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Cleaving ASIA Interserver Or NOT!

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Cleaving ASIA Interserver Or NOT!

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Description: I don’t usually make this video because in Arena Surfer you just order every single defense basically but well the safe side is just to order it but I’m not going to order all the attacks so with Team eight we’re fighting Asia

How many of these can I cleave see this one you can just order right how many of these can you clear but I can click this let’s go one team one cleave how many can we get through very easily and if I remember I’ll try to show runes for

This team at the end it’s basically just Tiana and just gallium and then just traveling machampong speed attack additional damage to speed and attack and then as long as she lends a freeze or a kill I’m pretty eggs which she did a kill and then the monkey

Didn’t Stun Me Easy clap easy very easy ah doesn’t matter what happens all right this don’t be vulnerable to this clean this oh this guy attacked bubbles right talk about burst oh he’s got a monster there as well see that one you can just Auto this one you can also

Actually, you know I’d probably risk it with my cleave we’ll get back to it what’s this I can beat this easy he’s just having fun I appreciate this defense because the guy’s having fun he’s trying something different and it’s very very nice but you can leave it

Look speed comps you can just order but oh as long as one freezes we’re good to see they didn’t die but they one of them froze and then it does it Alicia is the queen of Cleveland uh what do we go oh this one I can just like go like this right

We’ll get back to it later um Junior followed by Savannah then Nana I feel like I can leave it let’s see he hasn’t attacked by booster so Junior has to strip everyone Savannah has to push back everyone then it works mainly then get pushed back okay

Now that this is Samar with the Juno new buff is legit summer and Juno as a pair is legit oh oh see because she pushed back everyone’s attack bar okay so we can’t claim this one that’s one loss how many more can we claim did you to golf rise

This one I just have to take my piano will okay we can’t leave that many we can click this right we won’t kill we just need a freeze this only wins if we freeze it’s quite like to have some accuracy on militia but let’s find out we just

Need one freeze we’ve got all the defense breaks which is good everyone pushes back additional damage to the attack not that much damage some glancing in case freeze I think to refer someone yep ability is frozen I hate abulia’s passive he cleanses himself which doesn’t trigger Alicia’s um skill damn man

Ah bro I think we lost we pressed the wrong unit this happens quite often it’s still good right okay as long as he doesn’t get a stack my turn don’t get a stack to come on my turn uh I’m gonna put it here because I don’t want to trigger he’s passive wait stop

I’m gonna kill you yep we’re good I think I think we’re good defense break no I haven’t expected it’s bad it’s very bad yep ah this is very bad wow you little dog I hate oblige I think the ability is my most hated unit on Arena defenses 100

Yeah man we’re giving away these free wins okay anyways moving on Tiana I’m sure his Tiana’s gonna be faster I’m sure his Tiana is going to be faster I’m pretty sure she is um what could we put um we just got me huh does she have rooms she does have runes huh then

And then we can do I’m just having fun with this one is Montara seven minutes should we switch meet her banana now let’s do this I’m pretty sure he’s faster because mine is on Swift will he’s will be his fifth broken yeah see

He has no will that’s fine LG oh and Tara survived not bad hey and Taurus hey hey hey hey I’m gonna kill this guy I know I didn’t I thought he’s bro doing arena is worse than doing all right can me her solo this no because kinky concrete what a joke

What a joke oh no there’s a mile there but he’s not gonna hit Tiana so we’ll be good to cut miles goes that’s fine trust me if I went for rain I’ll be good at it but we’re just seeing how many can we cleave so that’s why we can’t leave

Anything did we get anything freezes oh we haven’t done the attack yet we did get a kill that ability of passive man it’s so triggering and then he can just order everything pretty sure this one is easy I’m telling you it easily doesn’t matter kinky there because Tiana’s skill too doesn’t care about

Kinky big so the phrase on the Cardinal ability cleanses himself we find get another turn if that kinky stunned then it would have been bad but we’re good foreign no more losses all right I won’t bore you with orders we’ll do a couple what’s this what is that this looking

Clean we can clear this do you believe me see neigong is great but not as HP leave but with Somali, I think that’s okay Nora is also really good in Arena and their ability is the most annoying unit there we go the freezes and then instant wipe over on

