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Cpa Marketing Cpagrip Tutorial: $100/DAY With Cpa grip Affiliate Marketing 2023 For Beginners

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Cpa Marketing Cpagrip Tutorial: $100/DAY With Cpa grip Affiliate Marketing 2023 For Beginners

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Now check this out it’s not by surprise that people are still making a a ton of money with CPA marketing this person has already made 15 bucks for the day and of course this one has made more than 100 000 uh dollars all time from this CPA

Network alone now if you scroll uh up well up again you see that there are people earning a decent amount of money just with CPA market and with the method that I’m about to show you right here today would leverage a person that will actually help you to push your CPA

Offers to tens of hundreds of thousands of a giveaway website meaning this website will actually help you to promote your offers to wider range of audience which makes it more awesome and of course less stressful for you to actually make your first commissions with a CPA and marketing which is why

I’m super excited and of course super pumped to bring you this particular video so if you want to learn the step-by-step process on how you can get this done stay opportunity so right before we actually dive into the video If this surface time coming across a video like this on this channel

Basically on this channel we talked about various ways of making money online with affiliate marketing with CPA marketing with any other passive income opportunities that you can think uh of so if this out of exactly you are interested in be sure to click that subscribe button click the Bell

Notification on so you can get good for us to get notified whenever I drop a new a video on this channel so without out of the way let’s actually dive into the video as always of course before we start promoting any CPA offers remember

We need to have a CPA offers in place so where are we going to find that CPA over there are a bunch of CPA networks which you can go and of course find and offer from so for this example we are going to be using CPA grip but you can use any

CPU offers of your choice of course so what you need to do once inside your CPA grip account click on where it says offer tools and of course click on my offer so once you click on my offer all you have to do as you can see there are

A bunch of offers by default is going to be based on the currently that the country that you are in so but majority of the case uh the offers that actually pay more offers from the top tier country we are talking about U.S UK but particularly us offers so click on

United States once you click on United States as you can see for every conversion you can get paid 80 cents 41 cents two dollars so as you can see all these offers right here this one can pay you two dollars this one two dollars this one two dollars and of course all

Of which are offers which you can grab and of course start a promoting right away especially during this period that Christmas is coming of course so you have a PayPal gift card you have a one ten thousand dollars which is some which is one of which I saw a lot of people

Are promoting nowadays ten thousand dollars which may be hype of course but that is what people want so once you are okay with the offer that you are going to promote it just click on it once you click on it as you can see this offer is

United States and of course is mobile only have to do of course is to submit their email once they submit their email you can literally get a paid uh two dollars from that so now that you find an offer what are you going to do next remember the platform that we are going

To be using to promote this offer is called giveaway this is a platform where you can come and of course list your CPA offers now check this out guys this is exactly the offer that we took and of course we are one we want to use

It as a case example and this is someone here currently promoting this offer take a look at our CPA grip right here and of course take a look at this offer right here on uh giveaway frenzy so that’s to show you that people are capitalizing on this opportunity and of course you have

To also take advantage of this opportunity and of course make money off from that so what are you going to do next the next thing of course is to click on and submit your giveaway once you click on submit your giveaway the next thing to do of course is to scroll

Down and read all these social instructions and of course as you can see if you want to go aggressive you can pay 90 dollars 150 dollars and of course conservative you want to be 25 but yeah I knew this one will actually involve uh investment but remember this is

Something that you are investing into your own business and of course remember you only need uh 15 people to actually get your 25 dollars 15 people and this platform will literally promote your offers to specific audience that you are interested in which is basically the United States take a look at what they

Are going to be doing top our home page and of course let us giveaway page a left side above pay every page of website for the left for for the life of the giveaway newsletter promotion to 2000 plus subscribers and of course post our Facebook post to their Twitter as

Well so if you want additional stuff you can as you can see submissions to 20 plus giveaway and sweepstakes site this giveaway and suited site are basically a website that are mainly specific for a giveaways so they are going to be also push your offers to those kind of

Platform which is incredible so if you want to go aggressive these are the additional benefit that you are going to be getting but you don’t have to go to that you can just choose our conservatives and of course if you want if you need social media promotion you

Can choose uh but if you don’t that’s okay that’s totally fine uh giveaway host who is sponsoring the giveaway website and Company you can just list my offer you can just save my Christmas offer Christmas offer and then entry URL where is the link to your giveaway so all you

Have to do just come right here copy the link uh come back right here and of course paste the link but I will not recommend you actually do it because they will not like uh of course the platform that they are going to be submitting your advert to will not like

Direct linking so that’s why I always preach you should have a bridge page or landing page or whatever you want to call it so the title uh uh free just a Christmas you can just save free ten thousand dollar Christmas giveaway I give away the price value ten thousand dollars

Because that’s what the offer says so you have to go by what your offer is then you want to write description and of course you want to write a date you want to choose as you can see uh United States so which is which makes it more

Incredible and that’s why I said it’s more it’s more interesting that you knew that you are targeting this Facebook audience that you are interested because remember they offer only offers to United States audience so you want to choose United States if it is worldwide you can choose that then you want to

Upload an image select an image for this case remember on the first page of this a website we saw an ad that is similar exactly as this offer so if you want to do this you can decide to actually go exactly as this one as you can see all you have to

Do just uh click on save image as once you click on save image as that’s all you have to do you download it but I recommend you actually use a platform like canva right here to redesign your own or to do something a little bit different from that one because uh even

Though it is still the same thing uh Their audience it all depends on the people that visit the website if it is the same thing of course either they click yours or they click their own so it’s all up to you whatever you want to

Do so you can just click on the image as you can see uh just drag it drop it and of course this is the image right here and then the next thing is to put your first name your email address total order which is 25 which is the one we

Pick what is six plus and of course you do that then message for affiliate marketers so as you can see that’s why I say uh you shouldn’t do direct linking so that I have a bridge page where you have a bunch of offers and of course that way whenever people click on the

Link they’ll go to your like link tree you can use link3 to have a bunch of CPA offers once they land on the page inside of a visiting one offer you can have multiple offers maybe in a PayPal gift card ten thousand dollars gift card Playstation gift card whatever you can

Think of you have a bunch of offers on CPA grip which you can come and of course capitalize on at that and all of which are United States offer so there is no point in saying that okay you are going to miss your traffic or something like that no whichever offer they

Decided to opt into is a win for you and all these offers will pay you two dollars most of which will pay you to two dollars which is a plus for you so once you do that you just click on the submit a giveaway and that is all you

Have to do and of course you wait for the uh conversion to start coming into your own rcpa a great account so that’s all you need to do and so there is no money application this is a platform and this platform will help you to push your

Stuff to other platforms more than 100 Sweepstake or give away platforms as they said as you can see 20 plus when you go for this package and 100 plus when you go for this package so I’m not enough I’m not an affiliate to this platform I just saw is an opportunity

For you to promote a CPA offers because a bunch of people are promoting CPA same CPA offers on the platform and that’s why I thought okay it’s actually software really cool that people can capitalize on and of course promote their CPA offers too but if you don’t

Want this a promotion of course there will always be a free training down below which is a free affiliate marketing cream which you can attend and of course uh learn more about affiliate marketing so that’s actually what I have for you for this video if you have any

Questions along the line be sure to drop them down below I’ll be more than happy to answer you as soon as possible or as soon as I see your comment thank you and of course I’ll see you in the next video bye


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