$570 CPAgrip earnings from Viral Pinterest Traffic Source

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$570 CPAgrip earnings from Viral Pinterest Traffic Source

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Foreign how are you in this video I want to show you how I earned 579 dollars on CPA grid by promoting CPA grip gift card offers guys uh maybe many of you watching this video already know what CPA grip is but if you don’t know CPA grip is a CPA affiliate platform

Which has various affiliate CPA offers to promote and also has content lockers which you can promote on your website and various offers CPA gripper is used by many people as you can see right here and people do share their earnings right here as you can see like this guy so you

Know people usually share and the statistics of different people are usually brought about here on this dashboard so that you can see also how other people on the network are benefiting from this platform so guys in this video I want to show you my earnings and also show you how I

Choose my offers to promote and exactly the traffic Source I use the traffic Source I use to promote my offers so mostly I love promoting gift cards offers and I can choose I can choose from which country offer do I want to promote and I’ll go with the United States mostly

And guys I want to share with you a very awesome traffic source that I’m using to get these conversions that you can see right here guys uh many people underestimates these traffic source but today today I’ll prove to you I’ll show you that indeed it works very

Perfectly and say right here I decide to promote this PayPal gift card offer can decide to promote this PayPal gift card offer now what I wanna do is to take this link and also take this image or create a new image if it’s a gift card like this for the lever row

Uh it’s a 500 euros gift card I can decide to promote these two yeah different gift cards which which people might wanna have so guys we go to my traffic source which is Pinterest Pinterest is the traffic source that I use to promote these offers Pinterest gets over 400 million views monthly

And if you promote these gift cards without some image pins on Pinterest you’ll get a lot of traffic since this platform has is viral can make your image go viral and people will want to click and go to your link and this way you’ll get conversions on

Your CPA grip from this gift card offers and you see many people are already doing this there are other people who are already doing this and it’s never too late you too can start doing this and you can bring out some earnings on your CPA grip so

I wanted to share this with you this something you should not ignore something which I’ve been doing to get those hausa machines that you just saw on my CPA grip so guys this is all remember Pinterest has over 400 million organic visits monthly and you can tap

To this you can tap into this this traffic don’t underestimate it and you can get started with your CPA grip conversions I also dropped some links which will be helpful I’ll drop all Links at the description area below check it out guys

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