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[ Go Viral!! ] Get Paid +$100 Per Day! | CPAgrip How To Make Money

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[ Go Viral!! ] Get Paid +$100 Per Day! | CPAgrip How To Make Money

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So what’s up guys do you want to make money similar to the amount I actually made right here on CPA grip make sure you do what those video right at the end because in today’s video I’m gonna show you how you could leverage other people’s content and actually do go on to

Ensuring that you drive traffic to that particular content and make money with CPA marketing are you doing so in the process right here so you want to just simply watch this video to the end because you also do gain access to a bonus tip right there at the end of this

Particular video that could help you go into making up to ten thousand dollars every month in the year 2023 and Beyond and with that being said let’s jump right ahead into today’s video first of all you want to use a CPA marketing platform to get the CPA marketing offer

You could use CPA build right here you could use the CPA grip if you don’t have an account on CPA grip it’s quite easy to register click on register you’ll be brought to a page such as this just simply going to filling out this form right here and focus more on the fields

That are actually having this red aesthetic signs and once you do fill out that appropriately you could agree to the terms of services by reading through that right here and checking these boxes right now and for this section which is the publisher type it is import that you

Either select the website slash instant or the gpt4 and once that has actually been done click on register now and your account will be created almost immediately of which you can then log into your account and go to the monetization tools click on my offers to actually get offers which you want to

Promote you could filter the offers to any country of your choice supposedly you want to select offers from the United States you can actually see that these are offers available to that demographic right now I can actually do select any of this offer you can see more details about the offer that the

Offer pays you about 4.71 is actually a mobile install offer you can then just simply copy the link to this offer and share as much as possible to drive traffic to this to do so you want to use this platform right now which is called the rightly right here and if you do

Come right into this platform called the you want to just simply use this to your advantage right here what you want to do is to come right here click on create new ad and if you do comment it click on create new ad you

Want to give your ad a name if I don’t name my ad right here the CPA offer you could actually select the domain which you want right here for this particular ad and I’m just going to come right here click on ADD right now and once I do

Want to clicking on ADD guys I can actually do go to sales how I want my CPA offer to actually pop up for individuals right now if I want to use text or if I want to use image right here I can actually do select that how I

Want it to be maybe at this left section right section or the evil pop-up right now you can actually do use any of this right here I’m going to just simply use the evil pop-up right there and if I do select the Evo pop-up you can see how

Cool that actually looks now you can actually do select number of seconds which you want for this particular pop-up to actually show right now maybe if I don’t want this pop-up to show after five seconds right here or let me just put it three seconds I can put in

That right here for this preset or this um text CTA setting I did this preference based on your preference or the section based on your preference as you can see the profile URL right here you could either go on to editing that right there based on your preference you

Can see the profile picture you could upload the picture right here for this particular section it is in the description which says get in touch you could add that go into editing that right now this section which says sound to play edit that the button text guys

This is quite important you want to just simply edit that right now you can see this is my latest um tweet right now and for that you could just simply put in something like click here and once that is done this button link right here should be your

CPA marketing offer link so if I do paste in my CPA marketing offer link right there you could then just simply go to editing the logo settings by inserting the logo link or the logo text right now once that is done guys you don’t want to just simply going to

Uploading an image alongside for that particular offer right now and do go to clicking on done so once you do click on done right here guys next thing you want to do is to actually do go on to Google and search for a cool article right now

That people are actually looking for or what is actually trending right now I can just simply search for maybe um something like the weight loss guide and you can actually see some cool articles right here or some cool books right now so wouldn’t I do go on to selecting this particular

Article right now or that particular page you’ll be able to see more details right there but that particular offer so wouldn’t I do select this article right now guys I can actually do go to see more details for that particular um article right now of which I can then

Just simply copy the link to this article head back to my rightly and actually paste that in this destination link right here for this section you want to just simply go to selecting offer other particular um ad which we just set right here on this platform so if I do select the CPA

Offer do click on create link with ad and right now guys my ads for that particular um offer will be embedded with that particular website right now so once my ads or my CPA marketing offers embedded with our website you want to just simply copy the link and try as much as

Possible to drive traffic to that particular link by heading out to platforms like Twitter and right here on Twitter you want to just simply go on to writing a simple tweet right now click on post and you want to write in something cool about that particular

Offer and try as much as possible to drive traffic to that particular website right there and in doing so you’re also interesting going to be driving traffic to that particular CPA marketing offer because that evil pop-up is actually going to pop up right there on their screen after three seconds right now

Right there so use this exact same strategy and start driving a lot of traffic your CPA marketing offers you could also go on to using platforms like the addme right here to also boost that social media post by getting more light more weight to it and more engagement to that particular social

Media post right there it may be a tick tock post a Facebook post or any kind of post right there you can actually you can actually do go using this platform called the admit to actually boost that particular post and actually get a lot more amount of engagement

Right now so that’s it for now guys like I said I’m gonna give you a bonus tip do check out the first link in the description of this video that link is actually going to lead you to this page of which guys you can actually do go

Into learning or register for my course on how I made ten thousand dollars every three months with only 30 minutes of work daily and you’re actually going to learn the exact same strategy I did use for that all you actually have to do is to come right here click on get my

Course now register for this course so you do not miss out on this important strategies right here so guys that’s it for now guys do make sure you subscribe to this channel like this particular video right here so see you all in my next video and goodbye

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