simply come here and just let me just delete this and paste the link I just copied so this link is what we’re going to be self-clicking or even taking task completion and then and that way this offer is going to come convert and then money will drop on your dashboard so

What you need to do now is to come right over here and open Google size just inside dot this is the best platform that I like using to create my landing page because it’s pretty simple and also it is free you don’t need to pay for anything to get started once you

Click on the blank section like this just give it a little time then you’re going to go ahead and click on the text box right over here and then simply come here and type anything let’s say dating okay now if this is dating you’re going to Simply come here highlight it and

Then come right over here and click on insert then come back right over here copy the link you just pasted here come back here and just paste the link like so don’t take take note that you don’t need to put that in here if you know

What worked best for you you’re going to go ahead and put that word here okay and then you’re going to go ahead and click on apply and you cannot see that the link is Right inserted now what I’m going to do next is to click on publish

Button right over here and once you click on publish button because I put that in I can simply put the thing right over here as a URL and once you do that you’re going to see the link that you’re going to go ahead and use as your

Landing page okay so this is the new link I’ll come here and click on publish okay once you click on publish your link will be available click on view right now and then you can now see how our landing page look like so what I’m going

To do after now is to go ahead and look for a traffic source guys it is very important traffic source is a key if you want to be successful with any CPA marketing network if you are not using traffic Source I guarantee you that yourself clicking career will be really

Cold and it’s not good for you to do that so is one of the best transistors ever if you want to prove that you are actually driving traffic you have audience that you are actually sending to these platforms you need to ensure that you are providing traffic Source

Such as Facebook Twitter and Instagram okay then we also have Pinterest Tumblr and the rest of them these are valid recognized traffic source that this CPA Network actually believe that there are lots of millions of audience right on this platform that people are actually pushing into their

Network so once you are able to come right over here what to do on is either you are creating content on serving people’s problem or you’re asking questions just like as you can see right over here so for example what I’m going to do now is to come here

And click on this particular question I want to provide answer to this question okay another people have already provided answer to this question I’ll click on it and then I want to put in my own answer don’t mind what other people have placed on that particular question

As answer all you need to do is to go ahead and provide your own answer and it’s pretty simple charging PT is right over there okay but Google is also there to help you to generate content I can put as your answer right over here come

Here and click on answer and then once you click on answer you’re going to come here and then paste your answer okay for example I’ll go ahead and paste answer to this and then I’ll come here and show you exactly how you can put your link so

That your link will not be removed from so you can see now that my answer is ready okay the answer is very short you don’t need to write lengthy content as answer okay all you need to do is to come down below the test okay once you

Come down like this you’re going to come here and write something okay just say something like please click okay anyhow you put the test just make sure that there’s something there okay and then once you finish typing you’re going to come here and inside the link okay highlight it and click on this

Particular icon here click on the insert link and paste the landing page link right over there okay once you do this you can actually go ahead and format it if you want make it thicker than every other test on the page and then once you’re done you’re going to click on the

Post button and then once you click on the post right over here you’re going to see your answer is now ready now what can you do I’m going to close this now what can you do to actually self click on this okay it is very easy all you

Need to do is so click on this three dot icon here and I’m going to see copy link once you copy this link now I’m going to take you back straight to our notepad Okay so if you come to notepad right over here you’re going to delete this

And paste the new link has given to you now this is the link you are going to sub click in anywhere you are going to do the subclicking but I’m going to recommend for you guys to use a valid VPN just type free valid VPN okay valid V

PN okay once you do that you’re going to see free true VPN through free VPN Android okay true free VPN for PC you’re going to see a lot of them you can see vpns without paying I’m going to go ahead and pick anyone and they’re going to see all the available VPN that

You can use okay install any of this VPN guys that will allow you to connect to any country okay especially United States and once you do that you are going to find your way making money with CPA Network in this video I’m going to break it right over here if you want to

See the step-by-step guide on how I completed CPA offer step by step and you see how the money drop on my dashboard check out the video I uploaded three days ago and I’m going to leave the link of that video in the description of this particular video so you can go ahead and

Check it out so if this is your first time of checking out on my channel you are highly welcome this is macro hustle TV and in this channel focus more on make money online stuffs affiliate marketing tips and tricks that can help you to scale up and grow your business online

If you want to join my one-on-one mentorship training course on CPA marketing go ahead and send me WhatsApp message okay or send me email directly and I’m going to be connecting with you in less than a few seconds if you get value from this video

Give it a super thumbs up and if you have not subscribed to my Channel smash the Subscribe button and turn on the Bell icon this way you get notified anytime I publish awesome video like this one I’ll see you guys in my next video peace


  • Balaji V 22nd October 2023 , 4:48 pm

    bro please tell me how to create a private mirror link in CPA grip and in other affiliate networks…

  • Adam Adam 22nd October 2023 , 4:48 pm

    Pls can performed use one offer two time

  • Mordern vibes 22nd October 2023 , 4:48 pm

    Email zip submit does not convert

  • Frederick FX 22nd October 2023 , 4:48 pm

    Vpns won't work, unless you show how to multiple fingerprint(api)

  • Frederick FX 22nd October 2023 , 4:48 pm

    U focus more on creating a content u dont really show how u configure ur internet, cause obviodly u cant use same fingerprint multiple times unless proper configure

  • TILESHARP1 22nd October 2023 , 4:48 pm

    is this a new account

  • Hemant 22nd October 2023 , 4:48 pm

    Hii Macro Hustle TV X I need only 50$ please help me, please help me to give


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