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Get Paid $470/DAY From CPAGRIP and Propeller ADS (USE THIS!) CPA Marketing For Beginners

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Get Paid $470/DAY From CPAGRIP and Propeller ADS (USE THIS!) CPA Marketing For Beginners

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What is Up Guys in today’s video guys I’m going to share with you a simple strategy that is going to increase the amount of money you make drastically with CPA marketing I’m going to share with you how you can make a thousand dollars as fast as possible just by

Combining CPA grip with this platform called propeller ads I’m going to share with you a lot of tactics right here in this video the exact method that I’m using to run campaigns on propeller ads to generate income every single day so make sure you sit back and relax it’s

Going to be the best propeller art video you’ve watched with CPA marketing and I’m going to share with you how to make even more so guys make sure you actually watch this video down to the very end and also guys if you are interested and how I’m able to make money every single

Day with CPA marketing and with other related stuff make sure you get subscribed to this Channel and also turn on your post notifications to all because guys I literally make videos every single day on all of the tactics and strategy that I and my team are using to generate income with CPA

Marketing and with other related dead stuff also guys if you are interested in how I make ten thousand dollars every single month in just 30 minutes guys make sure you actually check out the free course down below it’s gonna be the very first link in the description so

Guys let’s dive into the video so right here we are on CPA grip and I just want you to log into your CPA Group and basically this is what you want to make sure you do first of all you want to make sure in the country you have all

Countries all category no stats and then in the search bar I just want you to fix in this sign right here so you want to fix in this dollar sign and it’s going to give you all of the offers that I have kind of a dollar sign in it and

Then basically guys what you want to do is you want to click on to payout right here you want to actually tap on pay out and it’s going to give you the top or the highest offer on this particular plot so as you can see right now guys

You can see that the highest paying off on this platform is this particular offer right here so if we tap onto this particular offer you could see this and I iPhone offer for the Sweden and right here I think this means grab your iPhone so I’m gonna just type in this copy

Right here and go on to Google Translate and paste that right here and see exactly what it means it’s supposed to mean grab your iPhone um let’s let’s go on to the offer and go on and copy this also right here copy and go on to Google translate one more

Time and then right there below I’m going to paste this right there as you can see grab your iPhone 14 now enter your information to get started so first thing first you want to understand the how far you are promoting so it doesn’t really matter where this offer is is

Coming from it doesn’t really matter if it’s United States we want to promote offers that are going to convert and make us a good chunk of money as you can see 23 is the payout right here we have a link right there so what you want to

Do next is to go on to propeller art and we want to run it out to people in Sweden so we could generate income for ourselves so basically you want to sign up and make sure when you click on to the sign up you want to make sure you

Sign up as an Advertiser as you can see right here you want to sign up as an Advertiser right here and then you are going to see up your sign up phone but I’m already signed up so it takes me to this campaign page right here so what

You want to do right once you are here you want to click on to we’re going to turn this off quickly you want to click on to create campaign so you click on to create campaign right here so I’m going to walk you through step by step to make

Sure you listen very closely I’m going to take this off all right here I’m going to do type in a name for a campaign and the name of our campaign is going to be Sweden iPhone so basically once you do that under the right here advertising format you want to pick in

Um push notification right there and then you want to scroll down and make sure you just take this off and leave it just on this right here under the pricing model I want you to go on to do CP uh CPC which is cost per click this

Is called spend my but then we were going to leave that right here now under the targeting URL you just go on to your offer you copy this link right here and go right in there and fixing this as you’re targeting link right here so these are where we are putting our CPA

Link right here now we’ll scroll down to the next part of this one visitor each one time 24 hours so this means that we want our ad to be shown to one person every 24 hours we do not want them to see our ad like three times in a space

Of a d so right here under the option you want to make sure you remove broker traffic and make sure it’s just on propeller traffic because that gives you the is type of converting traffic right there so guys we scroll down right here and then under this right here you could see

There are different user activities this for the eye you have the eyes uh CTR which is the click through rate volume and all this what I do is I remove the low I remove the medium because when we get targeted traffic and high targeted

Traffic as much as we can so once we are done with that guys we screw them back below right here as you can see country and bead so basically under the country right here guys you know what to do you put in Sweden because this is what we

Want to do and right here now once we’re fixing Sweden is the only country under a CTI you could see the recommended that they gave us and the recommended is 0.153 and the maximum we should put is 0.18 so I’m just going fixing their maximum guys take a look at this right

Here this is what we are going to be paying per click so we could even decide to even do something around instead of this we could put in seven so that we could do something like this because it’s between this one value is between the recommended and also between the

