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CPAGRIP REVIEW: Earn $845.40/Day OR +$28.18 EVERY 10 Minutes?? (TRUTH)

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CPAGRIP REVIEW: Earn $845.40/Day OR +$28.18 EVERY 10 Minutes?? (TRUTH)

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Can you really earn 28.18 on CPA grip can you really make 845 dollars a day on CPA grip that’s what Mr rice and other YouTube gurus are telling you in this video you will learn the truth about CPA grip Mr rice and other YouTube gurus who are giving you big promises you are

Probably watching this because you have seen some videos from YouTube gurus who are promising that you can make crazy amounts of money on CPA grip simply with the quick YouTube search you will find promises like 981 dollars a day 4 500 guaranteed 845 dollars a day and other massive

Promises what is this all about and should you trust those YouTube gurus or should you use more reliable websites to make money that I am using just to give you two quick examples before we get started with this program I earned 9700 89 in a month with this program I have

Now made me show you two thousand six hundred dollars in seven eight days this program paid me two thousand two hundred dollars in seven days so how does CPA grip compared to those legitimate money making programs let’s have a quick look on trust pilot if you search for CPA

Grip you will find 59 reviews and most of them are giving one star out of five with an average rating of 2.6 out of 5. it’s a scam please don’t fall into CPA grip 100 Bad Company it’s all a scam stop losing your time with this site I

Joined yesterday one star very bad CPA Network I have worked with CPA grip for last six months one start the company is a scam CPA grip is a complete scam so doesn’t look really good so far right now let’s compare that to company that I used to make two thousand six hundred

Dollars in the last seven days I will show you which website this is so you can also join this and start about making money immediately after watching this video it’s this one right here and it always pays in a reliable way for example in this video I sold you 8 200

Payment proof and when you join clicking my link and you see my face here when you sign up you will get my personal support I will send you messages guidance and I will help you to make money and if you want to see even more payment proofs you can see them here on

My playlist wealthy affiliate not to make money online step by step but let’s compare now this review CPA Crypt 2.6 wealthy affiliate 4.9 stars out of 5. and most of the people are giving it 5 stars out of five of course there are always some people who give it a little

Bit lower but almost all of the people are giving five stars out of five best affiliate marketing learning platform the is to learn and move through the trading and set up best online business five years in wealthy affiliate the best platform for affiliate marketing wealthy affiliate the best of the best it seems

That almost everybody is loving this website so now comparing these two c be a grip wealthy affiliate so far with the affiliate seems perfect what about other people what are people saying in the forums if you search on Google CPA grip scam you will see CPA grip is a complete

Scam when you come to forums you will see blackhead word sacp a creep is a scam avoid and many people are asking is it a scam here they say CPA grip scam read this before signing up so it doesn’t look really good let’s compare that to wealthy affiliate you can see

Simon here he says how he made more than one million dollars in commissions I know him personally he’s a Christian Missionary worker nowadays making is living online more than one million dollars in commissions here is another person Jay I have also met him personally and you can see with the

Affiliates Black Friday deal bought me a Tesla so he was able to buy a new card called Tesla making money with worthy affiliate nowadays he’s able to spend time with his family at his home because he’s making money online and just to give you another example here is Dale

Another friend of mine from this community it has also made more than one million dollars with affiliate marketing in the same way like Simon and nowadays they’re actually doing business together you can see the live stream from YouTube so here is a comparison many people are

Saying CPA Group is come in the forums in different websites meanwhile many people are saying with the Affiliates the best of the best and you can see that I’m making money with this Simon is making money Jay is making money Dale is making money so this works worldwide for

Example I’m living now in Latin America Dale is living in the UK in Europe Jay is living in North America Simon is living in Asia so there are people from all around the world making money with this website even in Africa I know people who are making money with this

Alright that’s the first comparison then what about the YouTubers those YouTubers who are showing you the CPA grip if you search for any of these videos how many of them are actually using CPA grip to make money I’m pretty sure that almost none of them is using CPA grip on the

