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Get Paid +$21.30 For EVERY Lead From Google Translate! (Make Money Online Free)

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Get Paid +$21.30 For EVERY Lead From Google Translate! (Make Money Online Free)

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All right guys so the first step is to go ahead and copy this link and then you want to go and post it into this website and click submit and what’s going to happen now is we’re going to potentially get paid up to 23 every time someone

Does an action on that particular link what we’re going to be doing in this video is using Google Translate to go ahead and make money online in this very simple strategy all right guys what’s going on welcome back to another video in this video I’m going to show you how

To make money online using Google Translate in 2023 now this particular method is worldwide you can do this from anywhere in the world and you can do this for completely free in this tutorial you can start this method for free if you don’t have any money to

Start doing this I’m going to give you all of the tools that you need to start this method today and I’m going to actually take you through this step by step so you don’t miss any of the steps that that you need to take and I’m going

To show you some results in a minute from other people who are making money with this strategy so let’s jump into this tutorial don’t forget to smash that like button subscribe so you know my next video comes out let’s get started and show you how to make money with

Google Translate in 2023 alright guys so the first tip you want to do in this free training is you want to head over to a website called and you want to sign up an account as you can see I’ve already actually signed into my account but

There will be a register button you want to click that button and create yourself an account and as you can see there’s lots of stats here that we can look at and what this is is CPA is cost per action or acquisition there’s two different types it really just depends

On what type of thing you are doing but that is what CPA means so what you want to do is you want to go to CPA grip and you want to sign up an account and once you do that you’ll be taken to a dashboard that looks like this now I’ve

Just created this account for this tutorial and as you can see see when you log in you’re going to be taken to this dashboard and there’s actually a chat system and what it does is it is a system automatically tells everyone in chat what people have been making so you

Can see here that Malcolm X here has made 5000 of 8 000 leads this person has made a thousand of 600 leads and if we go up there was a big one before Maestro here has made 30 000 of 19 000 leads so we can see that this particular website is actually people

Out and I’m going to show you exactly how these guys are making their money and how to actually get paid much more than the average person on this website so uh this guy here 19 000 off 11 000 leads so we know that this system is

Working and I’m going to go through and show you exactly how to get started right now so the next step is you want to go to offer tools and you want to click on my offers okay and you’re obviously not gonna have any stats or anything like that because you just

Started the account unless you actually already have one of course but you can go through and there’s all of some information down here that you don’t really need to worry about right now now when you get onto the offers page it’s going to show you offers in your country

Only because because it’s going to track uh where you are located but what you want to do is you want to go to all countries and you want to change it to payouts to the highest at the top what you’ll notice is that most of the highest paying offers are actually from

Companies like Germany we have France down here which is what we’re going to be working on and you’ll see that all of these particular offers are in a different language so what we can do is we can actually utilize this to go ahead and make money online with

This particular method now this is my country down here I will get around about 16 for some of the highest paying offers but if we go to the top here in Germany for example it’s around about 27 and what we’re going to focus on is France now these are specific offers

Where someone has to do an action so for example you would get paid on this one if someone submits their credit card details you would get um paid on this one if someone does a pin submit and then there’s like other ones for example like we can go up to here in categories

We can go mobile install so we would get paid on these particular offers if someone does a mobile install so like installs an app onto their mobile but as you can see the payouts are quite low but this particular one and we can do things like email and zip submissions so

These ones used to pay out quite well I actually used to do a lot of CPA email um zip submissions they still pay out pretty good as you can see here um we have your email and stuff like that we actually click on one of these

For example and I’ll kind of show you quickly what it does is you enter your information for a chance to win a Morrison’s gift card have 500 pound gift card for this particular offer so these are this is what CPA grip is about it’s about giving offers to people and

Collecting something in return like an email a zip code or something like that and you get paid so you’ll get paid 1.50 when someone puts in their email okay now the reason a lot of these ones are lower payouts is because they’re saturated a lot of people are promoting

These so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to a different language and we’re going to use Google Translate to make money with CPA marketing but there are lots of different offers that you can choose so I’m going to go down to France because this is one of the better

Higher paying ones I’m going to change this back to all categories and we’re going to go ahead and choose one and we’re going to choose one of the highest paying ones so I’m going to click on payout and we’re going to go from top to bottom now this particular

Offer we’ll talk about this one here this particular offer is a credit card submission so what I would recommend you do is get a VPN and go to the link first and see what they offer so put in the details and see what comes up at the

Other end it’s usually like a movie website or something like that what we can do is we can go ahead and we can copy this right here which is the French language and we can go into Google translate and just put in the text and translate to English and it says enter

Your information now to get started so we can use something like Google Translate to understand what this offer is about and what this offer is simply about it’s about putting in credit card information and then there will be an offer on the other side once that person

Puts in that credit card information and I have the offer right here because I went and did this and what happens is people put in their credit information to get unlimited movies that they can watch okay so we’re gonna actually use this later on to craft our own offer to

Get people to click the link and put in their um their credit card details so they’re putting their credit card details to go and watch movies they’re paying to watch movies so let’s get started on how you can actually start promoting these particular offers and remember you get

