FLEX Tools Just EMBARRASSED Themselves AGAIN! This is why Flex Tools is HATED SO MUCH!

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FLEX Tools Just EMBARRASSED Themselves AGAIN! This is why Flex Tools is HATED SO MUCH!

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Description: Well flex tools just dropped a couple of new tools and when I say a couple I mean a couple but here’s the thing if you thought the first flex video about a year ago was a 10 on the cringe level well these go 11. yup they truly outdone

This time today we’re going to take a look at some of the new tools that they announced and I’m going to give you my honest feedback on this whole well let’s just say debacle but before we do if you like tools and all the new tools coming to the market get

Subscribed hit that bell notification and if you could smash that like button at any time well that’d be greatly appreciated let’s get this video going on march 7 2022 flex tools released a new video talking about how much better they are than every single manufacturer

On the market now as much as I do have a distaste for flex I will be honest the new power stack oh I’m sorry that’s dealt we’ll just call them the flex stack lithium batteries I will say that I did like what they had larger sizes

They went up to a 10ah and that’s the largest on the market right now however they made it out to be that they were the first to come out with it and that’s just not the case as Dewalt came out with the power stack literally almost a

A year ago we’ll get them more tools but the cringiest part of the entire video is the well this the late night over the top infomercial style video it was so bad I wanted to buy three blenders and really start to miss the sham well guy yup these paid actors were

So passionate about the new flex tools well it almost brought a tear to my eye well it was actually because I was laughing so hard but what groundbreaking tools did these actors I mean contractors want to show us that is so great that flex had to go through all of

This will let’s take a look shall we it all started out with well our contractors and our new and approved chamois guy deciding they wanted to test some new hammer drills, not just a fyi they did not gray out any of the other tools you obviously have the Dewalt the

Milwaukee the Makita and of course the flex let’s face off oh it’s just so cringing alright so let me explain this thing here the face-off you have on the bottom left the mid-wall on the bottom right you got the flex on the top right you got a Dewalt on the top left

You’ve got the wall the actor no I mean the contractor using the flex is pushing so hard he must be careful so he doesn’t accidentally poo himself I will tell you that the sound of all four hammer drills going through the concrete at the same time is actually

More pleasing to my ears than the Shamwow part 2 guys and now that every other single hammer drill was destroyed by the flex well this guy goes on to talk about how much he loves to flex and he just can’t believe how much better it was now shamwow’s uncle comes back out and

Asks well who won guys was it the flex of course, they’re like winner chicken dinner so after that fiasco they moved on to other new tools I can drag this cringe video out all day but what are they introducing this so groundbreaking that nobody else on

The planet has hell let’s see what this guy has to say everything to flex makes groundbreaking I’m a paid actor I mean contractor they’re the best yeah so then they go into some weight lifting or something I don’t know and of course, you know the flex is beating at the wall and

Beating the Milwaukee iam and it’s doing this and doing that because every real contractor does this on the job site and then of course shan well’s uncle comes back out and he’s like what do you think guys who won and of course the guy on the right he’s so emotional like he’s

Almost ready to cry because he loves flex so much and in the chamois guys would you pick this over the other tools of course flex is the best I’ll never go back to the Walter Milwaukee I mean screw the fact that you literally only have around 20 tools and nobody knows

Anything about your longevity so after about 20 minutes of the flex kumbaya talk speech blah blah blah blah everybody hates every other tool except for flex in this video and then they move it over to the next tool they’re announcing and we all know how excited this guy is

Cringe so the next test setup they got the Milwaukee m18 rear handle they got the Makita 36 volt rear handle and then they got the new flex rear handle yes that was introduced to the chamois cousin he’s like oh guys we got this new test rig set up

And in the meantime, I’m sitting here watching this say to myself okay you got the 36-volt Makita which is a great saw even though I had some issues with Makita it’s a great saw Milwaukee is also a great saw, but not the most powerful but definitely a great saw and then you got

This rear handle but where is the Dewalt sexy flexor where’s the 60 volt are you scared of that one possibly but all I can tell you is that the sham well stepfather is very excited about this test that flex is about to put on and well so is this guy he’s very

