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FREE BOT Pays You $0.55 PER CLICK! Earn $200/DAY Doing This Easy Method! (Make Money Online 2023)

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FREE BOT Pays You $0.55 PER CLICK! Earn $200/DAY Doing This Easy Method! (Make Money Online 2023)

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Now they have over 100 000 users since 2017 and you can see this is completely free so you don’t have to pay for anything at all just go right here and you want to click on download and you can see this bot for every single click

It’s going to pay you like 50 cents 51 cents 44 cents 44 cents 42 34 25 25 and you don’t even have to do any work yourself at all what’s going on guys in today’s video I’m super excited because what I want to show you is going to be

This method that I posted like few months ago on my channel actually three months ago exactly and it got over 94 000 views and a lot of you guys actually love this method so today I’m going to give you an updated version of this method and I’m going to show you how to

Actually make even more money by doing this before that you are getting paid like 25 to 30 cents per click by using this completely free but which is going to do like 90 of the hard work for you but in today’s video I’m going to show

You how to actually use this method with the same exact free but I actually get paid anywhere from 40 to 50 cents per click almost doubling your earnings using it completely untapped Niche that most people who watched the video before have never even thought about before so

This is going to be completely untapped you can get started right away it’s completely free and the best part is you don’t even have to have any skills or any experience but before we get started don’t forget to smash the like subscribe hit notification Bell and just comment

Down below something random for the YouTube algorithm and let’s get started with the step-by-step tutorial alright guys so now the step number one what we need for this method is we need to go to just go to CPA and then you just want to click on the

Register right here it’s going to check out if your connection is secure now you just want to create a brand new account now if you don’t know how to do it it’s pretty self self-explanatory just pretty much enter your first name right here then last name right here then company

And website is not required but I highly recommend it for a website you’re going to enter your social media profile it’s just going to higher the chances that you are going to get approved right away because I’ve been sending so many people right here that they might actually like

Stop the approving process so just instead of company you can put it here like your name so for example like Eric zaggy in my case and and then the website is going to be like and then your profile okay so just make sure you’re going to put here like your

Facebook profile or I don’t know for example Instagram profile or whatever kind of like social media account that you have in like a YouTube channel you can just put it right here then just fill in all the details they are again pretty expensive explanatory now then

Use just Skype or any kind of like Communication Service they are never going to contact you I never heard from CPA grip through Skype ever before I heard from some other CPA networks but not from CPA grip and then these are the important details for a publisher type

You want to select website slash instant or GPT this is not a chat GPT this is this stands for get paid too so you are pretty much like locking some files and stuff like that then just enter your password and then where did you hear about it just tell them you are coming

From Incognito money I heard about your amazing network from YouTube channel called Incognito money okay something like this then check check check all of these and then click on the register now and also make sure that when you’re going to sign up for an account like

They are the CPA offers where you are going to get paid for like email submits or stuff like that but you cannot complete them yourself okay so you want to make sure you are not going to be completing yourself because I’ve been getting like a couple of messages from

People like oh can I just complete it myself no you cannot do that that’s like against the rules because the CPA offers are collecting data from like targeted people who are interested in shopping you know that kind of stuff and if you’re going to complete it yourself

It’s like it’s not going to give them proper data so do not complete this yourself because your account get can get shut down and also all your earnings can get revoked okay so whatever you’re going to make not only you’re not going to receive it but if you received

Something they might actually request it back because they think that all the leads might have been pretty much your own so no do not ever do that then once you’re going to have your account this is how it’s going to look like now the amazing feature about CPA grid which I

Always always highlight just for people’s motivation because they always ask me like okay do we actually make money yes this is the chat function right here and these are real people who are like shouting out their earnings you can see right here like some people make like two dollars today 129 dollars today

68 dollars pretty much yeah thousands of dollars all the time but also if you’re going to go to this chat sometimes there are these big whales who are shouting out their earnings like this is fifteen thousand dollars but some of them make like half a million dollars on a single

