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3 Reasons Why Netflix Will Be OK – Even With Disney+ Around

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3 Reasons Why Netflix Will Be OK – Even With Disney+ Around

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Description: At first they were afraid, were petrified, and kept thinking what the (bleep) would they do now with Disney by their side. – -♪ I will survive ♪– A few weeks ago, I talked about Netflix versus Disney+, and how Netflix might be screwed, well, maybe. Today though, I’m gonna give you three reasons

Why, even in the age of Disney+, Netflix should be okay. It’s a lot of fun these days to make fun of Netflix, and say “Ah, ha, they’re screwed now that Disney+ has hit the market.” But are they really? Well, first lemme make it clear that there are good reasons

To be concerned about Netflix’s fortunes in the long term. I mean, for one thing, they’re $12.5 billion in debt, and they just announced that they wanna take on two billion more in debt to fund original content creation. Gotta fill that “Office” and “Friends” gap somehow, right? – -Keep massaging, please.–

But, while it’s true that Disney+ will change, and already has changed the streaming landscape, I’m not quite sure about the Netflix doomsday prophecies being pushed right now. I think they’re gonna be just fine, honestly, and I’ve got three reasons why. So, let’s dive in. Now, don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoy what we do. We hope it’s entertaining and informative. But, let’s dive into today’s topic. So, if Netflix is looking good in the age of Disney+, here are a few of the reasons why. First, unbound, original content. Here’s what I mean by that,

Netflix’s head of content, Ted Sarandos said about Disney+, “I don’t know if it’s a luxury or a trap, but they have IP. They have established IP, and they kind of keep to within those worlds.” So, here’s what he’s talking about. If you look at the lineup over on Disney+,

Obviously, they have Disney stuff, but their other brands are Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic, which somehow ended up at the cool kid’s table, I guess. And those are the worlds that they kinda need to play in. Those are the sandboxes that they’ve created, and those are where they have all of their toys,

And they can’t necessarily get out of that, quite as easily as other places can, like Netflix. So now, my intention is not to downplay the value or the importance of those brands. Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars are huge, important brands, but as Ted Sarandos says, it can be fairly limiting.

Think about over on Netflix, and what you have there, “Stranger Things”, “The Crown”, “Ozark”, “Mindhunter”, “Peaky Blinders”, “Altered Carbon”, “Thirteen Reasons Why”, and everything in between. See, Netflix, when they come across an interesting idea, they can kinda chase shiny objects in a way that Disney might not be able to.

For a lot of people novelty matters. See, they don’t want another Star Wars, or Marvel movie, they don’t want a remake of all the movies they used to watch as a kid. They wanna see the next big thing. And, as of right now, what Disney is proposing

Is basically a big, warm nostalgia blanket. It sounds great, and honestly, it is great in a lot of ways, but the more adventurous people will probably get a bigger hit of excitement from the new series on Netflix. Now, I am not saying that one of those ways is the correct way.

It’s just that we have two kinda different silos here. So, hit the comments below, and tell me where you lean, new and novel, or tried and true. Now, point number two about why Netflix is probably gonna be okay, is that this is not a zero-sum game.

Just because one brand wins, does not necessarily mean that another brand loses. See, Disney+ got 10 million subscribers on day one, and they project that they’ll have 60 to 90 million subscribers in the next five years. Now, like I’ve said before, I think that’s probably putting it pretty low.

I think they’re gonna do even better than that. But, just because Disney wins, just because they get those subscribers, that does not mean Netflix is going to lose the same amount of subscribers. Plenty of people are gonna end up with both services, because even if you end up watching Netflix

A little bit less, it doesn’t mean that you’re gonna get rid of it entirely. You’ll just keep it in the back of your closet, next to your Blockbuster card, and the gym membership, you haven’t used since the Carter administration. There are 130 million households in the U.S. and 60 million Netflix subscribers.

That’s a lot of subscribers, but that means there is still room to grow, as chord cutting grows generally. And, for my third point, I’m gonna actually cheat, and make it kinda two things. First of all, an international presence, which is gonna tie into what we were just talking about, and frankly, momentum.

Netflix has, like I said, 60 million subscribers in the U.S., but they have 151 million subscribers worldwide, at last count. Now, Disney will eventually have an international presence, no doubt, but that sort of thing takes time to build. Netflix has been working on global domination for 12 years. They’ve got all that momentum,

They have the groundwork laid already, so that, as streaming becomes more and more popular, they will continue to reap the benefits, and will continue to grow their subscriber count. And again, this is not a zero-sum game. A rising tide here, really does lift all boats, though, granted, I understand, not all boats

Are going to be lifted equally. But, being the biggest boat of all, Netflix’s prospects are looking pretty good subscriber-wise, as things continue to grow generally. So yeah, a lot of people thought, with the arrival of Disney+ on the scene, this would be a death knell for Netflix,

And while I agree that it does signal the end of an era, of unquestioned streaming dominance, for the beast of binge, it doesn’t mean that Netflix is going anywhere. And honestly, if they can just do the little things, like uh… I don’t know, getting out from under

$12 billion in debt, and starting to turn a profit, well, hey, then things will truly be looking good for them. But, hey, that’s just what I think. I wanna know what you think, so hit those comments below, on your way down, give this video a like if it was interesting, subscribe,

And I will see you all for the next video.

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3 Reasons Why Netflix Will Be OK – Even With Disney+ Around

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