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CPA Marketing Self Clicking Trick| Live Proof| Earn $300/Day| CPAGrip

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CPA Marketing Self Clicking Trick| Live Proof| Earn $300/Day| CPAGrip

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Hello everyone welcome to my YouTube channel in today’s video we’ll learn how to make self- clicking on CPA grip I will show you a live proof today this is 100% working methods some people sell this training for $70 but I will give it for free please like And subscribe to

Our channel so as to get more online tips like this let’s get started click the link in the description below to get registration link after clicking it you will be direct to this page fill your first name last name email address your password confirm our password on company put any name like

OSP this is the important section to consider you must fill this section even if you don’t have a website but anything because this will build trust to you even if you will earn with self- clicking then complete to fill the remain section like address country

Skype ID if you don’t have Skype account you can use your own email the only point to consider is on website make sure you fill that section in this section you can put YouTube agree to all terms and conditions then click on register now you are done this is your CPA grip account

CPA grip has sent account confirmation email go to your Gmail inbox to confirm you account once done back to your CPA grip account note this account name and ID we will as I told you I will show live earning proof today to prove if this methods is working 100% now click on my

Offer her you need to filter the offer you want to promote you have to select top country so as to get high chance of get paid choose country like United States or United Kingdom in this video I will use United Kingdom offer there are many offer to promote

But the best offer for self- clicking or email or zip submit now you need to filter again and choose on email zip submit offer there are many email or zip submit offer but you have to choose the correct offer which will convert when you choose offer you need

To consider the following first is the devices there is Desktop Android and iOS devices but in this training we’ll focus on desktop offer so make sure the offer you choose support on desktop then click on that offer confirm if that offer support desktop and confirm the country as you

See here this offer is allowed only in UK copy your affiliate link the next step we are going to create a landing page for our link don’t use this link directly because they will track it go to sites. to create your landing page for free click on

Blank click on this page then delete it double click then click on text write an offer name country earning and supporting device you can put it at the center then increase the front size then select the text click on ADD link icon then p paste your copied affiliate link from CPA grip

Here you have done you can add second offer add many offer as possible then do the same procedure to add your affiliate link but in this video we will use one offer only give your page name and Page title then click on publish you can put any name here if

Does not support add numbers once accepted click on publish you have done now click on link icon to copy the link of your landing page let’s add new tabs to test it it is working now we need to post this link in social media like Facebook

Instagram quora or any of that but in this video we will use quora the aim of doing this is to show CPA grip that our clicks come from social media and not direct click this will increase trust and high conversion rate you need to sign up to quora you

Can use Google to complete sign up once done click on search then search anything concern affiliate marketing you can search how to earn money with CPA grip here you will find similar asked questions click on that question scroll down you will find some provided answers copy any answer

Then click on answer section to provide your answer paste your answer then find a section where you will put your landing page link remember here we paste landing page link that we created from site. and not our affiliate link after add your link on your answer click

Post then rightclick this section which contain your account to copy the link of this post open new tab to test if your link is correct our link is correct so we will use this link for self- clicking trick now I’m going to paste this link to my word for later

Uses open new tab then search for undetectable. click here start for free fill your information including username email password and telegram username complete human verification agree to term and services and lastly click on sign up submit verification code they send TP your email to complete sign up process once done click on

Download here select according to the type of your device because I’m using Windows I will click here because I have undetectable browser already I will not download it once done open your browser log in then your page will look like this click on add new profile give the profile

Name select an operating system like window Mac iOS or Android on this training I will use Mac then select browser type Chrome or Safari on this training I will use Chrome you can select Chrome version here these are all details of your devices here you can select memory and CPU

Type once done click on create click here to start using it this is the new browser that we are going to use for self- clicking the next step is to download VPN you can use free VPN like Troy well VPN but in order to be safe with self- clicking earn for 100% you

Need to use paid vpni will drop the link in the description below to download that VPN that I’m using to earn more than $100 a day with this self- clicking methods after clicking the link in the description below for VPN download you will download it to this page click on install for free

Click on add to Chrome to download extension once done pin it open your VPN because I have paid for it I will put my login details here low log to my premium version you can click here to purchase at $7 per month or you can download free version

Here use to check your IPA address as you can see here my IP address readed from Tanzania now I am going to open my paid VPN after login to premium version in premium version you will find a lot of City to choose which are located in one

Country also you will find all country in the world since our offer are from Uki will choose uk2 in my VPN then I will refresh this page to check my IP address now my IP address has Chang DNS if from UK and IP address are from

UK VPN use is not detectable because no anonymization and we are safe in 90% after that we are going to perform self- clicking safely copy your quora link then log out to your CPA grip account paste you link to start performing task click your offer link fill your details the most important

Details is email address you must fill a valid email address you can find video on YouTube oh how to get unlimited valid email address this is valid email address make sure you fill a valid email address and one email address used for one offer once done click on

Continue here you need to fill your ZIP code in order to get a valid zip code which match with your IP address go to IP score there you will get a valid zip code copy this ZIP code paste it here then select first suggestion here you need to put a valid UK phone

Number in order to get UK phone number go to this site and choose any number copy the number then paste it finally edit it by starting with zero click on confirm answer this two question to complete the final step we have done to complete our offer

Now I’m going to log in to my CPA grip account to check our $1.33 has been added as I told you this method is working 100% our commission have been added Let me refresh the page check the account name as I said you can earn unlimited dollars per day depending on your hard

Working I bought this training for $70 but I give you for free this is the golden chance that you not find anywhere in order to do another task you need to install clear cache extension set up your extension like this so before doing another task make

Sure you close all tabs then click on clear cache extension to clear your browser use your VPN to change your IP address with paid texler VPN you will have more than 20 IP address per one country also use undetectable browser to create new file one file can perform up to 10 offer

Thank you for watching please like subscribe and share this video to your friends so as they can earn money with this self- clicking trick I used 8 hours to make this video for you if you will like subscribe and share this video I will get motivated to prepare another

Self- click trick on another affiliate program apart from CPA grip I promise you this this channel will make you reach just stay active with my channel


  • Our World 30th October 2023 , 3:48 am

    Pity that Undetectable doesn't work on Chromebook

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    This is great. The method worked for me, but the problem is how to raise the Cpm

  • LUXURY AI NEWS 30th October 2023 , 3:48 am

    No,……please show when you withdraw the money from cpagrip to your private account, is in that moment when you be cach block. And all your monthly effort for nothing…..

  • Arowolo Timothy 30th October 2023 , 3:48 am

    I dont think this work for andriod device

  • Millbedo OP 30th October 2023 , 3:48 am

    Bro i perform in email zip sumbit and link does not take my email but i do some survey in it offers complete but i don't get money

  • PXRKER TALKS 30th October 2023 , 3:48 am

    please help, i did every thing in the video , but on cpagrip all i see is clicks and no money

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    This definitely seems like a quality content….on the top of this…..I've some of my additional ways that I can apply with this method of yours by making some tweaks to it. Thnak You very much…..I'll try this method for sure.

  • Fais Talks 30th October 2023 , 3:48 am

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    ❤❤❤❤ can PIA VPN work

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    What a great content it really worked thanks so much… But please can you upload the one we can do on mobile as well

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    brother am from Uganda, love your content, do u mind to create a TELEGRAM GROUP OR watsap group ?

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    can i do the same us process in India

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    Hey sir, the undetectable has failed to load the offers. Where could the problem be. Thank you

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