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Get Paid +$281/Day With This CPAGrip Strategy | CPA Marketing Free Traffic Method For Beginners

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Get Paid +$281/Day With This CPAGrip Strategy | CPA Marketing Free Traffic Method For Beginners

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For people out there experiencing the issue of not getting conversions rather getting clicks to your CPA marketing offers that’s actually an indication that later on you will soon start getting conversion to your CPA marketing offer so do not relent and in today’s video I’m going to show you an amazing

Strategy you can actually do use to make money online with CPA marketing and this is going to be an amazing one because you can do that even as a beginner right here and it’s also 100% free one and if you’re actually a beginner make sure you

Do check out the first link in the description of this video to gain access to my free CPA marketing course so if you do click on that link all you actually need to do is to actually come right here fill in your name your email address and download the course for

Absolutely free and you don’t want to miss out on this so jumping right into today’s video the first thing which you want to do is you want to just simply create an account on this platform called CPA grap that if you don’t actually do have an account if you don’t

Actually do have an account click on register be brought to this page right now and actually fill out these details based on your preference provide these basic details such as your name the last name and actually other feel out other fields with this red aeric signs once

You do that agree to the terms of service by checking these boxes out and do click on register once you’re done with that you can log into your account so guys I’m logged into my account and to get to this page which you can see right now you want to just simply come

Right here click on so if you do click on monetization tools and actually you’ll be showing this drop down list select the URL file locker and you should be brought to a page such as this you then want to just simply click on create new URL file loer agree to the

Temps of service and actually do click on continue and if you do that right here guys you can actually go to creating a simple URL file loer I’m going to show you an example of one which I created right now for this particular purpose so take a look at

This Locker right here which is actually the file share Locker I actually named it the kto locker and I actually edited some cool details right now for this Locker so in this locked URL section I actually pasted a link to a very valuable content which I can use to

Actually attract audience to my URL file locker right now and guys if you want to just simply get a valuable content maybe you could lock an ebook and you can get that from this platform called the free hyphen net and with this platform guys if you do go to signing up

You can get free ebooks download that for free and actually go to using that and you could focus on any one of these niches which I’m going to show you right now so if you do take a look at these niches right here which are actually one

Of the most profitable niches in the year 2023 which are the digital marketing Niche the relationship personal finance and investing food and recipes blogging and making money online personal development and selfcare niches so this these are actually cool niches which you could focus on in the year

2023 so if I do want to focus on this food and recipe Niche I’m just going to come right here click on this category icon select nonfiction right now and I can select the food and recipe if I do that right now the page is actually

Going to go on to loading up and I’ll be able to see K amazing ebooks which I could download and go on to using to drive traffic to my CPA marketing offers so you could see right here these are actually some cool ebooks right now on

The on food and recipe Niche so suppos I want to just simply focus on an ebook right now maybe this easy kto diet to lose weight if you do click on this it’s going to take you to a page where you can actually do click on this download

Icon and download this particular ebook on your device once you do that guys you want to head on to this platform called the as you can actually do go on to uploading the ebook on this platform and getting a link to that ebook so if you do come right here you

Want to log into an account or create an account for absolutely free either using your email address social media platforms like Facebook Twitter or maybe you want to just simply create one manually you can do that on logging into your account and come right here click

On upload you want to select this plus icon and select this particular ebook right here so if you do click on begin upload the uploading process will actually begin but I already have an ebook right here on this platform so I’m just going to go on to skiping on skip

And you can actually do see the ebook right here which is the easy kto diet to lose weight and if I do click on this three dots right here I’m going to click on this particular copy link icon you can see the link has been copied to my

Clipboard head back to say URL file locker and actually paste in that link right here so once you do that guys you could edit all these other sections right here based on your preference by coming to the template section select the URL file locker or the file download

Locker template head back to General and edit all this section based on your preference via this section right here so fill out the details based on that particular ebook and once you’re done click on Save and you your url file lockout will be created next you want to

Click on get link and actually copy the link to that URL file loer to get traffic to that head on to platforms like Instagram right now and create a cool account which is for this s purpose right now you want to just simply create an account that’s actually focusing on

That same niche having the same title to that Niche having a profile photo related to that Niche and you want to edit your bio to look something cool right like this right now and you in your bio you actually do past in the link so that you are fire loer like this

Person did right now and also make sure you’re directing traffic to that link in the buyer of your account to do so you want to make sure guys that you actually do go on to grin your account by growing your account you want to make sure you

Do go on to engaging people’s comments and actually do on go on to maybe um posting regularly and in posting regularly you want to make sure you’re actually consistent with that because consistency is actually key consistency is actually going to go on to making you build or grow in on such platforms and

To actually get some cool post which you can actually going to using for that particular type of Niche you can actually do head on to platforms like um Tik Tok right now and if you do focus on the food Niche or the recipe Niche I actually did search for recipe right

Here and you can actually do see all this cool videos right now on this platform these are actually cool videos which you could go on downloading and you uploading that or repurposing that on your Instagram pages right now all you actually need to do is to give them

The credit to that particular video and you’re actually going to be making your cool cash with this particular strategy because you’re actually going to be generating some cool audience and you your account will begin to grow because once people do like such content they will be able to go on to following you

And they can actually come on to the buyer of your account check out that link in the bio going to completing an offer to gain access to that recipe cookbook and you do make some cool cash right there with this particular strategy also guys maybe if you do

Create a post promoting that particular URL file locker you can actually use this platform called the like for to go on to boosting that post right now so you could use this platform to boost your social media presence just by following this four simple steps and

If you do that you are actually going to go on to increasing your chances of making money online and actually boosting your CPA marketing offers so guys that’s it for now I did hope this video was helpful if yes smash the like button subscribe to the channel and make

Sure your notification Bell is always turned on all see you all in my next video guys thank you all for watching and goodbye

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