Other hand I’m personally using wealthy affiliate to make money you can see yesterday I earned more than one thousand dollars today I have earned 450 dollars so far two days ago at 420 dollars with this program out almost ten thousand dollars in a month so I

Practice what I paid so when I saw a program I also used to make money myself meanwhile this YouTube gurus that you see right here most of them they simply want to get a lot of views and then they give these false promises and then they

Try to get you to waste your time so they are not practicing what they are preaching right of course I know how the game works they put those big numbers there and they lie in front of your eyes because they want to get a lot of views

And they know that by Lying by telling false promises they will get more views so they are dishonest you understand what I mean and if you have been following my channel since 2020 or 2019 you probably know that I have exposed a lot of fake YouTubers in this make money

Online space let me just give you one quick example Kevin David has almost 1.5 million subscribers and here is one example where I exposed Kevin David already that was in 2020 and you can see in 2022 FTC the Federal Trade Commission the government organization they gave a 53 million dollar judgment for Kevin

David you can see the order includes a total monetary adjustment of nearly 53 million dollars so some of these people that I have exposed in the past they have now been judged by Federal Trade commissions so they cannot do the same things anymore they cannot tell those

Lies anymore but some people are still running free let me just give you an example I have created many videos where I exposed another YouTube guru called Branson Tate you can see here I exposed his lies 130 dollars per hour 400 a day watching videos 740 dollars watching ads

And so on and so forth the other YouTube gurus that I have exposed have been Dave Nick Ryan and heel dreads I’ve noticed one thing among those YouTube gurus that I have been exposing at some point they kind of get tired of always telling lies and trying to deceive people and then

They kind of shift their focus I saw that some of them have quit completely for example Kevin David he was judged by a Federal Trade Commission he’s publishing videos regularly anymore same with big Mark you cannot even find him on YouTube anymore I also used to expose

Him he had more than 900 000 subscribers and then perhaps Ryan heater Dave Nick and franzante they are trying to sell their own programs but I would never recommend buying any of their stuff I have bought actually one of their programs wasn’t worth it so don’t listen

To people who lie to you listen to honest people who also practice what they preach right at this point of the video you might be asking but rope why do you call the CPA grip if you are not talking so much about it well we have already seen what everybody else is

Saying about CPA a grip and that is enough for us why would you want to use a program that so many people are calling a scam while we have much better and more reliable programs that pay you always on time as it’s a sold you right

Here I recommend that you use a program to make money that is well established it has a good reputation perhaps it’s one of the industry leaders and many trusted people are using it to make money and you have seen real payment proofs from real people for example as

I’ve shown you many times that wealthy affiliate always pays here I sold eight thousand two hundred dollar payment proof 5 800 here I saw seven people who made at least one million dollars yeah three thousand six hundred dollar payment rules here I sold six thousand seven hundred so I always saw the

Payment proofs from this website so you can be assured that it pays and you can also see payment boosts for many other people and the best of the best is that you can also start this for 100 free if you use my link in description you will

Land on this website you can start your free trial right now there are zero risks for you because there are no credit cards required you simply click right here you create your account and you will be inside wealthy affiliate 100 free and you will immediately understand

How to make money online you will be able to talk with the real people here when you come here to homepage you can see that there are more than 2 million people and you can always ask for help here in the live set or here in the

Blogs and you will always get support so this is just one of the many examples of these websites I’m not saying that you are forced to use wealthy affiliate there are also many other trusted websites to make money this is such a great example because it has been paying

Since 2005 already so it has been around for years and years but of course you can use also many mobile apps to make money for example I have created for you a guide all of this I give you 100 free you don’t need to pay me a single penny

There are 15 Easy Money apps to start making money right now this will work on your mobile phone you can immediately start making money and here on this card again for one person free for you because you’re watching my video I give you more than 20 apps to start making

