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Get Paid $2.07 Every 5 Minutes With This EVIL Blackhat CPA Marketing

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Get Paid $2.07 Every 5 Minutes With This EVIL Blackhat CPA Marketing

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To be completely honest this is kind of a evil CPA marketing method but it is getting us clicks it is getting us leads and if we are getting leads that means we are making money just like this over here you can do this method for completely free and start making money

Every single minute but first learn the full technique and watch the full video so let’s start the tutorial by hitting the like button below if I get a thousand likes quickly I will make more CPA marketing blackhead strategies firstly come to Google and just search

For Logos we just need a few logos as samples from over here you will see there are different types of logos so you can just right click and save six to seven logos from here then open your Google Drive click on new over here create a new folder you can name it

Let’s say uh logo samples open your logo folder right click and click over here on upload file and upload your six to seven logos that you have downloaded right click on the logos folder click on share in the access make it anyone with a link so that we can share this link

And anyone who has the link they can open this folder and access our sample logos click on copy click on done now we have our shareable sample link that we are going to use to make money from it we need to use different CPA networks for example CPA lead is there CPA grip

Is the OG ads is there my leads is there you can use any of these CPA networks I personally use CPA grip come over here the signup process is very simple click on register and you can easily fill up this form and create your free account

On CPA grip we won’t be using these individual CPA offers because this is just one offer I am going to use a special way that is the URL file locker so click over here this is what is called as content locking as well so we are going to lock our sample link for

That click over here on create a new Locker click over here on I agree continue after that over here in the logged URL this is where you need to place your Google Drive link for the logos folder so right click click on get link copy the link come back to CPA grip

And paste it over here another thing you need to do is go over here on the templates and you need to select this human verification template this is very important for this particular method once you go back to General now you can change the different names and all these

Things so let’s say we write over here test one two three then for the button text let it be at default you can let all the other things be at default as I said that we haven’t selected any one particular CPA offer because the advantage of content locking is that the

Software will automatically show the best offer according to the audience country according to the device the audience is using the software will automatically show the best offer for that audience and that is how we can make the maximum amount of money once you have done this click over here on

Save and then click over here on get link and this is your CPM marketing content locking link that will make us money this is where we need to get the people but we can directly promote this link because it is a bit spammy for that go to Google Docs click over here click

On go to docs open a blank document here you can write something like click here to access the logo samples you can bold this you can put this in the middle you can increase the size then you can write a click here highlight this part click here on this

Insert link icon and here you can paste your CPA marketing content locking link click on apply click on file over here and you can download this in a PDF format now this is the PDF document that we can send to other people if I just open this you can see click here to

Access your logo samples people will click over here they will be taken on to the CPA marketing page as you can see the best offer according to the country of the audience device of the audience will be shown this is where we make money when people complete the offer

Once they complete the offer we will make money and they will be taken on to the logged URL that is our logos sample now our job is to get a lot of people to access this Google Document so that they can click over here and we can make

Money for this we are going to take advantage of different freelancing Platforms in a very unique manner so let’s say we come to click over here is a place where different people come to find jobs and we are going to pretend to hire and in doing that we are going to

Send the people to our PDF click over here on hire a freelancer we are not going to actually hire anybody don’t worry for the name of the project let’s say a logo design because that is what our sample is about tell us more about your project we need a logo designer

Then this is the main thing where we can attach different documents here we are going to attach our Google document that we prepared that has our link click on next you can select logo design design all these things click on next you can post a project a pay by fixed price then

Uh the amount can be a medium project click over here on next it will be a standard project you don’t have to select any of these things we just have to post a job for free click on next click on yes post my job you can create

Your account once you create the account to make the job posting live you will have to add a payment method don’t worry we will not be charged anything as we are not hiring somebody actually we just have to complete the process so you can enter your PayPal email address or your

Card number anything that is fine and this way our job will be posted on the freelancer platform the people who are looking for jobs they will come over here they will go to our PDF to look for samples and we can make money from over there similarly you can do the same

Thing on other freelancer platforms as well like upwork come over here click over here on find Talent go to the marketplace and you can also post a job over here start getting people on your sample PDF similarly you can go to Fiverr as well click over here search

For logo design then you can go to different Freelancers contact them that I want a logo design here is my sample PDF that you can check out so this way you can post your job postings on different different platforms you can also do the same thing for different different categories like video editing

Logo design graphic design content writing by creating simple samples by following the same process and creating a sample page that we can send to our potential Freelancers so that we can make money from CPA marketing this way I was aiming for around one posting per day in different different niches and

That made me money yes I know we are taking advantage of these people but like I said that this is a black hat evil kind of method so you can decide that how you want to proceed for this method because this method is making me money and by the way if you’re looking

For a step-by-step hand holding blueprint of how you can earn seven figures monthly like I am doing as a 23 year old boy I provide personal training as well so you can check out my website from the first link in the description box below hey you will find

Plenty of student results plenty of student testimonials so do check out my website link in the description box if you want to learn another crazy method of making money with CPA marketing for free click on the video that is flashing on your screen right now all the steps

Everything is explained in that video


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