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Get Paid +$2.31 Every 5 Minutes With This CPAGrip Strategy! | CPA Marketing For Beginners 2023

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Get Paid +$2.31 Every 5 Minutes With This CPAGrip Strategy! | CPA Marketing For Beginners 2023

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And just by setting this powerful method up I was able to generate over twenty five hundred dollars this past couple of weeks on complete autopilot without having to do a single thing and as you can see right here with this exact method I have already made over sixty five dollars today literally without

Doing anything so in today’s video I would like to show you step by step how to make over twenty five hundred dollars per week on complete autopilot I will be showing you the entire process from beginning to end and how you can set this exact method up that I have used

Myself to generate over twenty five hundred dollars in the past couple of weeks now this method is going to be so powerful that it will work very well for literally anybody anywhere in the world as long as you have access to a couple of websites that I’ll be revealing later

In this video so make sure to watch this video Until the End and if you guys are new to this channel be sure to subscribe and click the Bell icon to turn on all notifications so that you can be the first to watch new videos on more ways

To make money online and without further Ado let’s Dive Right right into the world of making money online okay guys so the very first step will be to head over to Google and once you’re there do a search for CPA grip you should see this website in the search results click

This link and you will be brought to this page now from here you will need to sign up for a free account so go ahead and click this register button and fill out your information when you get to this part where it says publisher type make sure to select either website

Incent or GPT this will assure that your application gets approved instantly so that you can start making money with this method right away once you’ve filled out this form make sure to check these three boxes to agree to the terms of service then click register now to continue once you’ve logged into your

Account take a look over here and click on offer tools then click my offers now you will be able to see all the offers available on CPA grip and these offers will be making you money so now make sure that the country is set to the United States then under category click

Here where it says all categories and select email zip submit and now if you’re new to CPA marketing you must know that these email or zip submit offers do not require a sale in order for you to make money so this is a huge opportunity to make money with CPA

Marketing especially as a complete beginner so email zip submit offers are the best kind of offers to promote so now let’s pick an offer to promote and you may take your time to find an offer to promote I will select this offer for example now if you take a close look at

This offer you will get paid this amount for each person that submits their email address sounds pretty easy right but sometimes these offers can be a bit tricky to promote however with this powerful method that I’ll be showing you in this video you will literally have zero problems getting this done so now

Once we pick an offer we will need to make sure that we are using the right offer because for example this offer is only available in the United States so let’s say you wanted to do this for other countries as well you will then need to select a different country and

Offer and all you need to do for that is undercut entry select the country that you would like to promote in but for this video I will be promoting in the United States so once you have your offer selected we will need to copy our unique affiliate link right here so

Click copy link and save the link in a notepad we will be coming back for it later so now that we have our link we will need the most amount of relevant traffic to send to our link so we can make money so for that head over to this

Website right here called or rightly so just to show you guys that this method actually works I will be setting up a brand new account and we will be walking through this together step by step so first things first click over here where it says start a free

Trial now you will need to input either your email address or you may use any of your social media accounts to sign up so I’ll just use the email address option and click on continue okay now you should get an email shortly after that so now just check your email address for

The authentication code and if you can’t find it then make sure to check both your promotions or Spam folders because it may have been sent to one of those so once you find the email open it and simply copy the authentication code next go back to rightly and paste that code

In here then click login and Bam you get your seven day free trial just like that and you don’t even have to put in your credit card information so if you wanted you can make some money in the first seven days with this method and reinvest

Some of it to continue using rightly so now click on I am ready to start the trial now you will be brought to this section where you will be able to create an ad so click on this create new add button right here and now we will be

Creating an ad that we can place on any website out there and once we start driving traffic to it it’s going to be shown to people with the CPA offer so now let’s give our ad a name and we can simply copy and use the name of the CPA

Offer so go back to CPA grip copy the name of the CPA offer like this then go back to rightly and paste it in here now if you want you may choose your custom domain but I’ll just leave it default then just click on ADD now from here

Just select this evil pop-up ad option right here this is one of those ads that will not show show up at first but will pop up after a couple of seconds or when someone tries to close out the page I’m sure some of you guys may have seen

These types of ads they are very powerful and create a sense of urgency that ultimately leads to higher conversions so now that we’ve selected this evil pop-up ad let’s customize it we will start by changing the profile name to something enticing something like you have been chosen for this 850