Maximum right here so this is the amount of money we are going to be spending per click super nice remember our offer is going to pay us 23.96 even the Cent is able to pay up for our click pay now guys another thing you need to note while picking offers

Guys is look at the um EPC but basically you understand exactly EPC because I’ve explained it in other videos now basically once we are done with that right here you want to scroll down below and then on that Target cities just leave it as cities and just let it go so right here

Right here is where you see your classic push where you can fix in your daily budget for beginners we could start with five dollars and our total budget could just be 30 dollars right there so we only even need one click to pay out for our complete budget or basically we

Could even make it 25 or 20 dollars per se that’s why you need to pick the is of an apple in push we canceled it in the beginning so we are not going to be fixing any price now for targeting platform it takes desktop on mobile we

Just look into our offer they need people with desktop so we go into our campaign and right here we’re fixing desktop super easy to navigate through this right there and as you can see the graph keeps on changing based on the um metrics we are fixing right here so with

This I just leave it like this I leave all of this information like this and right here it is saying interest what type of Interest now when we look at our offer we notice that this is more like a giveaway type of offer so basically when

You go on to your campaign you want to select give you right here male or female you leave it age I also leave that as it is and go right in here collect an audience for retargeting I simply put do not collect we do not really need that and right there we are

Almost done we go straight up to creative and under the creative is super easy to do this what I do is simply go on to my Google translate right here and this is what I pick in for my title I’ll copy this right here for my title so I

Go right here for my title I put in this and people in the Sweden are going to understand that so do not worry and then for the second information I fixing copy and I go on to my campaign for description right here fix this right here now for the custom

Text what I do is I actually just move on right okay it says that this information is too long so I’m going to actually just go on right here you got what I’ll do I’m going to switch this quickly and then what I’m going to do is right here I’m going to select

Right here email so I’m going to put in email right here email right here um let’s just or info I’m going to put in info and see what it’s going to do for us sorry guys it on enter your info or enter details yes this is the shorter one and as you

Can see it gives me the correct one grab your iPhone 13. I’m going to remove this quickly now you see this this I’m going to copy this and move on to my campaign quickly right there and paste that okay it stays it’s still long so let’s go quickly enter I’m gonna remove your

Right there I’ll copy this and see if this is going to work perfectly first so these are some things you need to do if you want to actually run your campaign so you can see right now it’s intact and also the custom text button what I’m

Going to do is go on to right here and then what I want to do is simply remove this and type in grab or click here so I’m going to type in click here and let it gives me the version click here this error I’m going to just make

Sure I under the ER correct so I’m going to copy this this is what I need copy and then go on to my campaign under the custom text I want to paste that right in there because you see how simple this once we do this we also need a image so

I will actually downloaded an iPhone image already so I’ll just go on and upload this image from my computer so right in there I’m going to look for that image quickly go to look for that image yes yes yes and then right there I’m going to just

Use that image we have the image right here right there we click on to crop image and basically we have our image right in there so everything we’ve been doing you could see the preview right in here and exactly how it’s going to look like also in the windows version this is

Exactly how it’s going to come out and as you can see it’s going to be relatable to people in the Sweden and basically once we are done at this point in time we just agree that we agree to their quality guidelines and we can click on to start campaign and that is

Basically how you can run ads with propeller just by actually um going for the offer the iOS pin offer right in there so guys a simple calculation we could put up to it for those of you that want to see the potential of exactly everything we’ve

Done right here you could see that we are actually spending around um let’s just use this we are spending around um 117 right here per click this is what we are spending per click so let’s say we want to go and get let’s say 200 clicks let’s go with 200 clicks 200

Clicks right there we are actually just going to spend around let’s see around 34 dollars for 200 clicks now basically if only let’s just go with 20 persons actually complete our offer that’s like 10 percent right here so we have 10 percent conversion and our payout is

Within this range this is our payout from CPA grip right here we are actually going to be making 400 now we could minus this and you could see the difference so basically that is the potential behind this particular strategy so guys that is the video for

Today if you do enjoy this type of content guys make sure you go ahead and subscribe to this Channel and turn on your notification to all because I’m going to be giving you updated videos about CPA marketing and the best way to actually start making good cash with CPA

Marketing so that’s my video for today check out my free course down below and I’ll see you in the next video


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    Do you think people will submit their credit card number, or you just target a certain age category during the campaign .. if such as option exists in other ads networks.
    I'm just asking, because I don't want to spend money in vain, especially on credit card submit offers. If it is email or submit, I would spend on them, because many people might get convinced to submit their info since it's just their email or mobile number.

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