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CPAgrip Not getting Leads – Earn $500+ In One Day Through CPA Marketing Free Traffic Method 2022

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CPAgrip Not getting Leads – Earn $500+ In One Day Through CPA Marketing Free Traffic Method 2022

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What’s up people so right here on my screen you can see that I have generated over 214 US dollar Here and Now Let me refresh this page so that you will know that this is all legit okay and as you can see after refreshing the page you

Can see right here that everything is still in touch so I will show you in this video step by step how you can make your first 214 US dollar with CPA marketing and also I will show you how you can you know make up to 500 in a day with CPA marketing

Using this free traffic method that I’m going to be teaching you in this video so the best part of this traffic method I’m going to be teaching you is totally this traffic method is 100 free I’m going to be using free traffic free tools and everything we need to actually

Make money with this method is completely free of charge and it does not matter if you are using AdWords media CPA build or CPA lead any CPA network of your choice that you are using you can actually make money very quickly with this strategy I’m about to

Teach you and even if you are a better dinner you can actually jump on this method and begin to make money for yourselves this is macro fossil TV in this channel I teach you guys how to make money online CPA marketing affiliate marketing I teach you guys targeted traffic method

That will help you to promote CPA offer and make money online if this is your first time of checking out on my channel then smash or subscribe button like this and turn on the Bell icon this way you get notified anytime I publish also video like this one if you have any

Question then go ahead and leave a comment in the comment section I’m going to jump on it and answer all your questions within five seconds I spent almost 24 hours within the comment section trying to make sure that I answer all the questions you guys have

For me okay so if you want to join my one-on-one mentorship training course on CPA marketing then go ahead and send me a WhatsApp message right where you know this WhatsApp number we can go ahead and send me email directly and I’m going to be there with you in less than few

Seconds so in this video I will show you how you can earn up to 500 in a day through CPA marketing this has always been a very important question people are asking online so this guy asked me recently how can I earn 500 in one day through CPA marketing so in this video

I’m going to answer this question and also have almost about other four questions that I’m going to answer in this video but the second question right here is what is CPA marketing so let’s start from what is CPA marketing we really need to understand what CPA

Marketing is all about so that I’m able to jump on it and begin to promote offer using these basic strategies and free targeted traffic that you can use to make money with CPA marketing right here I’ll go ahead and copy this question right now so let us answer this question together

What is CPA marketing all right CPM marketing or cost per action marketing is an affiliate strategy involving a partnership between an affiliate and Advertiser and affiliate is responsible for providing marketing services for the advertisers the athlete and a commission when a user or a customer picks a

Specific action as a result of marketing the action includes with watching videos filling out a form or signing up a trial version of their services getting a code or making a purchase CPA marketing include advertisers Affiliates and CPA Network right so what I want to make

Sure that we are in the same page so let me just make sure that I harmonize this answer quickly so basically CPA marketing is simply put cost per action when somebody visits your affiliate link and take action by providing their personal information therefore means they have taken action okay that way you

As an Advertiser will go ahead and make money because you are sorry you are the publisher okay sorry you are the advertiser right then the publisher is the person who actually provides the product or the services okay so this is exactly what CPA marketing is all about all right but

Then how do we now start promoting CPA offer to make this money from the publisher okay because the money that the publisher paid to these companies like CPA Network to advertise their products we are the advertisers right on this particular Network so we are the one representing the CPA Network as the

Advertisers right so how do we make money actually so how you make money is actually what I’m going to be teaching you in this video step by step stay with me to the end don’t skip any part so you understand how exactly I can begin to

Make money even make up to 500 US dollar in one day through CPA marketing so the next question in the list is how can I start CPA Marketing in this video I’m going to teach you exactly how you can do that okay how to start promoting CPA offer to start CPA marketing and

Begin to make money with your mobile phone with your PC or with any possible device that you have right even if the mobile device is as small as you can think of but that access to the internet connection therefore means you can actually start promoting CPA offer real

Quick and you need to make money so you’re going to watch me it do that right in this video So another big question people always ask is where can I promote CPA lead offer okay or CPA lead or CPA marketing okay so this one is CPA lead but it’s also applicable to CPA build or CPA Grid or any CPA Network so in this video I’m going to show you

Where you can promote your CPA offer and make up to 500 in just 24 hours through CPA marketing so the very first step for you to get started with CPA marketing just like as this question goes how can I start CPA marketing is for you to go ahead and

Make sure you sign up with any CPA Network for example you can create account on CPA Group just like this one I am using right now just fill in your forms your details provide current details and make sure you can remember any of those information enter your email address your password and confirm

Your password make sure you check these three boss like this and then click on register button right now once you have created your account successfully you cannot go ahead and log in into the dashboard and once you log in into the dashboard you cannot see that a lot of people are

Already making money with CPA grip okay or CPA Network in general for other networks they also have millions of people like this making money every single day with CPA marketing with their mobile phone or with their PC so you’re not limited at all to whichever device

