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Get Paid +$100 Per Day! | CPA Marketing (CPAGRIP) | Make Money Online

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Get Paid +$100 Per Day! | CPA Marketing (CPAGRIP) | Make Money Online

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Do you wish to make money just like this right here with CPA marketing well in today’s video I’m gonna show you how you can actually do use other people’s content legally and make that content actually go viral and also make money with CPA marketing so do make sure that you watch

This video to the end and learn this exact same strategy because it’s also going to be a beginner friendly strategy and a hundred percent free strategy so make sure you do watch this video right at the end and take advantage of this start making money with CPA Marketing in

The year 2023 and Beyond with that being said let’s jump right ahead into today’s video so first of all guys you want to just simply select a CPA marketing platform which you want to grab hold of offers from and start promoting you could use CPA build you could use the

CPA grip to go on to selecting offers right there if you don’t have an account on CPA grip click on register I’m going to filling out this form appropriately you want to just simply focus more on the fields having this red aesthetic signs right there as they are actually

The important fields which you must feel before your account can be created right here in this this particular section which is publisher type select either the website slash incense or the GPT once you do that you want to just simply scroll through this section with the terms of services by clicking on this

Icon and just simply check out these boxes right here and agree to the terms of services before clicking on register and your account should be created almost immediately if you do log into your account after it’s being created you should be showing it that you got similar to this just simply comment it

To the offer tool section and my offers and you want to just simply go on to clicking on offers or selecting offers which you want to promote right now supposing I want to promote offers to the United States demographic I’m going to select that right in here and I’ll be

Able to see more offers available to this demographic right now if I do click on an offer such as this I can see more details about this offer as a mobile install offer for my lead to actually go on to installing and using the tick tock application on their device Pisces it is

Also an Android offer and appear to this offer is about 4.71 cents you could actually do go on to copy your link right here to this offer I’m going to promoting that but it’s quite important that you actually promote a Sweepstake offer right here so I’m just going to change this particular

Um country to something like the United Kingdom and actually do go on to getting a Sweepstake offer which is kind of a giveaway offer right now to promote and this right here is an example of a giveaway offer you can see this offer right now is actually giving away 500

Euros Morrison gift card you can then just simply see that as an email and zip submit offer which is quite more easier to go into promoting and getting conversions for the pair to this offer is a dollar and fifty cents here is your unique affiliate link which you want to

Use to promote this offer so what you want to do is to copy the link and actually head on to this platform right here called the if you do head on to the right like rightly right here you want to just simply come right here

Click on create new ad after creating an account on this platform you want to give your ad a name and I’m just gonna give it something quite simple let me just name it Sweepstake so if I name this Sweepstake Alpha right now I’m just gonna go to clicking on ADD and once I

Do click on ADD it’s gonna take me to this page right here where I want to just simply fill out these details appropriately I can actually do go into selecting the ad type which I want to use either the text video the image or the Invincible ad all right now I’m just

Going to go on to using the text right here and I’m going to select the type which I want to use either I want my ad to be at the top left right or the evil pop-up I usually prefer the evil pop-up right there because it is mostly and

Effective right now in getting some cool conversions so right now I’m going to put in about three seconds for all two seconds for this particular evil pop-up to go on to showing up after getting to the particular website right there so you want to just simply fill out all

These details appropriately right now you could upload a profile picture right here for yourself right now you can see the space section which is sound to play you can actually do go into selecting the sound maybe the alert sound the knocking sound so let me sound of your

Face right there as you can see how that actually sounds so I’m just gonna put that on no sound but the button text right now you want to just simply go on to editing this right here maybe after inserting the text right here you could just simply go into editing that right

Here in this section right here so something like um click here or claim now so once that is done for the button link you want to make sure that that’s the link to your CPA marketing offer do paste that in that section or this description you can actually do go to

Describing this offer a little more maybe I’m just gonna go on to putting in something like going on to CPA grape right here copy this particular description I’m just going to copy the description head back to the rightly and paste in that right there for this section which says

Profile name I’m also going to go into editing that to this particular CPA marketing offer title so if I do go on to this section copy that and head to this section and paste that in right here as you can see this house is actually going to go on to looking like

The one that is actually done you can actually do go on to getting your logo link and actually paste in the logo link right here if you do want to change this logo and you could change the logo text also and actually do go into uploading a

Particular kind of image if you do want to use right now and once you are done just simply click on done and this page will actually be set up so we wanted to set up we want to just simply leave this page open and actually go on to Google

And search for a cool article which you want to just simply use right now to actually make money with your CPA marketing offers and like I said we’re going to be using such articles legally for absolutely free right now as you can see I went on to searching for weight

Loss tips on Google and I saw a lot of weight loss images right a lot of weight loss articles so if I do come to selecting this one right now you can see that this is the article right here which is 10 tips for successful weight

Loss or you actually have to do is copy the link and press this article head back to rightly and right here you want to paste that in this entire destination URL so if you do paste that in right here for this section you want to just simply select a Sweepstake offer and do

Go to clicking on create link with ad and what is actually going to do is that it’s actually going to go on to embedding your ad for that particular CPA marketing offer into that website right now or that particular page right there and you could then just simply

Copy the new link right now and as much as possible to drive traffic to that link and to drive traffic to that link you want to just simply head on to this platform right here which is called Twitter and actually do use Twitter to drive traffic to that link all you want

To do is to come right here click on post and actually do go into writing something quite amazing about that particular CPA marketing offer other particular website right there we are actually driving traffic too because we’re driving traffic to this particular website for the weight loss tips so you

Want to just simply write something related to weight loss you can actually take advantage of this particular AI tool right here called chat gbt to help you generate some cool content right there which you could go on to using and once you do post that start driving traffic to that particular CPA marketing

Offer you could also do want using this platform right here called the to do so because with this particular platform you can actually do go into boosting your social media presence posting your followers posting your views you know obvious boosting your repost for that particular tweet and a lot more

Other kinds of stores right here using this platform and this platform actually do go to using some kind of credit right there which you do actually do go on to giving people right there so you’re not actually going to be giving them physical cash you’re just going to be

Giving them credits right now and you can also get credits by just simply liking some other people’s post commenting on some other people’s posts and doing some simple micro touch right there so utilize this particular strategy right now to start any money with CPA marketing just like I’m making

Right here and start doing this right now so with this you can actually start making some passive income with CPA marketing and guys I hope this video was helpful to you if yes do make sure you do smash the like button subscribe to the channel and ensure notification

Bells are turned on all see you all in my next video and thank you all for watching and goodbye

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