1 Year Update on 10 Products! (Update 38)

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1 Year Update on 10 Products! (Update 38)

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Description: Welcome back everybody to update number 38. now in this video I go back to 10 past product reviews in order in this case it’s product number 371 to 380 spanning September and October of 2021. I take a look back at the original videos to see how they went and let you

Know if I continue to use the products or if I didn’t and why so without further delay let’s get right to update number 38. number 371 was a collection of unnecessary gadgets like this the seed phone holder combination that was kind of a fun one let’s see how the original

Review went this is the cup holster I paid 13.97 for this this looks like a clamp attached to a cup holder okay there’s about about an eighth of an inch clearance it feels sturdy vertically but horizontally it’s kind of moving still so it does have a cut out here in the

Back for a coffee cups this is a pretty small cup in it just fits skinny glass fits no problem and it’s very sturdy vertically about a large fountain drink from Wendy’s it fits there too squeezing the fat glass does not feel like a very good idea I don’t think I would do that

So yeah this is probably designed more for a workbench or a cluttered desk where you need a little bit of extra space but as long as you have a surface that it clamps to it actually works seed and nut holder with integrated phone holder seems to hold the phone pretty well

That’s about as many as I not really a lot guys it works on like you thought it would there’s a lot more room in the bottom for the shells than there are for the seeds or nuts on the top I guess you could have multiple rounds where you

Have to empty it out it doesn’t hold nearly as many peanuts as it does pistachios or probably sunflower seeds it’s a pretty small amount of peanuts but maybe that doesn’t really matter if you like what you see you might like it this is the take a roll by roll gear not

On Amazon so all you do for this one is put your paper towel holder in there and you thread it through there and then it’s a protected paper towel holder all right so we place it in here paper towel is on the nodule now we would kind of fish this through here [Applause]

Top back on all right I’m feeling it I’m getting there I think three other idea isn’t supposed to be the best dispenser in the world it’s really supposed to be something that protects your paper towel which it seems to do it oh we go there went

And then take a roll is still standing I’ve got to give it credit the taker roll does do everything it says it’s supposed to do although not everyone is going to see the point all right so as far as the seed phone holder goes I let

My kids use it they kind of tried a little bit and they end up not using it I continue to try to use it but the idea of a dirty phone next to your nuts so to speak was not really very appealing so I ended up throwing the Boneyard I’m sure

Some people have use for it but I didn’t the take a role is something that’s kind of situational I didn’t find myself in that situation very often but I did use it a couple times outside otherwise I haven’t used it very much number 372 was the magic broom it’s

Basically a big squeegee with a handle on it it was kind of going around in 2021 and I want to try it out and here’s how that went well they give you two of these that’s kind of nice the claims of this product are that it’s a squeezy

Design that works well for dry or wet spills good for pet hair dirt dust Windows Doors for a while much heavier feels more solid this is very cheap feeling I mean it’s it’s kind of working I guess it’s kind of working what I’m noticing is that when I put it down

Like that happened when I actually moved the broom oh it’s leaving some behind well I feel like this one’s better it’s not leaving a bunch of grounds behind when I push it it seems like the coffee grounds are getting stuck in here and when I push it on the ground they come off

Maybe it’s not great look at this the hair is going backwards oh I I’m not I’m not impressed if I get closer to it you can see it’s missing a bunch of coffee grounds I don’t is this even straight oh that’s brutal look at this not good wow

Just kind of smearing it oh man oh it’s it’s leaving more than it’s picking up oh that’s not good it’s just so flimsy this bending backward I don’t like any of the other squeegees I tried I should point out that I did use it on

A shower door because it is a squeegee I didn’t really have great results I don’t think it’s nearly as good as a shower squeegee is so even though it’s built as a magic room it’s more like a mediocre squeegee alright so the magic broom was my choice for my absolute worst product

I reviewed in 2021 so clearly it was not something I continued to use I did pull out recently to compare to the broomy brush and it still didn’t work very well there are other squeegee devices out there that work pretty well but this ain’t one of them

Number 373 was a collection of wine gadgets I had a wine opener and two different wine chillers before I get to my update let’s see how the original review went this is an electric wine opener that currently sells for about 18.99 I’m gonna see how this wine opener

Does with all five of these wine bottles so we’re supposed to do is remove the foil cutter all you really have to do is just place it over here squeeze it make a couple rotations came right off all you have to do is place the opening of the electric wine