Account like this person 187 thousand dollars okay so this is just one person so yeah you can definitely make money here CPA grip okay James and 386 000 so yeah you can definitely make money on CPA grip you can make a lot of money on CPA grip and all you got to do

Is just use gap of the methods that I share on this channel now for this method just don’t get carried away because yeah I sometimes tend to do that just go to the offer tools and go to the my offers right here go to the my offers

Right here and now pretty much this is where the actual change is going to happen because what I was showing you before is I was showing you how to promote offers from United States now these offers whenever you’re going to be using them like the giveaway offers that

I was actually recommending uh that giveaway offer was pretty much going for something like this one okay like this one right here which was your favorite console so for example like PlayStation or something like that that was the offer that I was recommending in my previous video pretty much in this video

Right here that’s going to pay like 30 cents per click now this offer right here is getting paid like 25 cents per click currently okay and when I search for like PlayStation uh Playstation okay right here it’s 25 cents per click but what I’m going to show you right now is

How to actually get paid even more money than this so you don’t want to be using a United States offer what you want to do is search for France okay so search right here for France and it’s going to show you offers from France now obviously even if you don’t speak French

Language don’t worry because I’ll show you a workaround about that but if you go with my net EPC like networks earning per click you can see that the top offer is going to pay like 50 six cents and the conversion rate is 12 percent but if you store them right here by payout

You’re going to see there’s all these offers that have like twenty dollar payout and the thing is most people are not promoting these offers because they don’t know how to do that and for that reason like only the top offer right here currently has like 56 Cent EPC which is like almost double

The 30 okay like if you could talk about 25 it’s more than double if you talk about 30 it’s like almost a double and pretty much it’s like 21 payout but these other offers they are converting kind of the same so because they have no EPC because most people are not

Promoting them you can’t really uh assume what is the ABC but you can kind of like suggest like it’s like 50 cents or something like that but the thing is most people are not promoting these offers they are really untapped and I’m going to show you how to actually

Promote them just by using a free bot that’s completely legit you can use it with CPA offers without any problems and it’s not going to get your account banned so what you want to do is you want to pick up a giveaway offer for example right here that this is like

Princess water iPhone maintenance I cannot speak French but if I’m going to copy this and I’m going to go to Google Translate and I’m going to put it right here and it’s going to say grab your iPhone now so this is like an iPhone giveaway and it’s going to pay you 20

For every single submit okay so now here’s here’s all you got to do what you want to do just copy this link and I’ll just go to bitly just go to bitly and you just want to shorten it okay now if you don’t want to use bitly you can use

Again any kind of link shortener it doesn’t really matter which one you’re going to use but pretty much you just want to make sure that instead of this long URL uh is it this one actually yes YouTube mobile instead of this one you’re going to have this short one I

Want to click on copy and you pretty much want to go to okay now you don’t have to have any kind of like active profile or anything like that just have like a basic profile with like a profile picture and that’s that’s it you don’t have to have any any photos

Or anything like that now go right here to edit your profile and it’s going to take you to this page and pretty much for the web side you just want to put the bitly link and then for the for the about section right here you want to write something enticing but in French

Language now how to do that you can simply just go to Google Translate and right there are you from France click the link below for a chance to a new iPhone 14 and pretty much it’s going to translate it now just make sure you’re going to use like a very simple language

Don’t use some very uh I don’t know a very very unusual words or unusual sentences because then the translator is not going to work properly just like I don’t work properly if I don’t just speak basic English I’m like kind of like the same like translator so that’s

The reason why we just want to use very simple language then just copy the translation and then you just want to put it right here in your about section okay and that’s pretty much it and then just go right here to the red button and

Click on Save and Bam this is how your profile is going to look like so pretty much uh yeah I’m not going to read it because I’m not capable of doing that now how do you actually now get the French traffic it’s again very very simple and we are going to be using

Again Google translate and pretty much want to search for something like saving money or any kind of keyword that’s going to be pretty much related to some kind of like Finance or it doesn’t even need to be but it’s just like something that is going to be specific on

