$1 Pizza VS $2000 Pizza in New York City!!

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$1 Pizza VS $2000 Pizza in New York City!!

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Description: In this video I’m going to be eating very affordable very expensive and very medium priced pizza here in New York City New York City is a city of over 98 million people literally all people eat here is pizza they have over 5.3 billion pizza restaurants I’ve made up all these stats I don’t know anything about New York City except for that people here are fanatical about the pizza today I’m

Going to experience Pizza in all four from the very very affordable all the way to a pizza that cost two thousand dollars how is it possible I’m gonna find out so today’s gonna be fun pack with action we’re going to meet the chefs we’re going to see you need pizzas

And we’re gonna hang out here in the city where dreams come true or where they come to die usually it’s that a little bit more often but my dream of eating three different pizzas is alive and well let’s go we have come to our first pizza location

Of the day this place is called Two Bros Pizza what’s special about it is it has Dollar Pizza Dollar Pizza is a thing you’re going to see all over New York City when you come here but many places on the outside say they have Dollar Pizza then you go inside and you see

Oops it’s a dollar and seven cents because of taxes or it used to be a dollar and now it’s a dollar fifty here at two Bros pizza that is not the case somehow here at one of the most expensive cities in the world they are still selling pizza for one dollar a

Slice but how does it taste they must have skimped on ingredients or quality somewhere right well I’m gonna go in and find out I’m blown away because New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the world yet you have pizza sold here for a dollar I thought it was a gimmick I thought it was just to get people in the door but you’re actually selling pizza for one dollar yeah we’re selling a

Dollar but we managed to maintain because we have like 14 different locations if there was only one store it wouldn’t last what is the most commonly ordered pizza probably the cheese or the pepperoni cheese are a dollar pepperonis are two so people usually go for those what about the broccoli is that popular

Oh there’s some people that do like broccoli it seems like throughout New York City the Dollar Pizza is a trend like it’s done all over the place how much longer do you think that can last I don’t think we were ever gonna run out of business because here we make everything

Ourselves so it’s not like it comes in cans stuff like that that’s why people come here rather than other one dollar places that’s incredible I’m excited to try it I’m gonna get the cheese to begin with and then I might try some other slices too so Right here we have our first pizza of the day the Dollar Pizza I thought it was a legend I thought it was a relic of the past and that it was no longer possible to make pizza that cost a dollar but here it is I’m really curious

To make any profit off of this we’ve got the bread Tomato Sauce Cheese not an abundance of cheese with this type of pizza it’s understandable you’re going to see some ready parts and some tomatoey parts like it doesn’t look like they’ve skipped I’m gonna fold it in half let’s go for it Sweet and savory tomato sauce and a load of cheese this is an unbelievable value I thought the pizza was gonna be like that but no it’s still a wine piece of pizza that is about the best one dollar can get you anywhere in the world and

Right now we’re in one of the most expensive cities in the world it’s astounding of course not everyone comes here for cheese we do have a couple other kinds that we want to try I’ll be right back Right here both of these pizzas cost three dollars and fifty cents each so the price is going up radically if you want to get topping we have buffalo chicken and then we have sausage and pepperoni as well I’m gonna start with the sausage and pepperoni mm-hmm oh yeah that’s awesome the dough

The bread it’s thin it tastes very toasty the meat is incredibly juicy and oily it looks like maybe even more cheese on there too this is like getting real big that’s very satisfying here we have the buffalo chicken also three dollars and fifty cents you can see the orange buffalo sauce on there

Cubed chicken and lots of cheese Instant classic they have nailed the crust it is thin crunchy and kind of crackery too this is really spicy it’s basically just a pure buffalo sauce so it’s kind of Tangy as well it’s got a little bit of vinegar in there and then a bunch of big chunks of chicken very

Satisfying my favorite is the pepperoni and sausage but you could get three and a half of these if you just got the cheese so you got to figure out for yourself which one is going to be the best bang for your buck but for me coming to New York for the first time

Trying the most affordable Pizza you can get here this does not disappoint but from here we have a lot more pizza to see we’ve just come to our second and most medium priced pizza location here in New York City it’s called crave it here they have pizza toppings that you’ve never

Seen anywhere like a macaroni and cheese pizza a grilled cheese pizza and even a Big Mac Pizza it looks like a pizza from Epic Meal Time It’s Reckless it’s irresponsible it should not be allowed in public but we’re going back there and we’re gonna see how it’s made let’s go Are you the creator of Craven yes I am it’s different from a typical New York Pizzeria right yes 100 I wanted to do pizza but I wanted not to just be like your typical Pizzeria which is great but I wanted a way to stand out and be a

Little different because I love food so I’m like why not take my favorite foods and try to put them on pizza but not just throw them on Pizza actually make them taste good chicken and waffles does taste good on a pizza if you make it the

Right way you have that of course that’s here hell yeah oh my God I gotta try this flaps really good love a pizza that slaps what are some of your best sellers right now definitely the white truffle chicken four cheese mac and cheese Big Mac Pizza which I’m gonna give you a