Opener over the wine bottle and press the button oh wow oh it’s coming right out look at that wow that’s uh I like when things work the first time and that worked beautifully the first time so nice I really like this this is great I was struggling on this one

It’s struggle on this one is struggled on this one but it did get it out this is the vo chill I paid 44.99 for this it’s a personal wine chiller you simply stick it in the freezer for about three hours and you get up to 90 minutes of chilled wine I’ve got the

Same amount in these two ones going in the vote chill and one is going on its own I’ll come back in an hour and see how it works 63 degrees Fahrenheit oh wow look at this it’s actually colder than when I put it in there when I put

It in the vote shell it was 49 degrees now it’s 43. it’s a beauty Gadget that was designed as a chilled facial stick but it’s been repurposed as a wine chilling wand right this one is about 76 degrees Fahrenheit which is what it is in this room

Here we go all right the stopwatch is set the wine chillers and the wine we’re gonna wait five minutes and see how cool it gets take out the wine chilling stick all right so once I started actually it’s 61 degrees that’s still pretty good well I think 15 degrees in five minutes

Is probably acceptable to most people but really I think if you get any of these you will like them all right so I don’t really use the wine chillers although I did think that they were kind of a cool to test out but the wine opener I use on a regular basis I’m

Pretty happy with this one I don’t have anything to add to it other than the fact that it’s held up well the batteries last a long time quite a few people have bought this as well and they’ve all given me positive reviews this made my best of 2021 lists for good

Reason because this is actually a pretty solid product number 374 is the moon pod which is essentially a 300 beanbag chair I tested it out and here’s how that went this is the moon pod it’s actually a 300 bean bag chair it’s been advertised online for the last couple years this has a

Very strong smell to it I paid 2.99 for it they say the list price is 3.99 but it seems like it’s always on sale for 2.99 they also say there’s three modes chair mode recline mode and nap modes huh that does feel kind of like a chair

Actually I I wasn’t sure but you know firmer than I thought it was going to be most beanbag chairs are very soft this is way firmer than I expected I guess that’s not bad you know it’s it’s not bad really it doesn’t seem like there’s a big difference between nap mode and

Recline mode I don’t know if I would never it’s it’s so firm I don’t know if I would nap on this moving it from place to place is actually quite easy and you sit down on you get up it’s going to fall over dogs seem to

Really like this and it seems pretty pet friendly I haven’t noticed any problems with dogs being on here it does pick up pet hair and fuzz really badly especially if you have a pet on there you can go from a vertical position you can plop down on it you can even sit

Straight in the middle of it and use it kind of like a bench it is pretty versatile in that respect you get two weeks to return the moon pod and there’s also a sixty dollar restocking fee there was a smell on this when I first got it

It seemed pretty pronounced I do think most people who buy it will probably enjoy it as long as the 300 isn’t too much of a hit to their wallet so you might be surprised to learn that the moon pot has gotten a decent amount of

Use around my house I haven’t used it a lot but my kids have used it they have it in the room and they have friends over if they want to sit in front of the TV they can kind of sit closer so there’s kind of some uses for it but my

Problem with it is that it’s kind of a pet hair magnet check it out I will lint brush this off a couple times a week but it does it just it picks up hair and the hair sticks to it so if you have pets this is something to consider with the moon pod

Foreign number 375 was the first of two sleep Gadgets in this update this is kind of a weird shark tank product called the sleep pod now normally I would have it on right now to introduce it but I can’t find it watch some clips of my original review and you’ll see why

I paid 90 bucks for this which kind of steep they say it simulates being hugged and it has four-way stretch material that compresses and calms all right well it’s a very soft material they say it was created as an alternative to weighted blankets it’s about the thickness of a sheet and

They have this opening down the bottom you can put your feet out wow am I going to feel claustrophobic I’m not sure do I really want to walk around like that I don’t know so I just kind of pulled it up even more and walked into the bathroom

And then when I had to use the restroom I had to pull it up even more it was up to both my waist so by the time I was done I looked in the mirror this is what I saw So by the end of the night I was basically wearing an elastic tube top and I think this is going to be one of those reviews where I’m in the minority people who don’t really like it that much if there’s an emergency in the middle of night say your dog’s puking or

You’re a loud sound you usually can just throw the covers off and jump out of bed and go see what’s going on well the sleep pod you kind of have to get out of it first before you can go rush to it get me out of here yeah

I feel Tangled there’s going to be a lot of people that do like this and those people will probably curse me for this video because I have to admit I don’t really like it very much so yeah I don’t I don’t use a sleep pod it made my worst