Pinterest you can let you go for anything because we are promoting the CPA offer about an iPhone so if it’s something I don’t know for example the CPA offer would be about like PlayStation maybe that’s a little bit more specific or if your CPA offer was about losing weight then yeah you want

To go with like losing weight keywords but pretty much we are just giving away like a free iPhone or two Euro iPhone pretty much you can go for anything because most people are going to go for this but just translate it to French you

Want to copy it and now just put it into Google and add Pinterest after that and Bam check this out now you’re going to receive all these Pinterest French result okay so this is Pinterest French this is Pinterest camp but it was also like French language all over the place

Now all you got to do is just open up any of these results and you’re going to come up with some French results now don’t worry if you don’t speak French because all we’re going to do is for example I click on any of these that are

In a French language you want to make sure that if you are not from France you cannot understand what’s written there that’s very easy way to determine if it’s like a French language and then you’re going to see this person has like 628 followers okay and I guess he’s

Posting something about Finance in French so I’ll just open him up on a new tab okay then for example this post right here is posted by this page and again it seems like it’s French something like that 9.6 000 followers again open it up in a new tab and let’s

Go with like one more just make sure you’re not going to go with something English because that’s not really what we are looking for okay so let’s go into something like this okay 303 000 followers so this is very very good now open it in a new tab now here comes

Actually the money making part and this is something if you’re going to do it manually it’s not really going to be viable but we are going to be using a completely free but that is going to be doing this for you first I want to

Explain it to you then I will show you how to use this free bot so first all you got to do is once you open up these profiles for example like this one cash Shaker just click on the followers okay right here click on the followers and

You’re going to see all these people right here and now all you got to do is just click on follow follow follow okay just follow these people and what this is going to happen it’s going to give them this notification right here this notification that you actually

Follow them they are going to check out your profile and they are going to see the link in the description they are going to check it out and you are going to get paid for the person who’s going to complete the CPA offer now this would

Be a very good method even if you’re going to do it manually but you don’t want to be doing this manually what you want to do is you want to pretty much use this completely free bot that has over 100 000 users okay now this is completely free it’s called actually uh

Some meebo and you can see the pricing of this one is actually basic it’s completely free you run up to two modules many up to two sessions and access to most module settings but there’s also like paid versions so if you’re going to receive like one conversion I recommend paying for it

Because it’s like you’re still in profit okay it’s like eleven dollars per month now it’s called sumibo and pretty much what you want to do is you want to get the Pinterest version if you cannot find it just Google so amiibo just like it’s written here and add Pinterest and it’s

Going to take you to this page and you’re going to check this out this tool actually gets you like three pinches followers likes and Views but the way it’s going to do is going to automate the tasks and one of the tasks it can automate is to follow people so all you

Got to do is just dial the software right here and then pretty much just go through this and you can see if you’re going to sign up for free there is no credit card required so you can again literally just sign up for it and also sign up for multiple times because I

Guess they are not regulating it but then pretty much you just want to go through the settings and through the video and just set up to follow people that you’re going to find through these profiles okay so you just want to make sure that you’re going to follow the

People like on this account right here cash Shaker there’s what 9.6 000 followers which might not be that much the thing is all these people are from France or French speaking and the thing is instead of getting paid like two or three dollars per CPA conversion you’re

Getting paid 20 for every single person that’s going to go through your profile and it’s actually going to fill out this iPhone 14 survey as you can see right here and the thing is nobody is currently doing it you can do it for Italy Norway Sweden or any kind of tier

One countries from Europe that you’re going to find right here so if you’re going to go through them you’re going to see there’s a lot more countries right here for example like Sweden as well pretty much all the Nordic countries and countries for Europe this is going to be

Like 25 just go ahead take action on this and let me know how it’s going to go for you and that’s it hope you enjoyed this video let me know what you think about it in the comment section below and for the next video click right here I’m going to show you another

Awesome method on how to make money online bye for now


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