That you are supposed to use on this network to make money okay then the second thing you are going to do which is the second step is to jump on on your dashboard and scroll down like this you are going to pay very close attention to recently added offers okay these are

Active offers that people are actually promoting right now and also Publishers just recently published this uh offers and they can jump on it but this offers a valid offers and it does nothing take few seconds for people to actually complete the survey because this is another biggest challenge people

Continue to click on your link you get clicks but you don’t get combustion simply because the offers are not ending for the people who are actually uh clicking on your link okay so that’s why if you want to promote cpf and get people to complete your offer very

Easily then focus on recently added offers pick up us right here and then go ahead and promote those offers in my case I love promoting offers within the higher payout is high like this one is 23 US dollar three dollar and so on this one is four dollar three dollars they

Will have eight dollar so all these higher offer I promote them the reason is because I believe and I strongly trust the traffic Source I’m using to promote my to be a offer okay and this is what gives me 100 result every single time I publish CPA offer and I make

Money from that okay so once you are done with this stage the next stage which is stage three is for you to go ahead and create a landing page I always recommend my viewers my subscribers also to jump on this and mimic exactly how this landing page is used to promote

Your CPA offer in straightforward landing page I’m giving her this landing page for free for anyone who’s interested I will score the link to you you go ahead and design something similar to this and put all your offers as you can see right here and promote this offer and make money every single

Day on CPA Network so let’s quickly look at what next you can do after creating your Bridge page or landing page since you are just a beginner I want to make money with CPA Network the third thing is for you to quickly jump on this website this website is called okay advertise is a free platform where you can generate millions of traffic and what I’m going to do right now is to show you how much traffic this website is generating Okay so using a similar web to analyze this website and the traffic information how people are visiting this particular web page you can agree with me that total visit to this website is 46 900 people every single month and the battery is great you can see that so for

You to know about thread that is good you can see that if it’s 100 is better but 42 percent is also okay what to try to avoid is not to get five percent all right because the lower your bank rates the worst okay that means people drink

Don’t spend money time on the website but you can see that people are really spending enough time okay another side you are saying average visit duration is 2 minutes 13 seconds so this is a general average duration right okay so if you pay attention on the countries that is visiting this website every

Single month I’m going to show you right here you can see that India is taking leads and the United States follow the Pakistan you can see Bangladesh you can see Congo okay and can also see different other countries below them okay so in the month of June total visit to

This website was 42 900 the month of July total visit was forty forty thousand per month right but friendly right now you can see the last month is on August 46 900 so there was an increase of people visiting this website in this month and this gives us 100

Assurance that this current month many more people are going to be visiting this website so I will advise you to jump on this website right now and begin to use this website to promote your CPA offer so that before the end of this month you can be able to generate enough

Results for yourself so this is exactly how I was able to make the money that you are seeing on the screen right here so as you can see where you can promote your CPA offer is right here and how you can earn up to 500 US dollar in one day

Through CPA marketing is 100 guarantee with this advertise all you need to do to use this website is just to click on publish your ads I want to click on publish your ads it’s very simple you’re going to go ahead and fill in the details according to the information

Presented to you write a type I usually use individual or business category once you choose that you can go ahead and click on continue button so another challenge that people usually face when promoting CPA offer is They are promoting their offer in the wrong category or when they run audience so

It’s very important for you to identify what audience needs the kind of offer you are promoting on CPA Network so in my case I can randomly select any category right here just to show you good example if you want you can ask me any question if you are confused in the

Comment section and I’m going to be more than happy to answer all your questions so I’ll go ahead and choose human resource and I click on continue so once I click on continue then go to present it to me where I can now go ahead and start doing my copywriting skills first

Thing in CPA marketing for you to get results is copywriting skills and I have mentioned that several times in this channel so go ahead and watch those video up right there on my playlist you can see those videos where I discuss detail on what copywriting will do and I

Can actually maximize your any opportunity with CPA Marketing in copy be writing method so go ahead and give a title and then give a short description call to action to your landing page and click on continue once you are done with that click on publish your ads and then

This exactly how you can now go ahead and begin to receive millions of traffic okay and make up to 500 US dollar in one day through CPA marketing so guys go ahead and ask me any question if you got value from this particular video so go ahead and smash on the Subscribe

Button and turn on the Bell icon like this also give this video a super like like this video and share it with your friends on various social media okay this way we you are helping this video to reach out to those people who are really interested in making money online

And I’ve been able to answer all their questions okay the first one is how can I make 500 in one day through CPA marketing what is CPA marketing how can I start CPA marketing of course this one is also how can how can I earn 500 US dollar through CPU marketing and where

Can I promote my CPA offer all this question has already been deleted as sad in this particular video if you want more go ahead and leave a comment in the comment section and also leave a comment in the comment section and tell me what you think okay because we are also

Learning together in case if you better understand or you have a better idea of how this question should be answered go ahead and leave a comment in the comment section I want to get your opinion so I can also improve my experience all right I will see you guys in my next video

Peace Thank you


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