Of the year that year the only reason I ever put it on is to show people how ridiculous it is I’m sure there’s some people out there that might find use for it but I wasn’t one of them number 376 is the Heinz packet roller

This is kind of a weird one that went out it was a limited edition item that supposedly allows you to dispense ketchup packets and other packets like that more easily I wasn’t sure if this was a gimmick or actually a real product I order one I tested it out and here’s

What happened there you have the cutter right here you insert it right there there’s the roller and you turn the cap in order to get the contents out all right that looks like a pretty good cut right now we now we turn oh there we go oh there we go oh yeah

Very satisfying this is not pretty but I will say the ketchup packet is completely empty so I give him credit for that all right nice clean cut right now we’re going to load the packet into the roller itself that seemed to go okay and now we turn oh it’s working

Oh this is the best one so far oh this is working so I guess we just kind of pull it back out it smells like a horseradish in here this one worked quite well look how thin that packet is it got every last drop out the cut was nice and hiya

And here we go oh yeah looking good looking good now you notice over here look how flat that is that’s very flat it definitely gets all the ketchup out my question is was there ever really a problem with opening packets the old school way like this

I’m not sure that was ever really a problem to begin with this is another one that made my worst of 2021 because even even though it’s kind of a cool gimmick it certainly isn’t easy than just tearing a packet open and using your hands for it it’s kind of a cool

Gadget just as a novelty piece but as a useful Gadget not so useful number 377 were the controversial Ray-Ban stories now why are they controversial because Facebook’s also involved with that and people don’t trust Facebook so much especially with a pair of sunglasses with cameras on them

But I put all that aside and I tried them out and here’s how that went it has two integrated cameras three microphones and two speakers that allow you to take photos take video listen to music take phone calls a collaboration between Ray-Ban and Facebook maybe a little bit thicker than the typical

Wayfarers that I have looks like we’ve got dual 5 megapixel cameras here there are built-in speakers that go under over the ear if you’re outside and you’re listening to music and you go either into the shade or indoors and you take your glasses off so you can see better

Your music listening session is over while I’m sitting here how about some video of where I’m sitting how’s the audio a friend is joining us it’s still recording isn’t it I see the light up there what I find interesting is that these are called the Ray-Ban stories but most stories on social media

Are in vertical but this actually films in a 1200 by 1200 square format here’s actually how some video looks in the Raw on uncropped version which is the square format you can see beautiful Warner Robins well I’m on the edge of town right now but this is what it looks like

In my few tests I’ve done so far it’s worked pretty well here’s the walking stabilization test if it starts raining here I’m in trouble because these are not waterproof whatsoever sometimes the cameras will pick up the hat which I’m assuming this is going to happen here so

This will give you a good idea of what you can do with the ray-ban’s glasses as far as filming goes Shirley Hills Elementary School where I went to Second through sixth grade Russell Elementary School where I went to first grade this is the fountain pool when I was a young

It was called the dry lake pool I almost went here if I lived here long enough but I went to a lot of the games across the street I think it’s a good companion to having a phone but I don’t think it’s a full replacement for it all

Right so I I still kind of use these sometimes they’re kind of my throw the ball to Bailey glasses because I can put some music on while I’m toss the ball their Bailey every day so I use them almost every day just for that short period of time tossing a ball of Bailey

Outside I never use the camera but the only problem with the music is when I go inside I have to take them off so my music sessions over as well as opposed to a pair of earbuds you can just kind of keep listening music as far as

Sunglasses goes it’s kind of average I’m glad I tried them out but if I wasn’t reviewing them for this channel I probably would not have bought them Foreign number 378 was the handy heater pure warmth the updated version of the original handy heater it’s supposed to be a small space heater that can heat an entire room I tested it out and here’s how that went okay say it’s good for pretty much any room living room Den kitchen bedrooms

Offices bathrooms basements and more I’ve got the handy heater pure warmth this is going to be blowing across the room here this thermometer is actually set up a little bit below it’s a line of fire here I’ve got the nectar mattress box about almost five feet off the

Ground about a 45 degree angle another 45 degree angle is this lamp and in the back of the room I’ve got commands shipped to the wall I’ve got one way up here about six and a half feet off the ground so I’m hoping that having four thermometers kind of spread out

Throughout the room at different heights different distances we can kind of get a gauge of how much the handy heater pure warmth can warm up a room in one hours see we got here for measurements we got 58.5 for number one 56.8 for number two 58.8 for number three back here 60.1