Paid out when this person puts in their credit card information and they’d submit it okay so they don’t have to buy anything they just have to put in their credit card information and you get 23 every time someone does that and these are the the highest paying ones France

Germany and stuff like that’s that’s why we use these particular ones because not a lot of people are actually doing it either and a credit card information is worth more than an email for example now keep in mind guys you want to check the offer and you want to make sure it’s

Right for you so there are lots of different offers because I don’t actually know exactly where these guys get their movies from so you might want to not promote this particular offer it really just depends I haven’t looked into exactly where they get their movies from I’m just doing this for educational

Purposes and this is one of the products that you can promote but for example if you don’t want to go ahead and promote a movie streaming website you could try another country so for example if we go to Germany which was one that popped up before I think it was Germany

They actually have a Mobile offer that you can promote as far as I’m aware I think it’s Germany oh maybe that wasn’t the Germany No that wasn’t the German flag I got that wrong well here you go um this one here is looks like people submit their credit card details and

They get some underwear so maybe you would want to do that or there’s actually a iPhone one as well that we found before and to do that one all you do is go to Country and then all and then you’ll see all of the offers um but this moment these boxes ones and

Stuff don’t pay out as much but I do remember that mobile phone one did pay out quite a bit so let’s have a look so this one here um people get a chance to win a Macbook or something or a 500 um Apple gift card so this could be

Something else that you might want to go ahead and promote just because I don’t know exactly where these movies are coming from but this is one of the offers that you can promote and we’re going to use this in this example in this particular video so now what do you

Do to go ahead and get traffic to your offer I’m going to show you exactly how to do that right now I’m just going to go back to my French offers because that’s the one we’re going to be using in this tutorial real quick all right

Guys so the next tip is you want to head over to a website called and as you can see they will deliver up to 1022 visitors to your website every three days for free so to your affiliate link that means that you’re going to get a thousand visitors

For free every three days now all you would need is one person to put in their information from that 1000 and you would make that twenty dollars for that CPA offer and you could potentially get more than one person to sign up to the office you could actually see the potential in

This you can do this for completely free and you can go ahead and get these free visitors so what I would do is I’ll show you exactly how you can sign up and get your ad going so you can go ahead and get these free clicks well alright so

Once you’ve signed up to your account you’re going to want to go ahead and verify your email once you’ve done that we’re going to follow a few steps we’re going to click next put in your first name and your last name male or female and then you want to go ahead and choose

A username I’m just going to put in something random here and then once you’ve created your account there’s going to be a few steps that you need to follow but you’re going to get daily bonus points and what that means is we can actually go ahead and get traffic

For free and we will talk about that in a minute we’ll just say whenever three o’clock all right guys so now on this page is where we can actually go ahead and set up our link so we can start making some money what you want to do is

You want to go ahead and go back to CPA grip and then find the product that you want to promote and click on this we need to do a few steps the first step is we want to go ahead and copy this link and then we want to go ahead and use a

Link shortener so you can use something like bitly and this one I’m going to use short URL dot a t and I’m going to go ahead and post this in here and go shorten URL the next step is I’m going to go ahead and copy that URL

Right here and then we’re going to go back into the add traffic website and paste this in here and I’m going to go add website so you do want to use a shortened URL it’s just better to do so and then here we’re going to go ahead

And create our ad so first we need to go ahead and create a title this is where Google translate comes in so what we want to do is we want to go English to French now keep in mind we are promoting this movie website now like I said you might

Not want to promote this this is just for this tutorial probably a good idea not to promote this specific website but I’m going to do something so I’m going to do a title and we’re going to translate it to French because we’re going to be giving this ad to people in

France okay so what I’m going to do is I’m going to go watch movies watch movies okay so watch movies um I’m gonna get rid of that because I don’t need that right now watch movies Unlimited every month I’m going to do that now and I’m going to go credit card needed

Now the reason I’m going to say credit card needed is just because it gets us better clicks quality clicks you don’t have to put that in there but I would recommend maybe giving it a try okay so what we have here is we have this is in French I can’t read French

Anyway we have watch movies unlimited every month and then credit card needed we put the wrong credit card needed in there we need the French version and there we go and then what language is the page it is French and then down here you want to choose

Your countries now you will need to use credits if you do fronts so one extra credit so that’s up to you you can just do all countries but obviously all countries is not the best thing to do because this is a French website and French details but you want to go ahead

And do France if you can and it will cost you some credits to do that if you do that or you can do an English country or something if you want to try a different strategy to do this and then when do you want your ad to be seen go

Ahead and put in some details on when you want your ad to be seen and your ad will then be posted on to the traffic ad bar website so for example I might run it from Thursday till the 18th uh so sorry um Thursday the 11th to the 18th

Okay and then specific time so I’m just going to leave it on all times so it runs all day but this is what you want to do and then um and then you just click save and this will take you through to the end of the setup process

And once you’ve done that you’re going to go ahead and get the free visitors to your link and it will actually take you through the process on what you need to do that so just follow the instructions when you click save and I’ll take you through how to get the free points all

Right guys so that’s how you can go ahead and make money online with Google translate using CPA offers don’t forget to subscribe tap that notification Bell smash that like button and I’ll see you in the next video


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