Little taste of today is it called the Big Mac Pizza we call it the notorious biggie Mac give a little tribute to Biggie Smalls who’s from New York and to the Big Mac the top part I think if you’re going to try to make a grilled

Cheese or a buffalo chicken you have to figure out what is the essence of that food and then put that onto the pizza for a Big Mac to me it would seem the essence is the beef the cheese but especially that kind of Thousand Island Tangy sauce is that part of it that’s

The beauty of it so you have your own Big Mac sauce that you’ve created trademark reasons don’t get me fine biggie Mac McDonald’s lawyer and cool that there’s no money here for you all right I love what you’re doing here you’ve managed to take Pizza put your

Own unique Twist on it I’ve never seen anything like this there’s so many different kinds I want to try but first we’re going to start with the biggie Mac we’re going to jump back in the kitchen and take a look right now I’m in the kitchen with

Harmesh and he’s busy getting to work making the Biggie Smalls pizza oh my God that’s a Biggie Smalls I’m gonna get sued again biggie Mac Pizza it starts with the dough look at the way this man works is dope it’s very nice gentle but firm he lets the dough know who’s in

Charge then you gotta put some flour on the board that board is going to be delicious too lightly hand tossed step one cheese big mounds of mozzarella this is gorgeous already I’m in love I thought he was going to start with tomato sauce but no it’s starting with

The cheese so I’m excited to see where this goes next now the crust needs an egg wash that crust is dirty the only thing that’s going to purify it now is some egg wash right here we have some white Sesame so just like you would see

Sesame seeds on the top of the bun on a Big Mac here they have sesame seeds on the outside on the crust that is awesome here we have our seasoned ground beef and that is a lot of beef now a completely different type of cheese here

We have a mixed cheese wow and that there is headed to the oven While the pizza is cooking I wanted to try a couple other unique flavors that they have here first of all this the chicken and waffle pizza with real pieces of chicken and real pieces of waffle no chicken waffles it’s one of my favorite foods this is perfect

Combination of savory salty and sweet oh my gosh it looks awesome let’s go for it [Applause] um and I loved it it’s like I’m eating pancakes and pizza at the same time you got delicious Fried Chicken got big pieces of waffles and all of it is just

Really coated in this glaze of sugary maple syrup the only thing I can’t tell is it’s a breakfast pizza is it a dessert pizza is it a snack pizza uncertain I think you could eat this any time of the day here we have the brewery of pizza so burrito

Tacos are a type of Taco you’ll find in Mexico it’s made with a stewed meat and that meat gets put in the taco in this case it’s put in the pizza and then the juices that came out of that meat are used to dip the tacos inside of but here

We’re gonna be dipping the pizza inside of the stewed meat broth or stock oh it’s a sloppy mess let’s try it out whoa It’s incredible it’s amazing it is because there’s like a one inch thick piece of cheese on here it is so cheesy this is exactly how I’d make it if I was at home underneath that that stewed beef has so much flavor is Juicy it’s soft it’s tender but then the broth right

Here the stock just brings it all together two incredibly unique types of pizza but we have one more on the way so right now the pizza is cooked and it needs to be sliced and it needs toppings step one add fresh lettuce on top right

Here we have the next step a bunch of buns and on top he’s putting some of this mixed cheese this will soon get melted foreign actually a lot of pickles our buns are coming out the oven so from here he takes the Buns he flips them upside down

Each slice gets two buns finally it’s time for that special Mac sauce and then some more sesame seeds on top finally we’ve built up to our final medium price pizza coming in at 34. this is the biggie Mac take a look at it I was quite surprised to see that there’s

No tomato and no tomato sauce as a base so basically the base is just cheese so this has cheese on it underneath look the cheese is already melted on there it seems like it’d be hard to bite through the crust and a bun so I’m just gonna go

For the bun let’s try it out so simple but already so delicious just cheese and bread and that Thousand Island here we have the pizza if you can see the cheese the beef the sauce the lettuce let’s try it out oh my God they’ve absolutely nailed it

It is like if a Big Mac had an incredible mound of molten cheese on it I thought the pickle was going to be much I thought it’s gonna be two sour but the Pickled was an island with these big chunks of beef oh it is so satisfying today is

Gonna be a tough battle for who gives the most bang for the buck this is something else if you like the Big Mac and you like pizza you’re gonna absolutely love this it is the exact Crossroads between the two they’ve captured the flavors but it’s still a pizza somehow Robin absolutely love it

Foreign Location right here at the industry kitchen here there’s something Pizza that goes for two thousand dollars what could possibly go on a pizza to make it cost two thousand dollars I’m guessing maybe caviar Foie bra gold stem cells of child pages of Epstein’s black book

Shredded into the dough I don’t know but it’s going to be something very special I’m gonna go inside now and find out more boom we are in the kitchen yes they actually let me into the kitchen I’m here with Jonathan we have all of our beautiful lovely ingredients right here