There it goes we go first reveal here thermometer number one it’s definitely warmed up 65 degrees down here we got 70.7 number three we’ve got uh 66.2 and in the back 67.6 and we’ll come back another 30 minutes and see how it does oh it feels nice in here 69.6

75.6 70.2 71.2 all them over 10 degrees in fact the one right in front of the unit’s almost 20. I would say that the handy heater pure warmth did warm this room up by more than 10 degrees so I think that a success at the one hour

Mark all right so I have quite a few space heaters I’ve got the handy heater pure warmth I’ve got this kind of unnamed generic version and I also have this one by Anne Dilly I used the handy heater purist for a while but I replaced

With this one this is 1200 watts this is 1500 you can just see that this one is just a little bit bigger a little more powerful now also the only only reason I really use space heaters isn’t to warmer room is to warm my hands because I’ve

Got my nose which my hands are always cold so I kind of keep it nearby when I’m typing I think it did pretty well I don’t really have any major complaints about it but there’s a lot of other space heaters out there the competition is pretty stiff and to me this is the

One I end up going with foreign number 379 was the ball aluminum cups it was part of the team’s Seas fundraiser back then these are infinitely recyclable aluminum cups I tested them out and here’s how that went this is supposedly an infinitely recyclable alternative to plastic cups

The purpose of the ball aluminum cup is literally to reduce plastic waste that ends up landfills and oceans this is much more solid feeling this is 18 ounce this is 20. aluminum cup seems to be around 58 to 60 degrees somewhere in there plastic cup oh it’s a little bit warmer it looks

Like around 63 64 degrees aluminum can first oh very simple ball aluminum cup about about as simple I guess maybe a little bit more difficult maybe slightly sturdier you might want to consider something like this as one small step towards a much bigger problem of plastic

And landfills in the oceans so this is the only one I have left I saved it for this particular video all the rest of them I used but I will say that they lasted even longer than I thought they were going to if you’re just using these

Around the house you can kind of rinse these off over and over again I think each one lasted me weeks at a time it took a long time for me to go through that entire package of them I actually like these quite a bit over the Red Solo

Cup so to me I’m a pretty big fan of the ball aluminum cups foreign number 380 was a nectar mattress this is one that’s been advertised online a lot you’ve probably seen ads for it it’s one that I reviewed over kind of a long period of time I feel

Like I gave it a pretty good shot and here’s a few scenes from that review it’s well packaged I’ll give them that all right well that was easy enough really ASR looks like it’s almost fully expanded already one thing I’ve also noticed is that see people seem to love

This mattress or hate it with tax the entire order cost me 1265.76 first test oh oh wow I kind of feel like I’m still sinking I can kind of feel the memory foam conforming around me well I’m still sinking I’m still thinking I’ve seen better Edge support from other beds this

Is going almost all the way down you can see there’s a big area where it retained my shape and now it’s kind of coming up slowly wow okay it’s kind of firm and soft but once you’ve sunk down to the bottom of that top layer and you hit the lower layers

It doesn’t feel so soft anymore you can get used to things you don’t really like that much and I’m struggling to really like the natural mattress bed itself Contours around you which is a great thing if you don’t move around wanting your sleep now right now this is still sunk in and

I feel like I’m on a cavern about to drop into it and now I’m sinking down and where I was laying before it’s coming back up but if I want to roll back on my back now I feel like there’s another one I’m about to fall into I’m getting sucked

Into this hole here I definitely feel like I fight with that most of the night if you sleep hard don’t move around in your sleep this is great when you roll around once in a while not so much so as much as I really tried and I gave it a

Fair chance I have to say I I don’t like the nectar mattress so when my review ended I concluded that I was probably just going to return the nectar mattress but at the last minute I decided to change my mind I was going to push through for this particular update and

Use it for over a year which I’ve done now and I can tell you that after more than a year of use I still don’t like the nectar mattress to its credit there it hasn’t developed any sink spots or any wear and tear that I’ve noticed it’s

Held up quite well it’s just not the particular style of mattress that I like I know a lot of people swear by it but I’m not one of them all right so in the end I would say the worst of the bunch would be the magic broom that was my

Worst of 2021 and I guess the best of this Bunch would probably be the the automatic wine opener because I still use that one but as always was an interesting bunch of gadgets and I’ll be back in about another month with my next update video Until Then I appreciate you

Watching and I’ll see you next time

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1 Year Update on 10 Products! (Update 38)

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