Denali 20V Skill Tool Kit Cordless DRILL Saw Kit Review. Amazon Brand

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Denali 20V Skill Tool Kit Cordless DRILL Saw Kit Review. Amazon Brand

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Description: Hello everyone this is just a dad today I’m going to do a review on this Denali four-in-one combo kit I purchased this for 146 off of Amazon now Amazon says this is their branded tool line now brand new and they do say that it does use the 20-volt skill batteries

But they also have their own Denali brand battery that comes with it so here’s everything that comes in the kit we get a battery charger we get two of these two batteries they’re 20 volts and 2 Amp hours we get a reciprocating saw a circular saw and a cordless drill and a light

Now I did have trouble finding this blade here for the circular saw I’ll show you where it is in the Box okay so when you open the box and take everything out I didn’t think the blade came with it but it was tucked

Away in this side here kind of hidden a little bit okay so here’s what the batteries look like they got a little indicator press this it’ll show you the status of the charge here’s the battery charger You’re simply going to slide them on now it’s got a green light and a red

Light but I like that they got a diagram on here that shows you exactly what those lights mean now mine’s fully charged the green light’s on steady which means charged if it was flashing that means it would be charging so the batteries go on and off the charger very easy

And then here’s the cordless drill so that you do have to press this button down to take the battery off yeah they slide on and off pretty easy we got reverse forward we’ve got two speeds for the drill we got a clutch up here I’m gonna put it to drill

We want to drill it’s got a keyless Chuck very nice feels very well balanced kind of a gripper action here it’s got a LED light right there that stays on let’s go to the LED light that thing is bright looks like we got high and then low and then off

That moves all around yeah kind of a neat little light okay let’s go to the reciprocating saw battery slides on this way that’s a lock so it is variable speed and does have a light on the front of it so it does come with these three Blair

Four blades one two three four five blades for it two wood one metal and two is kind of like bigger wood okay so on the reciprocating saw we can adjust the depth of this there is an allen wrench that is kept in the handle right here so

Right here is where that ounce wrench is kept so pull the Allen wrench out there are two screws two Allen screws you got to loosen right here and then you can adjust this in and out and when you get it to where you want it you’re going to tighten both of those down

And make sure you put this back in the handle so that you got it for next time snap it in okay for the reciprocating saw it does have a quick change now that’s kind of got a spring tension so you gotta put the blade in like this kind of get it started

And you’re going to rotate this again it is really kind of hard a little bit and then let it go and now it’s in there good and again to change it just rotate that up and it should pull straight out this does pivot okay so let’s go to the circle saw it

Looks really nice now there is a tool an allen wrench right here you’re going to need to install the blade it just pulls out and then stores right there so anytime make sure I always leave the battery out when I’m doing anything with the blade on this there’s the lock right

There you’re gonna have to push down that button you’re gonna the Allen wrench fits right there so again you got to press this again you may have to press it until it snaps in you’ll see you kind of feel it turn this then finally when you press that in it

Locks this and now I can loosen it okay so that is reverse threads and it was on there kind of good so I had to put my allen wrench like it there make sure you’re holding that in and it’ll kind of catch on it and then turn it

This way it’s the opposite of what you would normally turn a screw and it’ll come all the way off so there’s the screw take this part off okay so to put the blade on you’re gonna have to rotate this all the way up be careful the blade is sharp it’s got an

Arrow on it make sure the arrow right there in the middle matches that Arrow right there so they’re both going the same direction you’re going to set it in here put it on there make sure it sits down that little recess area put this back on

So this part goes on see that little recess sticks up and then you’re going to find the screw again it’s the opposite directions so make it turn it to the left now okay so we do want to make sure that’s on there nice and tight so screw it all

The way down then turn the tool to this direction put it in there make sure you’ve got the break in you’re going to pull it towards you again make sure this is this one’s nice and tight yeah right there okay so now it’s got a little lock here press that over

It does have a break Okay so don’t forget to store the tool because you will need that naps in there this will let you adjust this we can adjust the angle right here foreign there is like a little line there that’s what you’re going to line up yeah so it takes a six and a half inch blade

Does come with this little attachment here and the screw so you can screw that on right there does come with a manual for each tool the drill does come with a clip so you can put it on right there and it does come with the screw it’s it’s a

Machine screw with machine thread you’re going to put it through there you can put on this site or there that site like a belt clip comes with a nice carrying case it’s got two handles on it one zipper unzipped and everything fits inside there it’s got their nice logo

So the drill does have brushes and an electric brake that’s why you’ll see Sparks coming from so on a brushless drill you won’t see that but this one does have brushes foreign this seems like a very nice kit I do like some of the features of it

So I’m very happy with this purchase thanks everybody for watching

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Denali 20V Skill Tool Kit Cordless DRILL Saw Kit Review. Amazon Brand

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