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Get Paid +$281/Day With This CPAGrip Strategy | CPA Marketing Free Traffic Method For Beginners

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Get Paid +$281/Day With This CPAGrip Strategy | CPA Marketing Free Traffic Method For Beginners

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So if you’re getting views and clicks that means you’re close to getting leads and if you’re getting leads then that means you’re making Revenue but you can’t make any Revenue if you don’t know how to get views and clicks or how to convert them into leads so in today’s

Video I’m going to be showing you an easy and beginner friendly method for you to get targeted traffic towards your CPA offers then the chances are that they will be converted into leads and you’ll earn Revenue now this method is completely free and won’t cost you a

Thing and the best part is that it can be done anywhere in the world all that is required is you pay close attention and if you follow all the steps that I will be showing you in this video I guarantee that you will make money with CPA marketing so if you’re excited to

Start making money with CPA marketing then smash the like button and without further Ado let’s Dive Right In okay guys so for the first step of today’s tutorial you want to head over to CPA grip by the way this method works on any CPA Network I have chosen CPA grip

Because they are easy to sign up for they they pay out on time and they will approve your account right away even if you are a complete beginner just make sure that you give them your legitimate information and that you are completely honest with them also for the publisher

Type make sure to select either website incent or GPT this will help you get approved right away so you can start earning money once you’re logged into your account your dashboard should look like this from the side menu click monetization tools then click URL file

Lockers so now if you would like to get great results using this method you’re going to need to choose a niche that is highly profitable with a large audience for your convenience I have put together the top six most profitable niches in 2023 so you may want to pause the video

To write this down if you’d like for the sake of the video I will be selecting the recipes and food Niche and as you can see here the food Niche is considered one of the highest traffic generating niches so there is a lot of money to be made with this Niche so once

You’ve selected a niche you want to head over to a web site called free and I will leave a link to this site in this video’s description so once you’re on this website I want you to look at the top and click on categories this will drop a sub menu so

Next choose nonfiction so choose a niche or category I’ll select recipes and food now you will have access to different recipe and food ebooks so what we will be doing is downloading and giving these ebooks away to people for free in exchange for them filling out an offer

So we get paid so let’s choose an ebook and just make sure that you select an ebook that has at least one five-star rating doing so will ensure that the ebook has some credibility so I’ll select this ebook for example 21 free keto recipes so click the ebook

Then click download and you will just need to do a quick sign up before you are able to download the ebook just make sure to select the PDF format option when you download the ebook once you’ve downloaded the eBook The Next Step will be to make it shareable so others can

Download it and we can make money so in order to do that first head over to Google and do a search for Google Drive it should be this first link right here click this link now just sign into your Google account and what you want to do

Next is click this new button right here then click new folder and you want to name this folder after the ebook that you’ve downloaded so let’s see okay 21 free keto recipes then click create so you should be able to see your folder right over here now if I click on it you

Can see here the folder is empty but what you want to do is upload the ebook that you downloaded here to do that click new then click file upload and upload the ebook so now if you take a look over here you will see the uploaded ebook

Now click on my drive to go back and right click the folder that you created next Click Share then share again and a window will pop up so now change this setting from restricted to anyone with link and now click copy link now head back over to CPA grip and we will be

Creating a file locker so just click this create a new URL Locker button then make sure to click this box to agree with the terms of service then click continue so first things first let’s name our file locker so 21 free keto recipes now take a look over here and

What you want to do next is select the template Tab and choose a locker template a great one to use for this method is the direct downloads template right here I’ve gotten great results using this template for myself so I recommend using it as well so select

This template then go back to the general tab now you want to paste that Google Drive link that you copied into this box over here next let’s customize the text a little and since this will be a file locker for a free ebook we will customize this text

To something like complete a survey below to receive your free ebook then for the anchor text right here we can say something like after completion your free eBook download will be ready okay so now when people land on this Locker page to get their free ebook they

Will need to complete a CPA offer before they are able to download the free ebook and when they do you will get paid so let’s just change this show offer option to five that way we will increase our chances to earn more money since one person may fill out all five offers now

I’ve tested up to 10 offers before but after trial and error five is the best option so set this to five and now you want to click the show offer manager button right here this next step is important and will only increase your conversion rate so what you want to do

Here is first make sure that you have the United States selected as the country next sort the offers from the highest to lowest Rank and don’t worry about the low payout amount of some of these offers the most important metric to focus on is the network EPC as this