Giveaway to level up your summer style and it’s going to look something like this once you’ve done that now all we pretty much need to do now is change these elements around it so let’s hover back over to the settings area and go grab your affiliate link either from

Your notepad if you saved it or from CPA grip by clicking this copy link button then finally go back and paste it in this profile URL box right here now for the profile picture we will be finding something to use other than this one a great website that you can go to to

Find a nice profile image is this site right here called I will leave a link to this website in the video’s description so once you’re on this website find the search bar and you want to enter in something related to your offer for this

Case since the offer I chose has to do with earning money back from Summer shopping I will simply type summerware or something like that then you may just select any one of these icons that represents summer style shopping so I will select this icon for example and

Simply download it as a PNG then head back over to rightly and upload that image by clicking this upload button now you can check how your icon looks on the pop-up right here so now for the description we can simply just write something like click the button below to

Enter for a chance to earn 850 to level up your summer Style just remember to tailor this description according to your offer now if you want you can add a sound to play once your ad window pops up so I’ll show you how this works and

I’ll use this alert sound to show you how it will sound when the ad pops up not sure if you heard that or not but it’s there and it will be working when you select one now for this button text setting you want to Simply write something like click here to enter and

For this button link you want to copy and paste your affiliate Link in here finally for this logo you can leave it as it is now your pop-up ad should look something like this so when incoming traffic clicks on this button they will be redirected to the CPA offer page and

When they enter in their email address and submit the offer you will get paid this amount per lead okay so now before you click done here you will need to select the amount of seconds it will take after visiting the website for the ad to pop up so take a look over here

And I’ll just go with eight seconds so when someone comes to this page it will take eight seconds for the ad to pop up this will further entice them to sign up for this offer so once you set the display time of your pop-up ad click

Done now we will need to find a website to place this ad into so you can begin driving traffic to it using that so let me show you a great way to do that first head over to Google and do a search for something like how to save money in 2023

Blogs once you’ve searched that you may then select any one of these blog websites just keep in mind that it’s not going to work well on every website out there so what you will need to do is go through some of these websites and find

One that it’s going to work very well on so after scrolling for a bit I was able to find this website right here this one has worked for me so all I will need to do once I found a Blog website is copy the site URL then go back to rightly and

Paste it in here next select the ad that we’ve just created and we will embed it with this website by finally clicking on this create link with ADD button you will see the link right here once it’s done and if we click on it it will take

Us to the site and wait for it wait for it and voila there goes the pop-up ad that we’ve created so this is cool that we now have our ad displaying on a website that we don’t own and when people see this pop-up ad they will

Click on this and be taken to the CPA offer page so that is pretty much how this is going to work all you need to do now is just copy this link and get it to as many people as possible so one great way to do that is by using Facebook

Groups so head over to Facebook and when you’re there do a search for how to save money in 2023 just remember to search for the same Niche or topic as you did for the Google search earlier on blogs because we will be sending people to this site right here so that once our

Pop-up ad pops up people will see it and click to sign up for the offer so once you searched for that filter it by clicking group over here and now we will see all the Facebook groups related to our search so the great thing about this

Is you will not be doing any selling or any advertisement you’re pretty much just going to be promoting an article that’s going to help people save money in 2023 so now select any one of these Facebook groups and we want to create a short post that will look something like

This and you can say hey I have found this article online and it’s just 10 tips on how to save money in 2023 I hope it’s helpful to somebody out there reading it then at the end of this text paste the link that you copied from rightly then click post you can also

Post this to as many Facebook groups as possible to maximize your results so here is another good source of traffic that you can use as well now if you head back over to Google and if you search for how to save money in 2023 forums for example you can scroll through and find

Multiple forums that are dealing with this same issue so just visit some of these forums for example you can go to this forum that I’ve personally been using myself called and I will leave a link in this video’s description so if you chose to come to

This forum you can just click binge reading here at the top and find a thread or Forum post on a topic that has to do with saving money once you’ve found one scroll down all the way to the bottom and you will see the comments section you may then post a comment with

Your call to action and your rightly link you may use the same message you used for your Facebook post as well so if you’d like to scale this to over twenty five hundred dollars in just a little over two weeks like I did then I recommend you combine both the Facebook

Groups and forums traffic method just make sure to post your link on as many forums and Facebook groups as you possibly can and there you have it guys if you have spare time and want to learn more ways to earn money with CPA marketing then check out these videos until next time bye


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