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CPA Marketing Tutorial For Beginners | Earn +$273.80 Per Day on CPAGrip | Affiliate Marketing 2023

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CPA Marketing Tutorial For Beginners | Earn +$273.80 Per Day on CPAGrip | Affiliate Marketing 2023

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This will be a CPA marketing tutorial video for beginners I’m excited to share with you a clever method to make up to $273 a day online with CPA marketing now I will show you how to set this method up for free so you can continue getting leads and earning money while you sleep

So make sure not to skip any parts or you may miss out on important details and towards the end of this video I will reveal a hidden traffic source to get targeted leads so without further Ado let’s get started okay guys first things first you want to

Choose a CPA Network to sign up for if you are not already part of one a couple of great networks for beginners or even just in general are CPA grip and cpal these networks are wellknown and may approve your application within minutes as opposed to others for this

Video we will be working with CPA grip since many of you are familiar with this network so make your way over to cpag grip. once you are here register for a free free account once you log into your account click here where it says offer tools then click here where it says my

Offers here is where you will find a list of offers to promote we will be choosing to promote in the United Kingdom for this video so click on country and select the United Kingdom next we want to select an offer to promote so I will select this Amazon

Gift card offer for example now before you copy your CPA link make sure that you select any of the newer tracking domains doing so will help you avoid getting your link banned since many of these older tracking domains have been blacklisted from various websites now copy your CPA link by clicking this copy

Button this is your CPA affiliate link and for the next step we want to make a landing page for this offer we can create a landing page for completely free by using this website here called breezy. iCloud so here you can see it says build High converting websites and landing

Pages in a breeze so you you can actually make unlimited landing pages for free so once you come to this website you want to click this get started now button then you want to fill out both your first and last name your email address create a password and

Confirm your password then check this box to confirm you are not a robot and click create account once you’ve logged into your account this is what you should see on your dashboard Now to create your landing page click here to create a new project then click create

On this first op option website and landing page so as you can see it has created a project for us so next you want to click here where it says edit project this will take you to the landing page builder and from here you want to click this plus icon then you

Want to click create your own so now we want to add a title here and if we click this plus icon a new menu will appear revealing elements that we can use on our landing page so so first we want to grab the text element and we can do that

By dragging and dropping it right here next we want to change its font size by clicking this T and here we can increase the size let’s try 25 next we want to change the text to the title of the CPA offer so go back to CPA grip and copy

The title of the CPA offer now come back and paste it in here after that we want to change the text color to Black we can even highlight the Amazon text give it a different color and make all of the text bold so it pops out more doing this will

Make our landing page more enticing now just Center the text by clicking this icon okay so after that you want to come back over to this elements section and drag and drop another text element underneath the first one the same way and we want to change the text to

Something like this now highlight the text and we want to change the color to Red this will create a sense of urgency enticing people to click and sign up for the offer now just make it bold and we want to place it in the center and now

Just make the font size bigger let’s try 18 let’s make the title a little bigger and I’ll just make this a little bigger too great now we want to add an image right here to make it more appealing to do that head over to Google and since we

Know the offer we are promoting is a 100 British pound Amazon gift card offer we want to do an image search for a 100 British pound Amazon gift card just make sure to tailor your search to what ever offer you are promoting for example if I were promoting a Samsung Galaxy phone

Giveaway offer I would search for Samsung Galaxy phone images okay so once you found and downloaded an image to your device head back over to the landing page builder now go over to the elements Tab and this time drag and drop the image element right underneath the call to action text like

This now click this area then click this image icon right here and finally click this upload icon and upload load the image okay so as you can see the image is not fully visible on our landing page so to fix this you may simply just click

And drag the corner of the image like this and play around with it until you get it to fit great now we will just need to add a button over here at the bottom so that people can click that button to go to your CPA offer so let’s

Go to elements and we want to pick the button element and we want to drag and drop it right here like this so firstly let’s change the text to enter now or something like that and let’s make the font size a little bigger so now the

Next important step will be to add our CPA affiliate link to this button so make sure to go back to CPA grip and copy your CPA link just make sure that you have a newer tracking domain selected come back and click this link icon then click URL and this is where

You want to paste your CPA link then just click outside this box for it to save and you’re done now we will need to publish our landing page so it can be ready to receive traffic so in order to do that click this Arrow icon next to

Save draft and click publish page so now if you click this icon right here you can see the preview of your landing page so this is what people will see when they visit this landing page and if they click this button it will take them to

The CPA offer so now copy the link to your landing page and I will be showing you a free traffic source to get traffic from the great thing about this is that you don’t need to Target a specific country even though this is a United Kingdom CPA offer because CPA grip is

Really good at showing the right CPA offer to the right country so in other words if someone from a country other than the United Kingdom clicks this CPA grip will show a version of the offer for that person’s country so you will still make money I hope this makes sense

To you drop a like on this video if you are getting value from it I’d greatly appreciate it so now let’s head over to a website called free ads. pause the video if you need more time to enter this this is a free ad platform only for the UK country here

You can see other AD postings from people and if you look over here you can see that there is an option for free stuff we want to click here and now we will see listings from other people giving away free stuff we want to list our free Amazon gift card offer here so

In order to do that you want to click this post a free ad button right here it should bring you to this page and now you will need to sign up for a free account to do that you may click this join for free right here now you

Can do a fast sign up with your Gmail account if you have one now if you see this page after you’ve signed up you want to choose the for sale category and now since we are promoting a gift card offer we want to choose Collectibles then choose other

Collectibles okay so here is where we will need to fill out these fields to post our CPA offer first let’s type a title and you can go back to CPA grip and copy the title of your CPA offer then come back and paste it in here for the description you can type something

Like this this has worked well for me but you can also have chat GPT write a description for you in seconds now make sure to add your landing page link right here after that check this box right here that says free now just enter in your mobile number so you can receive a

Verification code in order for your ad to go live you may use your own location or enter any location for this section it doesn’t matter when you’re done click next now we can add an add image and we will be using the same image that we downloaded earlier for our landing page

You may add up to 10 if you’d like when you’re done click next and your post will be posted to this website just like these other posts now once you’ve made some money with this free option you can always set up more ads with different offers using the paid feature for

Maximum reach and to increase your earnings that will do it for today’s video guys that is another free CPA marketing method consider subscribing if you’re new to the channel and turn on all notifications so you can be the first to find out about more new ways to

Earn money online also if you have spare time and want to learn more ways to earn money online with CPA marketing then check out these other videos until next time bye


  • Bri Prosper-La Rocque 30th October 2023 , 11:58 am

    Great video! I think you put the cpa offer link instead of the landing page link in the description of the AD post.

  • Estelle Dickinson 30th October 2023 , 11:58 am

    "Promo sm"

  • Jason C 30th October 2023 , 11:58 am

    Good times thanks 4 videos, trying to make my first $1.00 dollar doing this, but nothing yet.


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