Amazon Basics Mechanic Tool Set Review

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Amazon Basics Mechanic Tool Set Review

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Description: Hey what’s going on guys today I’m gonna do a review of the Amazon brand mechanics toolset I’m gonna give you a little bit of information on it my personal opinion on the quality of it and let you know whether I think you should buy it or not so let’s get started And if you want to learn how to fix your vehicle do budget restorations troubleshoot equipment and all sorts of other types of garage related stuff be sure to subscribe to Midwest garage so you don’t miss anything all right so I’m gonna try to make this as quick as

Possible because I know that your time is valuable and I do appreciate you clicking on this video and spending your time watching it so in return I hope I can pay you back by giving you some useful information so for starters, it came in the mail like this and the

Packaging although kind of chintzy I mean what can you really expect by the way I’m going into this review with very low expectations and I’ll explain why in a minute as for the actual case it’s pretty sturdy it’s a little bit thinner plastic than what you’d find with a

Dewalt set or a craftsman set but for the price difference this is actually pretty impressive so when it comes time to open it up it has two plastic latches on the side and two metal latches on the front and they are real metal which I was pretty surprised with so you pop

These open pop open the sides and then opener on up and first impressions I’m surprised at how shiny they are a lot of really cheap tools don’t really have a chrome plating and the reason they chrome plate this is for anti-corrosion purposes and just a quick glance the

Chrome plating actually looks to be of decent quality I was expecting an almost cast look almost so that’s nice some of the reviews online said that the toolset had some missing sockets or they had you know a 13-millimeter where they’re supposed to be a half-inch stuff like that I looked through this

And all the sockets were in the proper spot and none were missing or replaced with something else as you can see this is the 201-piece set they do have different sizes they have forty pieces and 85 pieces 123 pieces 145 pieces and then the 201 now the prices

For those, I’ll list right along here and you can make a decision obviously the best value is to get the 201 piece which is this one it does come with a lot of bits which is pretty nice this actually comes with more bits than most mechanic’s tool sets so that’s nice it

Doesn’t have much for wrenches though the highest it goes is your 9/16 and a 12-millimeter wrench it does really good on the socket side and the driver bits but they could definitely do something better with wrench sizes so as you know 201 piece mechanic’s tool set is $65

Which is extremely cheap some of the comparable ones would be a Dewalt 192 piece set and that’s gonna cost you around 180 bucks craftsman has a cept about this size for 170 and then you can get cheaper ones like EP auto cobalt is a good brand but also a little bit

Cheaper obviously I’m not gonna compare this to anything such as Mac tools or snap-on or anything like that because obviously there’s no contest there when it comes to cheap tool sets one thing that’s often an issue is actual size and fitment and so here’s an amazon 11

Millimeter and then this is a craftsman this is an old craftsman by the way back when they made high-quality tools so fitment looks very similar these are both 11 millimeters but as you can see the amazon basics has a very good fit and I’d say it’s comparable if not even a little bit

Better than the craftsman socket and I’m not going to go through and test the fitment on all these this is just a couple of examples here I have another bolt these are higher quality yet more so than the craftsman and this is obviously a very good fit this is a

16’s so if I grab the 9/16 socket out of here once again there’s a little bit of play in there I don’t know if you can see that but not much I’d say the fitment on these is pretty spot-on so once again my expectations for this we’re extremely low the actual case

Itself doesn’t seem to have any issues with tools falling out of it or anything either I know that was another review that I had seen online but everything seems to fit in here just fine for me anyway now for my favorite part and that is the actual ratchet itself you can

Tell a great deal of quality of a tool set by the ratchet because this has moving parts and unlike the sockets and other parts this is the thing that’s gonna go out before anything else so let’s compare these ratchets to a couple of other ones so I have here three half

Inch drive ratchet which by the way is another thing I really liked about this set is it does come with quarter-inch 3/8 and 1/2-inch drive tools so looking at these three the first thing that I notice is the Amazon tool does have means of lubricating the gears in here

And the teeth are just like this old craftsman so this craftsman is probably thirty years old I’m sure almost everybody has one of these I mean this is kind of a go-to ratchet this was probably my dad’s that I ended up stealing from him or something but this

Is old and reliable this is gonna be around forever however being old it is old technology and then this here is a higher-quality lifetime warranty ratchet this is my go-to because it extends for extra leverage on those really tough bolts and then it retracts so that you can get

Into tight spots, so I love this thing one of the big things, especially nowadays is the number of teeth that come in the gears on these ratchets now you’ll see with this old craftsman to go a quarter turn this is kind of a broad to with

As its older and it’s about 8 clicks or teeth to do a quarter turn if we look at this ratchet over here I’d say 18 19 clicks for a quarter turn so obviously the teeth in here are really fine and that’s something you want makes it a lot easier when you’re

Working in tight spaces and you can’t really get a full turn or a click to loosen up bolts in a tight spot so no one in the Amazon ratchet looks like 18 clicks to do a quarter turn on the Amazon so it’s almost as fine of teeth as this higher-quality more expensive

Set and that’s impressive I was actually really surprised that this came with fine-toothed ratchets as I mentioned earlier about servicing this I just removed that and you can pull this cover off and you can all the teeth in here too keep it lasting a long time a little bit

