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This is how much I’ve actually made right here using this CPA marketing platform called CPA grip and you can actually replicate the same amount which I actually did make right here and actually going to utilizing the strategy which I’m going to show you right here in today’s video to learn a simple

Amount that I can actually do get you some cool traffic right now and you could also go on to be engine detrimental to you if you don’t actually follow the necessary procedures right here to complete Touch offer and guys if you’re interested in my full CPA marketing course kindly check out the

Link in the description of this video and you’ll be able to gain access to that particular course right there back using that simple link right now and first of all guys for today’s strategy you want to just simply head on to this EPA marketing platform you could use CPA

Grip right here you could also use CPA build or any other CPA marketing platform and actually you go on to signing up for an account if you don’t have one you’ll be brought to this page fill out this form appropriately and then being that you have to actually go

On to agreeing to the terms of services right here by checking these boxes before actually signing up for an account and once you are actually signed up for an account right here guys you can then just simply continue utilizing this platform right now based on preference right here or based on your

Preference right now you can then just simply log into the platform and actually you go to the monetization tools or the offer tool section click on my offers a new vision offers right now that are actually available right here and you can go on to filtering your

Offers to any location of your choice I can filter the offers to the United States and I’ll be able to see offers available to that demographic right now you don’t want to just simply select a random offer and actually try as much as possible to promote that and supposing I

Want to just simply use this offer right now which is for you to install a rock Robo killer account and start running that and with a free trial right now so right here guys you can actually do go on to seeing details to this offer right

Here and it’s an Apple iOS offer also a mobile install offer and this is right here is the payout to this offer which is 2.40 what you want to do right now is to copy the link to this offer and try as much as possible to get traffic this

Offer and to do so right now guys you can then just simply go on to self clicking this offer yourself to self click that right here you can complete this over yourself just by utilizing this simple strategy first of all guys you want to make sure you do have in a

VPN already installed on your mobile devices right now you can actually do go on to scene mine right here this one right here is actually a very cool VPN which you could go on to using and this is actually the urban VPN I can then just simply going to selecting and learn

Any location of my choice which I actually do want to use right now supporting us to let the United States in a matter of some seconds you can see right now that I’m actually going to be using the United States demographic right there and I can then just simply

See that this is connected to the United States I can then just simply going to compressing this offer myself right now you could also take advantage maybe as you can see this is a mobile install offer it’s just for them to install this application right now and supposing guys

You do want to just simply promote another kind of offer which may be this offer right now which is an email and zip Summit offer this is quite better right here because you can actually do go to taking advantage of online platforms out there like this right now

If you do head on to Google and search for the temporary email you’ll be able to see a lot of cool em websites right now which you could go on to registering for a temporary email address and if I do click on this particular website right here

As you can see I’ll be taking to this page where I can actually do see more details right here this is an example of the temporary image which will be shown right here on this platform right now and guys this is actually cool right here because you do get some cool and valuable

Um email addresses which you can actually do use we’re going to promoting your CPA marketing offer also clicking on that offer yourself you could get email addresses from platforms like this and you can actually go get messages right here to that email address via this particular platform so utilize this

Right now to start driving traffic that’s EPA marketing offer right there you could also go on to searching for temporary phone numbers generator right now maybe if you’re actually more focusing more on a particular type of um offer that requires you to go on to directing your leads to go onto

Installing an application on their mobile devices right there so make sure you do use this simple strategy right now you want to make sure you do get the link right now and and actually do go on to the link to that CPA marketing offer

Get that and paste that in a new tab one that has actually been pasted in a new tab you want to just simply go on to using a VPN right now to actually make his record make it a record that you are actually in that location for that offer

Right now and if you do go on to using this simple platforms right now you could use this platform right earpiece in that particular link to your CPA marketing offer and you are actually going to go on to maybe filling out the form right there we are all completing

That simple survey which you are going to be showing right there once you do computer simple survey using these simple steps right now make sure your VPN is turned on that particular location for that offer and you can use temporary email ID to complete the VPN and also temporary phone numbers right

Now in a specific location of your choice you could also maybe go on to generating temporary card email um credit cards right now you could also do that right there and actually do that go on to completing some CPA marketing offers right now and actually start earning some cool cash in the process

And this is quite an amazing strategy which you want to make sure you do go into taking advantage of right now and start stuff clicking your offers yourself and doing so make some cool cash so guys with that being said if like I said earlier if you want to just

Simply gain access to my CPA marketing full course make sure you do check out the link in the description of this video so hope this video has been of help to you if yes smash the like button subscribe to this Channel and make sure notification bells are turned on all see

You all in my next video guys and goodbye


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