Is an indicator that other Affiliates are making money with these offers otherwise there would be no data to show like these offers down here so even if you chose to Mark these other higher payout offers to show instead you may not make as much money since these offers have no data so essentially

Choosing these offers would be like shooting in the dark so once you’re done with selecting the top five ranked CPA offers click save so now you should see your newly created URL file locker right here and what you want to do is click this get links button and now what you

Want to do next is make sure you have one of the new domain options set this is very important because if you have any of these older domains set your link will get banned since many of these domains have been blacklisted on many websites so go ahead and choose any of

These new domains after you’ve done that click customize right here and we will be changing the tail of our locker URL you can change it to whatever you’d like but just make sure that it is related to the niche or topic that you have chosen for example since I’ve chosen the

Recipes in food Niche I will change this to something like best keto recipes 2023 then you want to click change whoops it looks like that one is already taken no worries though I’ll just add the word diet right here and click change okay great so if the name is already

Taken just try something else when you’re done and the changes have been updated click copy link so now we will be creating a simple landing page to drive our traffic to so you want to head over to a website called and I will leave a link to

That website in this video’s description taplink is a freelanding page builder website where you can go to create a quick landing page to promote multiple CPA offers and that is just one of the benefits of using a landing page when promoting CPA offers so once you’re here

Click here where it says get started for free and sign up for a free account once you are logged into your account you will see this page and from here you want to choose a template I’ll choose this one for example so the cool thing here is if you wanted to you can

Actually Target more people by creating more file lockers that link to different ebooks it will be more work but it will also be well worth it in the long run because you will only be making more money but to keep this video short we will just be promoting one link

So let’s first start by deleting these elements that we will not be using so to delete an element first click on it then click action and finally delete now we want to delete the rest of these other elements over here so we’ll just keep these two elements here and for this

Element let’s change this to something related to food something like Savory recipes and the reason for this is because we will be using Instagram to get tons of free traffic so the title that you come up with here should be the title of your Instagram page now if you

May be thinking well damn I don’t have an Instagram account or G I don’t have a lot of followers or an audience to promote to then don’t worry because I will be showing you a great website to get free followers and visitors to your Instagram account look I literally just

Started this brand new account and I’m already getting followers and visitors okay so now let’s add our locker link to this page and to do that you want to click on this button element right here now you will need a title and you can simply put the title of the ebook

So you can see here that I’ve actually done that already 21 free keto recipes and for this subtitle section you can put claim your free ebook then finally add your locker link over here and click save changes next you want to add a profile image and

I will just add the same image from my Instagram account to do that click on this profile image icon then click upload image so keep in mind that you can always do a Google image search to find images to use for your profile now let’s save this page and publish it so

We can grab our link and start getting traffic so to do that scroll up a little and click on publish next we will need to create a simple username to add to the end of our link you can use your Instagram account name if you’d like once you’re done click

Connect then click copy link so now make your way over to Instagram and create a brand new Instagram account dedicated to promoting CPA offers so we can continue okay great so I’m going to assume you have your Instagram account created and ready to start receiving traffic okay so first things first you

Want to add your landing page link to your bio so when we start getting traffic we will get views and clicks so in order to do that you will need to be logged in on Instagram on your mobile phone once you’re logged in click edit profile next click on bio and you want

To add a bio like that now click this blue check symbol to save changes next click add link then click add external link and now we will first paste our landing page Link in this URL section like that then we will finally add a title for our own reference so

Free keto recipe ebook when you are done click this blue check symbol again then click back and finally click this blue check symbol again to apply the changes and now we have a bio and our landing page link so now let me show you a great

Place to find viral video reels so you can upload them to your account and start getting views so come over to tick tock and when you’re here you want to do a search for your Niche so let’s see I’ll type Savory food recipes now what you want to do is find food recipe

Videos with tons of views click on them and if you are on your phone you should get an option to save the video so save the video to your phone and once you’ve done that head back over to Instagram and upload the video to your account

Just make sure that you copy the video owner’s username and paste it on your post to give them credit so now let me show you a cool website where you can go to get free Instagram followers and likes to boost your Instagram page head over to a site called

And I will leave a link in the description once you are here you want to sign up for a free account and when you’re logged in Click add and manage pages right here next click this drop down menu and select Instagram followers and now you can add your Instagram

Account here and start earning free credits to get traffic towards your Instagram page there you have it guys I hope you have gotten value from this video please let me know if you have any questions my darlings and if you have spare time check these other money

Making methods out see you in the next video peace out


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