And soon that is going to become a pizza Jonathan let’s do work industry kitchen what is this restaurant all about we serve wood-fired pizza so we have beautiful steaks still like a three a half pound beautiful Tomahawk Steak and we just have fun

All right we start with some dough and we pulled in some color fish ink and that makes the pizza dough black what is the most expensive thing on your menu most expensive thing right now is the gold pizza oh so it is the pizza yeah I thought maybe the tomahawk might give it

A run for its money not even close Okay okay so we start with our garlic cream this is a little bit on the Nutty flavor and also keeps all the ingredients nicely on the pizza I’m curious how often someone is buying one of these pizzas if we do about uh

One or two per year oh that’s it yeah so right now we have a little bit of the mozzarella and then Stilton cheese these gives a very nice Umami flavor who is buying this pizza so these pizzas are bought by people with camera Crews but also people who celebrate something some

Great white being with Saudi then we have to bake that for about four to six minutes let’s talk about ingredients I’m curious how we get to two thousand dollars as a price tag pretty good margin on the two thousand dollars no not really so we imported this uh Hudson Valley far

Ground it was my understanding that foie gras had become illegal in New York City not yet it was scheduled but there was a court hearing actually a week ago but the people who are farming doubt they won the case so there’s no Banning of Agra it’s fantastic then we have

Edible gold that’s about 850 dollars worth of gold on that pizza really but I thought those little leaflets cost like a dollar one time I went to Japan and they wrapped my ice cream in Gold no not at all those are expensive Yeah we actually go to the jewelry district here

In New York and buy that from a safe it’s edible gold it’s very special it’s super expensive a few flowers and then we have beautiful caviar from Israel what else truffles from France very Gore truffles are the best Truffles and that’s pretty much it I’m very

Excited I hope I get some Roi on this video but if not it’ll be worth the experience right absolutely okay right here we have one of the world’s most expensive pizzas that you’ll find well anywhere in the world it’s Unique it’s very interesting and actually it’s put together more thoughtfully than I

Thought it might be it is a visual dazzling Masterpiece it’s basically an avatar on a plate except for it’s 2D because it’s flat the craziest part is the price of two thousand dollars even when I went to Texas we cooked a pizza that must have been 12 feet wide that could

Feed a whole orphanage and that pizza was around 800 this is over twice that and let me tell you a maximum of two orphans including me there are some toppings here that I would really consider having in any type of pizza foie gras I love foie gras I don’t see why that couldn’t

Be on a pizza the Truffle sure why not the gold fine but it doesn’t really have any bearing on the flavor here the fish eggs are the most out-there part of this recipe I trust the chef he’s confident you can do almost anything with confidence

Including starting a cult which I plan to do soon but first let’s try some pizza oh foreign a very good base, of course, you do not taste with cuttlefish ink but you’re not meant to it adds some style and a little bit of pizzazz from there there’s

A ton of flavor there’s the garlic and the blue cheese it’s more intense it’s Rich than you have the foie gras also rich and buttery but let me take another big bite into that caviar I really thought it would be fishy Briny but it isn’t it’s kind of a nice pairing to that rich blue cheese it offers a little bit of salty brininess but it’s not overwhelming and it doesn’t take over the flavor whatsoever there’s no way that should be good but it is good

The caviar is such a gentle flavor maybe from here we pivot to a world where when you order they say do you want sausage you want pepperoni you want caviar shit’s a site one thousand dollars of charge no big deal my biggest concern going into this is was is this just a stunt

Food made for the purpose of making people spend tons of money but it appears to actually function as a proper Pizza some people in the comments are going to be angry that this even exists for you guys I want to say let people have fun the goal here was to show you

Something new something interesting creative and Innovative these is chefs with serious reputations on the line they would not put their name behind a pizza like this if they didn’t think it was kind of yummy and if they didn’t think dummies like me would come by it

Once in a while today we tried three different pizzas in New York City at three different price amounts of money we had a very affordable Pizza a very medium-priced pizza and a very very expensive pizza the most expensive food I’ve ever bought in the show by far so

Which one gave me the most bang for its Buck the answer may surprise you I gotta say I love the affordable place it was delicious what you get for a dollar very impressive the expensive pizza was fun to try but the one for me that gave

The most bang for my buck was location two they are novelty pizzas interesting themed pizzas but they work they’re delicious and they commit to the flavor next time I come back to New York City I’m gonna make a beeline for cats Deli and then right after that I’m

Coming to this place for pizza boom that is the end of the video I want to say a huge thank you to these two right here we’ve got Ben we’ve got Ming they are both part of the Bing buzz on YouTube it’s a fun Food Channel they are

Exploring food in New York City and Beyond please go give them a follow and check it out otherwise guys that is it for this one thank you so much for watching I will see you next time all right let’s do a taco tour welcome to the best ever merch store

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$1 Pizza VS $2000 Pizza in New York City!!

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