Of preventive maintenance, the old craftsman has a site clamp pull that out and then the same thing you can all the teeth and then this obviously has the same thing as the Amazon set and you’ll notice the heads on these are actually really similar which I find it’d be pretty interesting

And so this is a gear wrench these are a little bit higher quality and I believe they were the first ones to really come out with those really fine teeth but you’ll see that the amazon basics toolset is almost similar to the gear edge which I think is kind

Of neat same design and similar handle stuff like that, this is almost what I was expecting when I found out that Amazon had a tool set there’s no way to service this or do preventative maintenance on it it’s chintzy made in Taiwan I think and everybody’s seen these before I mean

They rattle and Shake and if you’re gonna break a ratchet it’s gonna be this one I guarantee it so overall conclusion of the ratchet is that it’s pretty high quality I like it and it’s got good ergonomics feels good in the hand it feels solid and sturdy

It’s heavy which I like I like my tools have a little bit of weight to them just makes them feel better in the hand yeah I like it so since I brought up craftsman I’m sure you’re wondering about the warranty on this Amazon mechanics toolset they have a one-year

Warranty on this thing which isn’t a lifetime warranty but it’s also not bad when you’re spending 65 bucks on a whole set like this so I do have a couple more things to say about this yet so don’t go away yet I just want to let you know

That I do have a link down in the description right now to where you can get this tool set and like I said they’re 65 bucks you can go on Amazon and read some other reviews also to see what other people said but of right

Now this tool sets been out for almost two years and has around 300 reviews on there and it’s totaling out to about four and a half out of five stars so let’s get to my verdict and what I think about this all right so what do I think

Of this toolset, I think that if you are a weekend mechanic you like to service your own equipment and vehicle stuff like that then this would be a pretty good tool set I think it’s probably about all you need if you work in a shop or you are a professional mechanic

Obviously, you’re not gonna spend money on something like this because although it’s 65 bucks it’s a heck of a deal I just wouldn’t waste my time with it however like I said I went into this with very low expectations and it exceeded my expectations by far I

Thought that it was gonna be kind of a chintzy tool set but I’m actually really impressed by it no matter who you ask they’re gonna say that there’s no such thing as too many tools because although I might have tools in my shop here what

If I’d like a tool set in my truck or if I need a to-go set or something like that this toolset right here because it’s so cheap and yet has a decent amount of quality to it would be great to keep in the

The trunk of your car or in your truck box and then it can just sit there and if it never gets used it’s not a big deal because it was only 65 bucks and you always have it in case you do need it and you’re not pulling tools out of your

Shop to potentially get lost or misplaced or something and worrying about that especially if you have more expensive tools in your shop and you don’t really want them to leave the immediate area this would be great for just keeping in your vehicle also it

Could just be used as a spare set I have a whole bunch of these where I just have spare sockets in here this one right here is a mixture of spare sockets and drivers and basically, all these do is they sit up on the shelf and collect

Dust but their spare parts so in case I lose my 10-millimeter socket again which I know is gonna happen I know that I have a couple of spares so that I’m not halfway torn into my truck and can’t find the socket that I need so having a

A full set as a spare is always really handy and like I said you can keep it in your truck and you’re good to go another thing I like to tell people and what I did growing up well my dad told me was you spend your money on a cheap

Set to go to Walmart and buy you know a Stanley set or something like that and if you end up breaking those tools then you know that you use them enough to go ahead and buy a more expensive set because if you’re only gonna use these a

Few times a year to change your oil stuff like that then why go out and buy a two hundred dollar set with a brand name on it where you’re just paying the named tax when this set would definitely do the trick especially if it’s only being used you know a couple of times a

Year but I’m willing to bet you that these would probably never break on you no matter how much you use them because if you’ve been watching my videos for a while you know that I wrench on some stuff pretty hard at times and I’ve never broken a ratchet even the cheaper

Ones except for that one I was rattling in front of you but those made-in-Taiwan tools are seriously super cheap which I forgot to mention also these amazon basics tool is made in China which I’m not a huge fan of but then again nowadays it’s kind

Of hard to find stuff that’s not made in China so the final verdict and my personal opinion is that I actually really like this tool set specially for 65 bucks I mean that’s a crazy value honestly and actually I’m gonna be giving this toolbox to my brother and I’m actually

Gonna go out and buy another one for me and it’s just gonna stay in my truck toolbox that way it’s there if I need it in a pinch and I’m not pulling tools out of my shop to potentially get lost or misplaced on the side of the

Road or wherever I’m at if this video helped you out please let me know in the comments below give me a thumbs up really helps the channel grow also thanks again for watching this I hope the review helped you out in making a decision whether you want to buy it or

Not if you do want to buy it link is down in the description and below that is an Amazon affiliate link for me you’ll see some other videos pop up here please feel free to click on them also you can click on subscribe right here if

You want yeah check out some other of my videos and if you like them please consider subscribing to midwest garage I have new stuff coming out all the time as well as some big project updates for our 1977 work truck revival so stay tuned for that and I’ll see in the next


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Amazon Basics Mechanic Tool Set Review

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