Easy change your defenses Asia this another doesn’t matter there’s a Molly there as long as we get a freeze on anyone besides the video we’re Goods anyone besides Emilio freeze on anyone that’s not a billionaire that’s fine resistance that’s fine push back okay most times we can reset but yeah

We’ve got the skills we killed the pavilion he’s in ruins this one is easy all right don’t be annoying Molly no pricking yep easy clap any more people um will be faster this one you can leave this one you can clearly let’s go boom

I just triggered the video oh my bad but we still push back enough do we get a turn oh no he provoked Tiana I mean Alicia no this is my bad oh he’s done deletion now oh no this is my bad I shouldn’t have

Done the AOE you little dog oh you little dog this was a win I messed up I just woke up from a nap blame that what’s this Nora’s gonna be fasting line kinky we can’t attack about boost we got over here this one I feel

As my channel moved before the Gianna jokes can we get Tiana not to get stunned oh I know oh yeah yep in Asia Cleveland Asia Asia Cleveland me felt like I was gonna be faster doing this one for everyone Ari golds this one we win for sure all right how

Many can we play we got three [ __ ] oh no we can’t embarrassment what an embarrassment this is getting recorded for YouTube embarrassment everyone comes back and watches this is embarrassing so I’ll tell you the truth if you did five orders a day for five days you eat

You’re done mate you’re you can order this you can do it but the problem is how many of us actually do the five orders in a day all right how many people there we go how much can we cleave not much how much do they do for you we’ve lost

Teeth we lost more than we pleased we lost more than we claimed but everything else it’s very very easy you just like like look at this what is this you just do that I usually Leo would like for Savannah ones very easy this one as well

This is that okay we’ve embarrassed me enough in this video this trident is not even on the Wheel your Triton is not even on the Wheel why who am I to say anything um he’s gonna move and screw everything I gotta kill Vanessa first

Oh my gosh that doesn’t care if everyone uh let’s just work on him quick order those times you can just like do this especially if you like to build your Leo and like Riley with like for the Leo comp [ __ ] zero speed just full tackiness

Um but the thing is you don’t have to go with Tessa because Tessa gets nerfed with Leah but this works we just go mainly for Oblivion and stuff but this is still doing some damage because minus uh CD attack if you see the HP she does less damage

But Leo knows her that still works it doesn’t matter what’s this oh this one as I can just get like this all right I got a nine and I’ve got a knee gone how much people can kill and then Dominic just goes crazy my Dominic anyways let’s see this we’ll

Finish it up on this video has been long enough we showed how good Asia is they’re actually pretty all right of course he stands by um this doesn’t matter because no one can be you know what let’s kill this guy first wow he’s tanky he’s gonna kill me

I feel it it’s coming don’t hit Nana no don’t hit any I have low HP I can’t even get a stack now because Nana’s gone why is Negan still standing still good we’re still good we got a frog it’s a good defense I like this defense

This is actually having fun mate let’s kill this guy yep that’s fine then cleanse that defense break and then let’s kill oh nice Dominic bro that was 10K these last hit that was 10K can we kill this guy I didn’t even oh my God okay now I’m

Lock sacking myself and then just I think I can just hold up her now didn’t even need my mouse oh good one yo Dominic is a crazy unit can we kill them now nice branding oh my God easy that’s it guys this is Asia we couldn’t

Sleep a lot but at least this shows you guys how your defenses should be ruined I mean build so you don’t get cleaved like that okay and then there are of course other things with like Leo and Riley for the Savannah and kinky is put your

Tridents on Wheel you just want to see a video on how how to build your defense for inter-server and rush hour I’m not that bad when I used to rush because it’s very hard I’m gonna rank two before but I’ve never got a legend

But I used to get a lot of g3s it’s very very simple my defense is also the same as this decision so I got the speed the HP the five thread and then this guy the damage dealer that’s the combination of the things you want you to want a speed

Lead speed challenge a reviver or a trident-like way Challenger speed and the Fly threat for Lucian columns but then again this would probably get played right Let’s test it no Nora moves first she’s gonna be fast almost first ah and she dubbed this is cleavable right this is my defense

Yep we did it’s even my defense is cleavable I’m telling you here don’t do this and don’t do that but Samantha’s in rage so he kills Alicia but it wasn’t good enough easy don’t do that on my defense thanks for watching the yellow boy

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Cleaving ASIA Interserver Or NOT!

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