Money right now and you get up to seven thousand six hundred dollars worth of bonuses this is my ultimate Bitcoin guide actually I should update this because nowadays you can get much more bonuses just from buy bit this website that I’ll show you here the biggest bonus is thirty thousand dollars so this

Of course get much bigger bonuses Easy Money apps they give you smaller bonuses like one dollar three dollar five dollar bonuses keep in mind that this is real money so this is not those fake promises from those fake gurus this is real money I have received money from all of these

Websites my YouTube subscribers have received money with all of these apps so disapproving the work and of course with Bitcoin apps you can get much higher bonuses thousands of dollars worth of bonuses in total even starting as a complete beginner keep in mind here that I saw realistic and real ways to make

Money and that’s why for example with Easy Money apps you cannot get thousands of dollars worth of bonuses with Bitcoin apps yes but not with Easy Money apps and that’s what those fake YouTube gurus are not telling you because they try to get as many views as possible by telling

You lots of Lies I only saw you the truth and the real numbers how you will make money and you know that easy money apps pay you some small money some pocket money and then big money apps Bitcoin apps they can make your life changing income and for example with the

Affiliate it has given me a Financial Freedom time frame another location Freedom so I never need to work in the nine to five job anymore I can make money wherever I want whenever I want I have been in Asia America Europe All Around the World in dozens of different

Countries since I started making money with Wealthy Affiliates so this can make you a really life changing income online so now my friends start to make money with some of these reliable websites for example wealthy affiliate or buy bit or get my ultimate Bitcoin guide or Easy

Money apps guide if you want to learn more about wealthy affiliate see you immediately on my playlist with the affiliate learn to make money online step by step


  • Lineska Pineyro 28th October 2023 , 4:42 pm

    OMG!! Thank you!! so much for exposing these ppl I was following them but not anymore. I really need to earn money for my family and thank God! I found you!! God bless you!

  • Robin Abernathy 28th October 2023 , 4:42 pm

    Dave Nick is NOTORIOUS for having clickbaity titles. He has multiple channels as well.

  • Renise Smith 28th October 2023 , 4:42 pm

    You are such a breath of FRESH HONEST AIR!!! FINALLY!!! I found YOU!! You are absolutely right and I subscribe to some of these ppl and especially with CPA GRIP!!! Which is a LIE!!! I love you! Keep doing what you’re doing you are such a BLESSING!!!

  • koko Attah 28th October 2023 , 4:42 pm

    Thank you sir for your honesty, I love that about you
    I'm from Nigeria and I don't think wealthy affiliate is supported in my region.
    Is there any other affiliate platform I can start with?

  • Healthy Life for All 28th October 2023 , 4:42 pm

    cpagrip is a scam, not only that its offers are of dubious objective, but also that it is a platform that does not pay, it does not record conversions, I have seen affiliates with 100,000 clicks a day and without any conversion. When people reach the payment threshold, their accounts are banned without any explanation, YouTubers advertise it because they are paid for it to whiten the bad image they have, you just have to go to specialized forums, reddit, Quora, Facebook, the bad comments it has this platform

  • Chidi Dike 28th October 2023 , 4:42 pm

    Teach more about wealthy affiliate pls

  • Mubashir khan 28th October 2023 , 4:42 pm

    Hey roope, what about smart money tactics and incognito money YouTube channel..Nor earned single $ from his YouTube channel ..I'm waiting for your reply from India..

  • Amazing N Motivational 28th October 2023 , 4:42 pm

    Yes sir u r right many youtubers r only making video not earning on cpa grip I tried many I, ll try ur affilliate marketing if it is earning I, ll help you earning more subscribers and view too coz I, ve many frens.

  • Cargo Blitz 28th October 2023 , 4:42 pm

    But I agree that Bitcoin is better than euro dollar etc

  • Raz Khan 28th October 2023 , 4:42 pm

    Fake gura

  • John Christie 28th October 2023 , 4:42 pm


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    100$ per day


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