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31 AMAZING Horror Movies on 6 Streaming Services | Shudder, Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Peacock, Prime

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31 AMAZING Horror Movies on 6 Streaming Services | Shudder, Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Peacock, Prime

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Description: Fall is here and that means horror movies now I know for a lot of you that’s all year long but for a lot of us October is the perfect time to watch some horror movies and I’m going to show you today how to get your Halloween on with 31 horror movies on six

For different streaming services we’ll go through Netflix hulu hbo max prime video peacock and of course shutter if you’re not familiar with shutter and you like horror movies well you really should be so we’re going to go through all of those if you got all of these the total amount

You’d pay for that 31-day fright fest is 49 bucks so you don’t have to do all that you can pick and choose from among these i am going to be giving you five suggestions from each service but there are plenty more where all that came from in each

Streaming service anyway let’s dive in All right thanks for watching everybody if you enjoy this video or if it’s helpful to you I’d appreciate a like on this video it helps us a lot alright so let’s talk about horror movies now please note I am not saying that these are the best horror movies on

Each service these are just the ones that I’m recommending what I want you to do is hit the comments with your suggestions as you go through this video you know as we go through each streaming service I don’t want you to just tell me which movies you like but also tell people

Where they can go watch those movies okay so let’s get started first up let’s pop into Netflix if we go to Netflix there are obviously Netflix is Netflix and you can get all sorts of stuff on Netflix but yeah they do have a decent horror catalog so if you’re on Netflix I would

Recommend a couple of classics a couple of new classics and one Netflix original that I think is really pretty fantastic so go check out the silence of the lambs of course insidious is a fantastic one the ritual is one that I was kind of surprised by its

Forest horror movie you know the creature in the forest and uh I thought it was really good and of course the evil dead you don’t get much more 70s schlock or was it 80s whatever the evil dead is its part of any good horror education

But for a Netflix original that I think you should check out if you enjoy horror comedies go watch the babysitter I was thoroughly entertained by that one I thought it was a ton of fun so yeah go check it out by the way I do have an honorable

Mention so maybe this won’t fit into the 31 but uh I liked as above so below a lot of people panned this movie for good reason it’s a little clunky in places but it has one of the best locations I’ve seen on a horror movie and that’s the Paris catacombs

One of my favorite destinations in Paris really really fun to watch all right let’s move on to HBO max hbo max, of course, is well it’s hb right true to form it has the best premium selection of well-known stuff both classic and contemporary now of course don’t forget that you still can’t

Get HBO max on roku or fire tv that’s why I’m using the apple tv of course with my luck now that I’ve said that this video will be immediately out of date because they’ll announce a deal between when I record this and when I release it okay so scrolling through

Hbo max’s selection is really really good stuff like I said both of the first two alien movies are absolute must watch aliens and aliens are wonderful the original exorcist from the 70s and a newer uh stephen king adaptation kind of dr sleep I got some mixed to positive reviews but definitely one that’s worth

Watching also worth watching is the invisible man starring Elizabeth moss one that I was kind of surprised by how good it really was but the one that I would pull out as the must-watch ready or not another one starring samara weaving who would have thought right but there

She is again ready or not another horror comedy movie that I thought was very well executed and tons of fun if you enjoyed that type of thing then uh definitely go watch ready or not moving on to hulu hulu is one that you probably aren’t going to go to if

You want the classics right because when you look through Hulu they definitely lean way more into the new stuff of the last 10 or 15 years or so so Hulu isn’t going to be a great place for classics but it is going to be a great place for some more premium titles

So what I would recommend on Hulu is go check out parasite this is the one that won the oscar uh what a year or two ago so go check out parasite a quiet place is a fantastic one the new pet cemetery if you dare that is rough up the cabin in the

Woods is one that came out what was that you know 15 years ago or something by now and it’s a great send-up of the genre if you haven’t seen it you have gotta see it but the one that I would pull out is kind of my pick from this bunch is the overlord

This is one that came out in 2018 it’s uh kind of a zombie nazi flick it takes place in world war ii and there are zombies and it’s scary and it’s a ton of fun and I really enjoyed watching that one in the theaters so go check out overlord all right we’re

Halfway there if you’ve enjoyed this video so far or even if you’ve just enjoyed yelling at me over my picks that’s fine go ahead and give this video a like don’t forget to subscribe we do lists like this all the time so I’d love to see you subscribe but

We’re going to move on to peacock this is where we’re going to go for some classics like I said Hulu is not where you would go for the classics where you want to go is the peacock which is great because peacock does have the free version of their service and so you can go

Check out some really great stuff even on the free version so like I said this is where you go for classics because all that old stuff is universal property so they’ve got a bunch of stuff there the original Frankenstein Dracula the mummy and the list goes on i would definitely recommend those three

If you again want that horror education they’ve also got the original psycho uh from 1960 if we’re moving on up through the decades and then one that is a remake this is the one that I’m going to pull out as my pick from the list

Is the 2004 remake of the dawn of the dead absolutely fantastic one of the better remakes out there in my opinion better than the original so definitely go check out the dawn of the dead if you haven’t watched it before you probably have though let’s be honest okay let’s go to prime video prime video

Has an absolute glut of content you can imagine I mean it’s the prime video they just have a ton of titles for you to choose from so I’m gonna mix kind of the uh the old and the new go check out the invasion of the body snatchers the 1978 version of that

If you want to see the source of all of the gifts right um you can go watch the invasion of the body snatchers and for the newer stuff go check out hereditary and mid-summer both of those are on their dip back into the 1980s for a

Kind of a fun splatter fest uh 1987’s bad taste this is peter jackson pre-lord of the rings doing a terrible terrible uh horror movie but it’s one of those that’s kind of so bad it’s fun to watch and then lastly I just realized that I have overlord on my list here again

And so I need a fifth slot hit the comments below to let me know another horror movie on prime video that you think people should go check out let’s fill out that list I have some extras so I’m not worried about hitting 31 though lastly we come to shutter is the

King of horror streaming if you like streaming horror you’ve got to check this one out the list on this one is a pretty fun one if you haven’t seen many this one came out uh gosh a couple of years ago I suppose mandy quite the trip uh if you’re

Into you know a little bit trippier stuff definitely go watch mandy starring nicholas cage at his Nicholas cages if you’re into some cult titles go check out reanimator from the 80s it is a bizarre and very entertaining movie you can go watch the classic Halloween from 1978 john carpenter’s classic horror movie

And then there are some other titles that shutter does on its own shutter originals or shutter exclusives go watch the room with Olga kirilenko which again mixed reviews but I think it’s worth watching definitely and then a series that they’ve got called revenge

Uh yeah that one is a fun one as well so there you go a bunch of titles for your October this should get you through all the way to Halloween let me know in the comments which title will be your actual October 31st Halloween viewing I’d love to hear what

People have to say by the way there are other services out there you know I found one called scream box there are others as well but if I’m honest they’re not that great compared to the other ones that we’ve got here and you still have to pay

Five bucks a month or I think for this one it’s 36 bucks a year if you go that way uh but honestly, they have really really poor titles I think they had about five movies on this one that I even recognized so I don’t really have any recommendations to share with you

But from what I hear online and from perusing its contents scream box is a great place to go if you like bad horror movies and those can be kind of fun too honestly or you know if you don’t mind wading through a bunch of garbage to find that diamond in the rough

But regardless hopefully this list was fun for you I am really interested to see everybody’s comments below so leave those there and give this video a like thanks for watching I’ll see you next time

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31 AMAZING Horror Movies on 6 Streaming Services | Shudder, Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Peacock, Prime

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