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Cpa marketing: Secret Free Traffic source for cpa marketing using mylead,cpagrip and cpabuild

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Cpa marketing: Secret Free Traffic source for cpa marketing using mylead,cpagrip and cpabuild

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All right guys so this website we’re going to be using now get over 162 million visitors every single month and if you stay to the end of this video then you’re going to get to the point where you making a lot of money for yourself right here using my lead okay

So basically on my lead when you come over to offers right here you can see a lot of offers are right here on my lead Global and you can choose from different offers on my lead and make money for yourself then you if you’re using CPA

Group or CPA lead and many other CPA Network you can either use them okay or you can simply use this my lead also so I’m going to be using this my account on my lead I have many account right here but I’m going to be using this one

Because it’s for my tutorial okay so I have to come down here first of all before we choose an offer right here let’s go ahead and and check for the traffic source and the country that are available for this offer now we have United States 32% and United Kingdom 9%

And Germany this simply means we can either go with United States or we can go with smart link then you have to come over to my lead then when you come over to my lead you have to choose any giveaway offers right here or you can just choose any other

Niche but I prefer you choose giveaway offer because almost everybody wants money now you have to scroll here and then you have to come over here and say um for swi sticks right here this is Swift stick click on the swi stick version now and then you have to come

Over here and look for the country then search for United States then for this country side have to select it now and then you continue to see only us offers now I have to choose one offer here I just got approv on this one and if you’re not approved simply click on

Promote and you start promoting any offer right here now click on the promote to get your affiliate link and then on this page you have to copy this AFF link I have to generate the URL right here and then I have to copy it right here next

Thing I have to do now is to go ahead and then I will start building my landing page I will simply show you how your landing page looks like and I will not build a landing page on this tutorial because a lot of landing page tutorials have been made and if you

Don’t know how to make it then simply comment below I want you to make sure you subscribe to this channel so you can see more of my video next time that I will post so we on brizy and let’s load the brizy now this are a lot of pages I

Have here on the brizy but I was simply want to show you the one I have for my giveaway now this is a giveaway page here and I open it in a new tab okay so it’s loading now and let me show you how professional you make sure

Your giveaway page looks like now if you don’t know how to do this make sure you comment below and I will simply teach you even more of that in my next video okay so this is how it look like this is mine okay so it look professional so I’m

Going to be using this image right here for this tryer I did this image on canva and you can simply do yours too on canva okay so come over to this page download this uh go over to if you don’t know how to get a cana pro you can

Comment also and I’ll show you how I got my own c pro okay so as you can see this link is a web file so I have to copy it right right now I’ll will show how to download a web file image so go over to your browser copy the image address go

Over to another browser here you have to search for extract. p so on extract. P you have to paste the link of this image on the browser part let me show you so our extract piece is loading and have to come here on the link piece I have to P

The link here link for the image I have to click here that says extract and this extract piece will remove this image right here and put it as a JPG okay so as you can see right now it has done it already and this is the image now click on the

Download and you will download this image immediately then the free traffic Source we’re going to be using is on the flicker f l i c kr. is a image sharing website where share photos and blogs so many people are sharing the blogs here and if you

Join them now then you’re going to start making money for yourself I am also sharing things right here and I’m got a lot of traffic and leads so if you join now then you’re going to get a point that you start making lot of money for yourself now click on this upload sign

After signing up click on this upload right now and then you have to upload this image I’m going to be using this image for the tutorial so I will uploading it after it has finished downloading right here okay I have to drag this image if your mobile phone you

Have to click on upload to upload okay so as you can see you have to give your title right here all right so after your title you have to add your description right here and then add your link make sure you add your description about what you’re

Trying to promote before adding any link okay so people can be able to click on it and not think you are spamming now I have to come down here and I have to add some TX related to what I’m trying to promote this is how to rank it on De now

I have to come over card free okay free PayPal money all those things are what will make your Google search see all these blocks right here now all you have to do after this is to click on the upload and you upload this thing right here after uploading

You have to wait for a few minutes and it will start getting attention and views on fle car website so continue to post design more of Pages like this some of designs and Graphics like this giveaway giveaway and continue to post you start getting automatic traffic even

While you sleep so if you love this content make sure to subscribe to this Channel and I’ll see you in my next St bye


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