Very emotional so of course in this clip the flex circular rear handle saw dominates the 36 volts which I call did the Makita even have a blade in there I don’t know but of course, flex says winner winner winner chicken dinner, and of course, the paid actor I mean the contractor

He’s very just well dumbfounded I gotta get past this is so cringe but don’t worry it’s not over yet says sham well’s cousin we have another groundbreaking tool well let’s just fast forward what is it oh an angle grinder I mean I have absolutely no idea who’s

Going to win this test I mean could it be the Dewalt could it be the Milwaukee ia no it’s flexible by like 13 minutes oh wait the wall’s still going winner chicken dinner so I’ll come shamwow guy’s grandfather and he wants to talk about a never-before-seen type

Of system that you can haul and store your tools in I mean clearly this is groundbreaking stuff never in the history of tools have you ever seen oh that’s right I forgot the Walt tough system and you know the number one seller Milwaukee pack out Ryobi link storage system husky and

Everybody else but shamwow guy’s nephew is very excited because you’re like hey guys I see you got a fan can you connect it to the top of your toolbox because we all know every single person that has a pack out tough built or any other system like this absolutely stands

In front of this system all day long and uses their fan and then he’s like hi guys I got a gas cylinder system because these are mouse traps on the other ones let me break that down he basically said well we got gas shocks on our lid and

The other systems are mouse traps and how much easier it is to yeah so what tools are you going to put in this flex your miter saw your table saw oh I forgot you don’t have either one of those now they did announce a couple of other tools wow an led light that

Literally, every other company on the face of the planet has yeah they got this light over here yeah you can take the head off hoopty do you can plug it in anybody here in Milwaukee is wow a new shop blower what they do I mean it’s groundbreaking and of course the ever so important

One-handed recip saw that yeah they definitely should have come out with that before any other tool but I’ll tell you who does love it this guy and of course, they gotta come out with their own saw blade just like everybody else does no thanks I’ll stick to my die

Blow wait for hold on I think he’s gonna cry all right shamwow guys nephew let me give you my opinion I had mentioned before on the channel that I was never going to bring flex tools on this channel because of their cringe-worthy marketing and then lately I said to

Well maybe i will bring some of their tools onto the channel and then this happened if it wasn’t so cringing I mean look at them they’re so very excited about this the problem is they don’t even have any tools to brag about some people were hoping for a miter saw

Did they get it nope some people were hoping for a table saw did they get it nope all they got was the same crap over and over again from a different company and it will also probably cost you more than a makita dewalt or Milwaukee as i

As mentioned before i’m happy to see other tool brands stepping it up in the market but don’t boast about how good you are when you don’t even have the basic tools if I’m going to lowe’s or any other store why would I ever pass up dewalt which has hundreds and hundreds of tools

For a company that has a fraction of a fraction and then on top of that costs the same or more than the Dewalt or the Milwaukee or whatever it just doesn’t make sense to me so instead of hyping it up with the cringe marketing videos that this is and the

Another one was just stuck to making tools these go to 11. and yeah as much as I hate to say it I’m even sticking up for Makita here why would i ever pass up Makita for flex listen you want to buy flex tools go ahead and spend your money on

Flex tools but for me, it just doesn’t make sense they just don’t have the brand power that any other one of these big dogs have I don’t care how much they try to skew these results or whatever they’re doing doesn’t matter they need to come out

With more tools and then maybe I’ll take them seriously and if I do get some hate on this video that’s great you’re a flex loyalist awesome how’s my algorithm leave me a comment in the comment section below but I want to know what you think to leave me a comment what do you

Think about this whatever we just watched here are you buying it or are you calling boo like me to love hearing your feedback also if you like this video please don’t forget to smash that like button it’s also greatly appreciated if you want to see more videos like this just subscribe hit that bell

Notification because we’ll be back with more videos soon

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FLEX Tools Just EMBARRASSED Themselves AGAIN! This is why Flex Tools is HATED SO MUCH!

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